*Warning* There is extreme violence ahead!

Chapter Six - The Assault

Legolas jumped up and glared down at Namalon. "Why do you touch me so? Can you not see that a gentle touch does pain me now?"

"I was only trying to help," said Namalon as he slowly rose. "Legolas, it was merely the touch of a friend. Do you not recognize the touch of a friend when you feel it? Have you been so harmed by your loves that you are blind to my compassion?"

"You are right my friend, I apologize."

"Good. Now come and rest your head upon my shoulder, and let the sorrows fade away." They both sat on the edge of the bed, Legolas reluctantly laying his head on Namalon's shoulder and closing his eyes to the pain of the outside world. Namalon's hand began to stroke the elf's long blond hair, playfully weaving his fingers through the gilded strands.

Legolas began to pull away, "I do not think this is helping, perhaps I should be alone." He tried to rise, but fell back to the bed as Namalon's hand gripped solidly onto his crowning glory and pulled him back.

"You will stay in your place," Namalon said as he frantically tried to remove Legolas' clothing. "A wizard, a woman, a hobbit, and a man! Now an elf you must have too! I will have you!"

Legolas tried to fight him off, clawing and screeching, as Namalon's heavy body heaved on top of him, but to no avail. "Leave me be!" he screamed. Namalon jerked roughly at his hair, holding his head back so he could lay dozens of kisses on his milky neck. "NO!"

Suddenly, Namalon's body went limp. Legolas pushed him away and quickly crawled into the corner, where he curled into a ball and wept furiously. Through the tears he could barely make out a dark figure pummeling Namalon with a boot.

The figure continued beating the elf until blood had ceased to flow from his unrecognizable body. Then as a last means of vindication, he bent over the body and ripped off a pointy ear with his teeth. He crept towards Legolas and bending down in front of him, proceeded to drop the ear in his lap. Then he turned to leave.

"Wait!" the weeping elf proclaimed from his corner, "What is the name of my champion?"

The dark figure stopped in the doorframe, and without even turning towards Legolas he uttered softly, "Boromir."

Chapter Seven - The End.

Legolas rose and headed for the door, desperate to stop yet another love from fleeing. Once in the hallway, however, he could not tell the path that Boromir had taken. His weak body slid down the wall and formed a heap on the floor.

"Legolas?! What is it? What has happened?" Aragorn stood sans shirt and barefoot above Legolas.

"My love!" he cried, and dropped his head to weep some more.

"Legolas, I told you I did not mean to hurt you." the man said exasperated. "You must move on." Just then, Elrond wandered into the hall, his brightly colored robe flapping open near the top revealing his pale elfin skin. Aragorn turned to him and muttered softly under his breath, "Give me but a moment." The elfin lord then disappeared into his room.

"It is not you of whom I speak, it is my hero, whom I fear I may never see again."

"Alright," said Aragorn, "It is your 'hero' whom you weep for. Perhaps you should go and seek him. As for me, I shall return to El...Arwen now." He abruptly turned around and left.

Legolas continued to sit as tears ran down his face. He bowed his head in solitude. A shadow suddenly engulfed him, and as he looked up he saw that it was being cast by none other than his hero, Lord Boromir. The man knelt beside him, and with one hand gently brushed the tears from the elf's face. As Legolas' sobs began to subside, the two locked eyes. Boromir let the stare engulf him, and slowly moved closer to the elf, his lips brushing across Legolas' mouth as his hands pulled him into a loving embrace.