In "Dear Tam", as often as not, there may be a world of difference between what Pem sees and writes and what is actually going on in the 'Grown up World'.

Rather than break up the flow of that story, here is a little repository of shorts that tie into that timeframe.

Of course it helps if you are familiar with Pem and her world, but I hope that you will find enough story here if you are not.

Just some quick notes - This is an AU - a long standing one that has been blessed to have had the talents of a few wonderful people such as Golden Jedi and brodiew and GunraysLawyer contribute to it with their own unique tales, for which I am very grateful. Of course, if anyone has a story to tell I'd be more than happy to add it here.

As a recap:

- Schurke Canaille (Corellian magistrate, former Jedi, deceased)
- Kampher Lutador Canaille (Jedi healer, Schurke's wife)
- Aubé Gris 'Tough as Nails' Canaille-Skywalker (Schurke and Kampher's daughter, former Rebel pilot, Luke's wife, Jedi student)
- Kay'leb Canaille (Schurke and Kampher's son, Jedi healer)
- Pemberian Canaille Skywalker (Aubé and Luke's daughter)
- Tamillen Canaille Skywalker (Pemberian's twin brother, deceased)
- Ben Skywalker, (younger brother of Pem)
- Toa (Dathomirian male, Jedi healer, Kay'leb's student and companion)

And of course, Luke, Han, Leia and children, and Chewie.

Mara, the Vong and 'Jacen goes Cadeus' - not here...

Although there is still Darkness about, The Sith were destroyed at the end of Jedi with the death of Palpatine.

OK, still with me? Great!

Let me know if you'd like a PM as I don't know how often this will get an update.

Thanks again for reading, and I hope you enjoy!