(October 14, 2000.)

The Inuyasha Cast in:

Back to School

By Yashira

(Author's note: I'm going to stick with a theory I conjured up in another story where proximity to either Kagome and IY (or Kikyo) is enough to get anyone else through the well. An additional note, I wrote this chapter and 2 others about a year ago, I'm hoping to actually write more in the upcoming months….)

Chapter 1: Getting Ready

Inuyasha cursed angrily from his precarious seat on the tree branch, his amber eyes half shut from the golden glow of dawn's early light. "Bah, school? Not interested…"

Kagome, who had set her clock back in modern day Japan to wake her extra early today, gave a pained grimace. "But Inuyasha everyone agreed that-"

"Feh, I'm not interested." He turned his head, clearly tuning her out, as Kagome stared up at him with a wounded expression.

"I see…" she began, her voice low, almost inaudible, "fine then…" She turned away and began to march back the way she came.

"Huh?" He turned around, watched her meek form depart through the dense tree and brush, with a startled reaction. I thought she'd put up more of struggle then that, he recollected thoughtfully, remembering all the times she'd fight tooth and nail over some stupid little argument the two of them usually had. "Oh well, not my loss… like I need…" and the next word tasted sourly like over-aged pickle brine, "school…hmpt…"

"Hey, Inuyasha, you coming?" Sango called from below as she and Kaede approached the tree.

"Don't tell you you're going to Kagome's school too?" Inuyasha was shaking his head, trying desperately to purge the sudden picture of Kaede in Kagome's school uniform. (Oooh, that's not a pretty site.) The thought nearly sent him falling from his high perch on the branch.

"No, someone's got to help out in Kagome's home, now that she has all these guests," Kaede intoned venerably, "I considered myself honoured to help one who has helped so many."

"Gee," Sango murmured softly, "don't pour it on too thick."

"Are you coming Inuyasha?" Kaede asked, immuned, obviously, to Sango's comment.

"Hell NO! First of all I never agreed to this! You guys decided to vote on this without me, and secondly… NO, NO, NO! Got that! There ain't no way in Hell that'll find me going to that school!"

"Fine, fine, your lost," Sango replied dismissively as she hefted her Hiraikotsu over her left shoulder. "You don't know what you're missing," she added in a sing-song, told-ya-so type of voice.

"Yes, I do…" He answered back, but both Kaede and Sango had run off for he could hear the sound of their brisk footsteps gliding quickly through the forest as they raced towards the well. "I hope they're late," he muttered darkly as he shut his eyes to keep out the coming daylight.

There was a weird vibe in the air that touched on every nerve of Inuyasha's body as if someone was passing the tip of fingernail over his flesh. He sat up abruptly.

"So you noticed?" Sesshomaru commented wryly as Inuyasha glared down at his older half-brother. "Looked like you were getting careless there for a bit…"

"What do you want?"

"I was just seeing if it was true that you weren't coming afterall…"

"And your problem being…" Inuyasha was glaring at Sesshomaru, his amber eyes reflecting back the same amber hued eyes of his brother's.

"You always were a good-for-nothing," Sesshomaru commented dismissively as he turned his back on Inuyasha and strode forward. "Come Rin, Jaken… let's leave the illiterate scoundrel…"

"Hai, Sesshomaru-sama," Rin echoed happily as she chased after him with Jaken muttering darkly over the annoyance of having to deal with a human girl.

Inuyasha, his hands gripping the branch so tightly that he dug holes into it, screamed back, "Shows what you know! I can READ!!!" He crossed his arms and began to sulk.

"Oi, Inuyasha," Miroku cried out from below, stamping his staff on the hard ground for emphasis, "You coming?"

"Bah, do you seriously expect me to believe you're going to go to Kagome's school too… Ha…" He examined his claws more closely picking the dirt clean from one of them. "Give me one good reason to believe

'Well, with Naraku's mysterious departure and the disappearance of the shikon no tama, there's nothing else to do here. It'll be an adventure… it'll be-"

(It's interesting to note, looking back that I wrote this without knowing about Naruku's departure in the now present)

Inuyasha gave a throaty laugh. "You just want to hit on the girls in Kagome's class…"


"I knew it, count me out…"

"Fine, fine…" Miroku turned and departed in the direction the others had already gone.

"Why can't they just leave me-"

"Inuyasha, you coming," Shippo's voice echoed from below as he ran traipsing forward to the spot Kagome had vacated. "You're going to be late!"

"I'M NOT GOING TO BE LATE BECAUSE I AIN'T GOING," Inuyasha snarled back, "What's with everyone today?"

Shippo looked up at Inuyasha with wide innocent eyes. "Okay, okay. Does that mean you're giving up Kagome to Kouga?"

