This was originally going to be its own series called Teen X-Play but since this one IS about the Ghostbusters Game AND the Rookie, I'm putting it in Rookie Adventures intermission.


Narrator: Welcome to the first episode of Teen X-Play! A mere 15 minutes revolving around one game before X-Play starts! Here's your hosts, Michelle and well…MICHELLE!

[Camera is centered on MICHELLE the 5 foot 5 inch host of the show]

Michelle: Hi, welcome to the first epi –

[Someone in the video crew shouts "we already did introductions!"]

Michelle: Oh, right. Well, a few of our first fans have bothered and stalked us to do our first review on the upcoming Ghostbusters Videogame.

[Cricket sounds. Someone yells out "are you serious?"]

Michelle: Yes, I'm serious! One of them told me that he knew where I lived…! Anywho, our favorite Ghostbusters return in a not so new, canon adventure with a noob on the team! Here with us today is Sierra Entertainment's very own associate producer, Ryan French!

[Camera zooms out of MICHELLE'S face, swings to right as RYAN walks up. Crew claps and woos while MICHELLE gawks. Off-camera, whispering can be heard with MICHELLE asking someone about why no one told her it was a cute guy]

Michelle: [rambles] Hi there, Ryan! How ya doing today? Fine, I suppose?

Ryan: [already noticeably uncomfortable] Uh, yeaaaaaaaaah, hi Michelle.

Michelle: [clears throat] So, about this game. Everyone's back?

Ryan: [smiles that the awkwardness is gone] Yep! The original cast is back in action. Uhm, Dan Aykyrod, Harold Ramis, Bill Murray, Ernie Hudson, Annie Potts – everyone's back except for Sigourney Weaver and uh, Rick Moranis.

Michelle: That's pretty gay! Everyone is not back; you're missing Louis Tully and Dana Barrett! Dubya, tee, eff?

Ryan: [frowns] Sorry, both of them announced that they didn't want to be a part of it anymore. On the flip side, Dana is replaced with a new love interest for Venkman: Ilyssa Selwyn.

Michelle: …are you serious? So, you've got two characters not returning but you decide to get a new lover?

Ryan: Yeah…it's not supposed to be such a big deal…I mean…yeah, seriously.

Michelle: [squints eyes creating a suspicious look] Aaaaalll right, thank you Sierra. You've created an awesome game while at the same time messing with my childhood heroes.

Ryan: [confused] Wait, weren't you born…in like, 1995?

Michelle: That is true.

Ryan: The Ghostbusters were in the 80s, how is that your childhood?

Michelle: [Clearly avoiding the question, waving her hands in front of her to shush the topic away] Shut up, shut up, shut up! I'm the one asking questions here!

[RYAN backs up a little, mumbling 'sorry' over and over. MICHELLE calms down, puts a smile on, and says sorry to the audience. She mouths the words 'cut that scene out' to someone off-screen]

Michelle: [sighs]So, uhm, Mr. French! Tell us about this new rookie.

Ryan: Gladly.

[Cuts to video of gameplay]

Ryan: So you see this good-looking guy? That's the rookie.

[MICHELLE nods with a look on her face that says 'obviously', not noticing the 'good-looking' part]

Ryan: You're pretty much the guinea pig, always trying out Egon's new additions to the proton pack and doing the grunt work that Ray and Peter force you into, all at the same time while busting some ghosts. Basically, our goal was to have players play the game as if it was the movie, so the rookie has no speaking role, just a few grunts and gasps here and there.

[MICHELLE looks closer at the screen, eyes squinted and eyebrows furrowed]

Michelle: Tell me, Mr. French, why does the rookie look so familiar…?

Ryan: [frowns and turns head to the side, then sighs] I was the model for the rookie…

Michelle: [surprised] Oh! That's pretty awesome! How about a round of applause for the REAL LIVE rookie?

[MICHELLE begins to clap and the crew joins in. RYAN, however, does not look amused]

Michelle: [tilts head slightly to the side] OK, so you're the model for the rookie yet you're not happy about it. What's up with that? I mean, if I was a model for such a kickass game, I'd be pretty excited.

Ryan: They needed a 'cheap and easy' actor…

Michelle: [blinks] Are you kidding me…? Y'know, I can see why they did that…

[RYAN looks up with an annoyed face, but MICHELLE shakes her head and smiles]

Michelle: [continues] The cheap and easy actor turned out to be you! You're cute so your cuteness made up for your silence.

[RYAN does not seem amused, but a tiny smile appears a few seconds later. One of the crew whispers loudly that there's only 3 minutes left. MICHELLE looks around, thinking of what to ask.]

Michelle: [thinking that RYAN is still annoyed by the fact] Do you need a hug?

[RYAN seems skeptic as MICHELLE stretches her arms wide and waits. Awkwardly, they both hug. Seeing MICHELLE compared to RYAN makes the crew laugh and 'aww'. After they break apart, MICHELLE turns to the camera and waves. RYAN does the same but with a confused look on his face.]

Michelle: Well, that's all the time we have! Hope you enjoyed our first episode and we all hope to see a next one!

[Immediately , cuts to X-Play]

Narrator: Here are your badass hosts, Adam Sessler and Mooooooorgan Webb!

[MORGAN and ADAM both have questionable looks on their faces]

Adam: I'm sure that show isn't coming back anytime soon…