April 11, 2003

(Author's note: I'd like to dedicate this chapter to those of you who continued to show your support by letting me know how much you like this fic. Arrigato minna.)

Going back to School

By Yashira

Chapter 5

Second Class

They were grouped together by the far window with Inuyasha sitting behind Kagome, kicking absently at the legs of her chair, while Sesshoumaru sat immediately to her right, with a seemingly bored expression.

Flustered with red cheeks, Kagome looked between alarmed and fearful as she waved for Inuyasha to behave. It would accomplish very little if their English teacher arrived to find him swearing at his brother. To have Inuyasha sent to the hall for indecent language meant she would not be able to keep her eye on him, and CONSIDERING the way he was currently behaving that would be a very BAD thing. "You're going to get me into trouble if you two keep fighting like this. What will people think of the Higurashi name?" She posed the question to them both with bright brown eyes while fellow students filed through the narrow doorway to take their seats within the white-walled classroom.

Rolling his eyes and sparing her the most scantiest of looks, Sesshoumaru simply sighed wearily. These accusations were rather tiresome and not worth the effort to respond as was evident in the way he leaned back in his chair, leaving his textbook open on his desk. His brother on the other hand….

"Stupid bastard, I don't know why he has to be in our class anyway…." Inuyasha glanced over her, watching the look in her eyes turn from alarm to anger in about two seconds, and realized that answering her question might be the next smartest thing. "What would they think of it?" His tone had an edge of disgust in it as he glared at his disinterested brother. "It's just a stupid name." His answer however, did not seem to be the next smartest thing.

"IT'S MY NAME," Kagome snapped back irritably as she ran a hand through her black hair, freeing it from the bun she'd nervously placed it in earlier. "Would you like someone calling your name stupid?"

"I'll knock them down if they tried," Inuyasha replied quite flippantly as Kagome banged her head in her hands. "No one would call me stupid."

There was a chuckling cough from where Sesshoumaru sat as he murmured, "I'm sure I can think of someone who would."

Technically that would have raised a whole new bundle of curses from Inuyasha, if it hadn't been for the fact that Kagome was looking "osuwari" happy. So thinking fast, in a way he hoped to level the intended "sit" off his shoulders, Inuyasha interjected quickly, "If you're going to include feeling up women, THAT'S Miroku's fault and…" With a smug look around him, Inuyasha flashed bright teeth at her, "He's in Math class right now, and not here, so you might want to save that little spiel for him when we see him at lunch--"

"Oh, don't worry, I'm going to talk to him, you can bet that much," Kagome replied in a tone that suggested Inuyasha may have just barely missed the "sit" she had been so very close in saying. Sliding down into her chair, a soft groan on her lips, Kagome ran her hand over her eyes as if she could hide away from the hazards that would plague her for the rest of the day. "Maybe they'll just understand that it's the male side of Higurashi that are complete jerks… Sango's decent and so am I… Besides it's an universal fact that boys are dumb."

"Oh, thanks a lot woman, how dare you include me in your little tirade… I'll have you know, I'm a man. Inuyasha…." Sesshomaru paused, as if still thinking on the answer before simply continuing, "No one still knows."

Narrowed honey eyes sized up his white-haired brother with a look that suggested, 'if I had my sword, I'd make your real wish to be a woman come true.' "If I didn't have these beads I'd break your neck right now, you bastard…"

"That's a likely story," Sesshomaru replied with a dismissing wave as his own golden eyes narrowed on some text in the English note book, "What the heck is a 'vasectomy'?"

"How the fuck should I know," came the answering growl, "but Kagome had lots of them."

"I, WHAT?!" Kagome who understood what that word meant, could only tighten her hands into what look like small fists at her side. "How would I have MANY of them?! I'm a girl, girls DON'T have vasectomies!"

"But you collect them don't you? Your mother was showing me her collection. She even put flowers in hers."

A little flicker of light dawned in Kagome's eyes as she began to realize what Inuyasha misconception was. Boy, would he be surprised when he found out. And yet, as fate likes to have its little jokes, like anyone else, it conspired against Kagome by not giving her ample opportunity to correct Inuyasha's misunderstanding in time.

Their teacher chose to walked in at that moment, a young vibrant man who looked as if he could be quite the ladies' man in his own right, catching Inuyasha's gaze as it flickered around the room to alight on a vase of flowers on the corner of the teacher's desk. "Even the teacher has a vasectomy!"

If you could picture the sound of a needle dropping in cold gut-wrenching quiet, what happened in the room was 100x worse. Eyes, as if from everywhere, were glued on Inuyasha's face, as the teacher in question with assorted black storm clouds behind him, pointed to the door. "OUT!"

And Kagome, who had expected Inuyasha to be sent out of the class for swearing and fighting, just stared at this unexpected turn of events. "I'd always thought he'd get in trouble for killing someone… "

Sesshoumaru just snorted as if he hadn't expected anything less.

It hadn't yet clicked in that Inuyasha had been let loose into the hall… alone.

* * *

Pointing to where Kouga had fallen asleep, due to the repetitive boredom of math class, Miroku whispered quietly to Sango, "Don't move him… or he'll wake…" While the teacher's back was towards them as he wrote equations onto the blackboard, Miroku, in his own infinitive boredom had stuck to pencils up Kouga's nose and had shaved several pieces of erasure droppings over his head.

While this sort of humour would have had Inuyasha rolling on the ground with amusement, Sango, however, looked both irritated and annoyed. Her dark eyes stared at a gloating Miroku before she reached out with her hand and pinched his arm… hard. "WHAT do you think you're doing," she hissed, careful to keep her voice low so that the teacher would not overhear and send them back into the hall again. What happened in English class was humiliating and she still hadn't learnt what "vasectomy" meant either. Although, if it was something that would cause a bit of pain to Miroku, now and again, she'd liked to try it out on him.

"What? This is what I call creative payback for what he thought my clothes were soaked in earlier today…" Wisely knowing when NOT to mention that Miroku still had to get even over what Sango had done to him in the hallway with the bucket, he simply smirked at her. His clothing was still wet, he didn't want to jinx things yet…. Especially if she got her hands on another bucket.

Kouga snorted in his sleep as if having trouble breathing, and with two pencils stuck up his nose one would have to wonder why, as Miroku snickered again. Sango let out a "why me" sigh as she whispered over to him, "What did he think they were soaked in?"

Miroku's face dead-paned at that question, his violet eyes looked so serious that it seemed he would not even answer her. Then, abruptly, a grin flashed over his lips as he answered back in pure monk fashion, "Oh, he thought you couldn't control your urges for me."

"He what?!"

"Mrs. Higurashi, PUT THAT DESK DOWN THIS MINUTE!" The voice came from their math teacher who agitatedly waved a piece of chalk in the air from the front of the room.

"But-" Her eyes flickered over at Miroku and with a startled expression on her own face, she was taken aback by innocent look he gave the class. He smiled over at her, his looking suggesting, 'you ain't taking me down with you this time,' as Kouga twitched and snorted again from his seat… this time shooting one pencil from his nostril hurling over the desk and onto the floor. "Yes Sensei…"

"And you could join her, Mr. Higurashi, I heard that you were one of the instigators in Homeroom B."

The innocent look dropped from his lips as he stared in outrage at the teacher. "WHAT?! But I didn't do anything this time.. This is slander." Miroku even looked as if a blood vessel was about to burst when Sango let out an evil snicker. "Great, why do you keep getting me in trouble."

Before Sango could reply to that, their teacher hit his fist against a table and pointed once more. "OUT!"

* * *

End chapter 5.