"Yes that means- " There was a sudden paused as if the world went still.


"What the hell did you say?" Somehow Inuyasha was no longer on the tree branch, but on the ground grabbing Shippo by the scruff of his neck and shaking the life out of the poor Kitsune. "What the hell did
you say about Kouga and Kagome?"

Turning purple and not managing to sputter anything coherent, Inuyasha was finally forced to let go of Shippo's throat. It took the poor Kitsune several seconds to get his bearings. He glared at Inuyasha, his eyes wide and filled with tears. "Well Kouga doesn't think school is a waste of time. He's been sleeping by the well since last night getting ready to go back with Kagome as soon as she came to get us all."

"Why that stinking little bastard…" Inuyasha's hands make tight fists as the vein in his forehead throbbed unmercilessly. "He's trying to show me off in front of the others… I'll show that stupid wolf-brat a
thing or two… come on Shippo, don't want to be late now do we?" Shippo who was still recovering from the vertical shake, stared at Inuyasha with a mixture of anger and disbelief.

"Okay, aside from Shippo and Inuyasha, that's should be everybody," Kagome announced as she checked off everyone on the clipboard.

"Personally I wouldn't have thought it of Shippo to change his mind," Kouga began sincerely with a hand placed over his chest, "But Inu-kuro, is another story…"

"Oooh, don't get her going," Miroku started as he passed Kouga a set of clothes, "Remember we're all going to school today. We need Kagome in a perfect mood…"

Sango, who had collected a set of clothes from Kagome whispered quickly into the girl's ear, "Kagome, where can I change without Miroku spying on me?"

"E?" She looked around, noticed that all the guys were staring at her and Sango with obviously the same question which caused poor Kagome to go a bit red. "Okay, you guys can all change here. When you're done, just walk out the door and wait for me and Sango. Rin, Sango, come with me, you can change in my room."

"Hey I resent that," Miroku replied hurtfully. "I can't see why I should have to change in a room full of men. I'd be happy to join both you and Sango-"

Kouga crackled knuckles as Sesshomaru and Jaken watched the houshi through slitted eyes. Miroku had the feeling he just fallen into a very big and slimy hole. "Um…"

"Let's go, nee?" Kagome lifted her hand gently towards Rin as Sango headed towards the door that lead out of from the well area. Rin took it hesitantly as she glanced back at Sesshomaru for permission.

"Go ahead Rin, you'll be going to school with Kagome's little brother. I'll pick you up after, okay?"

Rin bit her lip, resolved to be strong since Sesshomaru declared everything to be alright, and gave a determined nod. "Okay."

Kagome smiled softly as she led Rin and Sango out the door.

There were all smiles and nice looks as the women departed, but as soon as the door closed Miroku was hit on the head by a dozen hands. "What was that stunt you're trying to pull with Kagome?" Kouga cursed darkly, his eyes glaring so heavy that the air around Miroku grew warm and uncomfortable.

"Really, houshi," Sesshomaru started off casually, his voice aristocratic and aloof, "we don't have time for any of your stunts…"

Miroku, clothes held tightly in his left hand, ran his right through his black hair… "Look I-"

"Damn you Kouga!" Inuyasha screamed angrily as he leapt abruptly from the well and dropped to a crouch in front of Miroku. Shippo rolled to a stop behind both of them, the look of fright stung his features clearly. (Obviously Inuyasha had been running a speed too fast for a Kitsune, for Shippo's hair had that windblown look you usually
equate with a 747 jet!) "What's the big idea coming to Kagome's home?! How dare you stink it up with your smell."

Kouga, his eyes narrowly coldly on Inuyasha, chuckled smugly. "I was invited. What's your excuse? Last I heard you decided to live up a tree…"

Eyebrows narrowed furiously and claws extended, Inuyasha glared at Kouga with an expression of dark hatred. "You bastard! I'm going to shut you up for good!" Reaching for Tetsusaiga and letting the blade
side forth with a sigh, Inuyasha wasn't aware of the door opening until the words:

"Osuwari," hit the air.

Shuttering with a harsh crash onto the ground, he turned accusing eyes on Kagome, "What the hell did you do that for?!" Kagome, the look in her brown eyes serious, threw a set of navy blue clothes at him. "What the hell is this?"

"Your uniform," she replied, "I though you might come back so I thought I'd leave it here. I hope you don't intend to start fighting at school," Kagome added, as she glanced over to where Tetsusaiga had fallen. "Otherwise you might as well go back home.." She turned with a huff, her body motion tight and angry as she slammed the door.

"Oh boy, I think she's still mad at you," Miroku murmured from the corner of his mouth as the echoing slam of the door to Kagome's house soon followed.

"You don't say," Inuyasha retorted sourly as picked up the navy blue uniform.

End of Chapter 1