None So Blind…

I like children, even the children of 'Nulls' (for the uninitiated, this is the impolite colloquialism for those who are not able to touch the Force – such a loss! But I digress…)

Unlike their parents, they rarely have fear or pity when they meet me and behold my scarred visage and 'sightless' eyes, (oh how little they know!) for even without my gentle Toa, I can still see in ways that even many Masters do not.

I only have the dimmest recollection of my life 'before', and I have no regrets, or at least very few, for my current endeavors keep me as fulfilled as any man could be, and there are infinite curiosities and pleasures to fill my time.

Dear Toa, with his seemingly boundless patience and tolerance of my… indiscretions, how could I bear this life without him? Much like myself, he is often dismissed as… 'insignificant', for want of a better word. His ability to practically disappear from notice, even in a small space, is mischaracterized as 'meekness' or worse, weakness, and lack of passion (of which I can assure you is far, far from the truth – Toa's passions and intensity can rival the whores of Ord Mantel, and I would fear for the Galaxy if he chose to abandon his calling as a Healer, and chose to become a killer for hire – even the dread Mandelorians would have trembled in is wake!) No, Toa embodies all that is good in the Galaxy, and when he is not 'serving' as my eyes for the physical world, and is like a never-ending fountain that refreshes my soul. He is the light to my often-darkened spirit.

Speaking of those of us who can touch the Force, perhaps it goes without saying that 'Master Skywalker' is the most intriguing of us all (indeed, if he were not so intrinsically bonded to my sister… but once again, I digress…), He dons so many cloaks, Jedi Master… friend… lover… father… I could spend hours just watching him through my own eyes. A few nights ago, many of us were gathered in the quarters they now call home in the Jedi Temple, and my poor pregnant sister arose from their bed (through Toa's eyes I could see how dreadfully thin she's become, and the lack of true sleep is written all over her face – in the morning I shall speak to him about taking her away from this place for a while.) He was at her side in an instant, and lead her to the couch (where she promptly fell back asleep with her head in his lap) and radiated an aura of fierce protectiveness, as if daring anyone (especially the Magistrate from Corellia, who succeeded my late father) to challenge the appropriateness of his actions. The man, (contrary to popular belief, not all Corellians are reckless fools) remained prudently silent. Later that evening, long after the non familial guest had departed, and my beloved sister tucked safely back in their bed, I had a chance to ask him of his recent encounter with the, shall I say, less than hospitable ambassadors from Ion-five, and for a moment I saw the touch of dark madness that threaten to encompass all who can touch the light (for what is the light with out the dark to contrast it?) He grew thoughtful, and quiet, and simply stated that he would 'Trust the Force' if not the negotiating skills of his equally fascinating sister, (whom if she must be bonded to a Null – with your pardon – a Non Force user, is at least with a Corellian.)

But I started this narrative speaking of children, and how much I appreciate them. For the most part, they no not fear (but for my niece's young friend Luda, but in time I'm sure she will overcome this for she has much more strength than she herself knows). There is of course my niece Pemberian herself, and my young nephew 'Ben' (such an odd name, but once again I digress) and of course my other niece and nephew, Jacen and Jaina (and eventually the third from the Princess, but in her own good time…) They make no judgments on outward appearances, they only accept what they truly see… and even a Jedi cannot ask for more than that…