Have you ever seen a fire on the news? Did you ever wonder what would happen if fire actually was a person? Of course, that could never happen. Well, not in my book.

Chapter 1: A fire fairy

Queen Ox dashed through the sky hoping that her life wouldn't end. She was running from from a human which they called h monters. Ox luckily got safely back to her home which was in a forest that usually gets set on fire. " Hello Queen Ox." Everyone that saw her said. Well of course everybody has to respect their Queen, Ox. " Hello Onx (which was her daughter). I think we should get to bed so we can wake up early for the big parade tomarrow."

Chapter 2:The Parade

" Mom!! Mom!! Wakeup it's the day of the parade, the day I get to become the fire queen!" Onx Screamed at her mother. " Just 5 more minutes." Ox said " Come on Mom its about to start!!!" Onx said ignoring her mother. Once Onx came out to the parade everyone that saw her said,"Good morning Queen Onx." Onx was so happy but her mother wasn't. Ox still wanted to be the queen. Unlike any mom she was not proud of her dauther. Once Ox steped out she realized that nobody had said ood morning queen Ox. But then she realzed that she wasn't the queen anymore. That must have been a very bad experience for her...........................