This is why Xigbar doesn't like to shower with Demyx! Since 'Time Flies' was reviewed, I'm writing two XigDem shower stories. This one is the first shower that they took together. Demyx, who really couldn't control his power very well at the time, wanted to impress Xigbar in the shower. Did I mention the showers at Castle Oblivion are pretty small? Teehee. Xiggy wouldn't actually kill Dem, though.

Xigbar: I dunno, I was pretty close ter killin' 'im after that.. incident.

I bet. You were just about to get some, and Demyx decides to play with his powers. *sigh* Demyx...

Xigbar: but yer writin' us a real love scene soon, right? 'Time Flies' was just fluff. We get a realone soon, ne? Mika Onee-san did review...

Ohhh yes, Xiggy, and it's going to be a songfic. "Lift" by Poet's Of The Fall.

"Go take a cold shower, you two!" Vexen growled. Xigbar and Demyx, the two in question, hadbeen getting a little frisky against the wall outside of the lab. Vexen, who was tired of hearing thumps and giggles from inside of his very own special room, he chased them away.

"Maybe ol' Vexen was right. Shall we shower?" Xigbar murmured pleasantly. Demyx squealed happily.

"Yes!" he tugged Xigbar into the closest bathroom, planting kisses down the scarred man's neck. Xigbar laughed, stripping out of his coat, kicking off his black boots and pulling out his ponytail.

The Melodious Nocturne did the same, shrugging off the black coat, still attached to Xigbar who tugged off the younger man's black shirt, placing kisses where Demyx's skin became exposed to the open air.

Demyx who was still unclothing himself, pushed Xigbar off. "Start the shower now or it'll be cold. I hatecold water." Xigbar dragged off the last of his clothes and practically flew across the bathroom, flipping the shower on in his hurry and scrunching the bathmat when Demyx tackled him.

Xigbar's back hit the wall of the shower with a thud, Demyx throwing his arms exuberantly over the taller man's shoulders. Xigbar pressed his lips to the smaller boys neck, causing him to be jelly in his hands. Xigbar stretched out an arm and closed the glass door to the shower for some privacy, and then returned his attentions to Demyx.

Wrapping his legs around Xigbar's waist, Demyx tangled his hands in Xigbar's now free hair and moaned.

"Oh man, that's what I like to hear, Dem. Show me what you got, kid." He breathed into the boy's ear, gasping as Demyx's tongue trailed lower.

"Oh, I'll show you." Demyx said between breathless kisses down Xigbar's chest. Xigbar could guess just where Demyx was heading, and he leaned back, ready for it.

"Dance, water, dance." Demyx whispered, hovering just above Xigbar's lower body.

Demyx had intended water clones, (Think Xigbar surrounded by four Demyx) something impressive he had mastered while fighting Xaldin for practice the other day, but apparently his power had other ideas. Nothing noticeable happened.

Thinking Demyx was just hesitating, Xigbar shifted, feeling uncomfortable. "Dem, if you don't want to..."

"No, I want to, hold on a second." Demyx muttered. He pushed his hands together in front of his chest. "Dance, water, dance!" he spat more forcefully.

The waterball that grew between his fingers grew and grew, until it was the size of a basketball. Demyx struggled to control it. "Uh oh..." he muttered

"Uh oh?" Looking down, Xigbar started, "What do you mean, uh-"

Demyx's water ball exploded, shoving Xigbar into the glass of the shower, face first. He slid down it with a squeak. "Dem... yx..."

The melodious nocturne, who was uninjured, giggled nervously.

"Yeah, Xigbar?"

"I'm going to kill you."