The time; 1980, the place; a small house in Forks, Washington. It was nearly midnight; a woman's shrill cry ripped the air apart in a room near the top of the house as a vampire doctor desperately struggled to keep the queen of the inhuman race alive as she gave birth to her four children; half vampire-half shape shifter. The first and second were boys the others girls.

Gasping for breath and covered in blood the thirty five year old Queen Lilly of the Inhumans took her pale, green eyed babies in her arms while her husband smiled down at her, she could barely draw breath but struggled to find her voice in order to name the beautiful newborns in her arms "Harry James," she whispered gently pressing her lips to the first born boy's head, "Rex Sebastian," she continued naming the other boy, "Harrietta Maeve and Roxanne Splendora" she finished naming her daughters.

A week later Lilly turned to the members of the Inhuman council; Carlisle; the vampire doctor, Remus; the werewolf an old friend of her husband James, her six younger siblings; Aro, Caius, Marcus, Lucy-Mae, Selene and Mary, and her brother's wives; Sulpicia, Athenodora and Didyme. She had a grave look on her face as she said "these children must be separated for their own protection; my husband and I leave for England tomorrow, we will take Harry with us, accompanied by Remus, Rex will go to Sarah Greene in Bixby, Harrietta to Chiron in camp half blood, and Roxanne to Marianne Ripper in Darkside" and so it was done, the four children were separated and grew up leading very different lives.

Lilly and James were killed a year after reaching England, Harry grew up with his mother's adopted sister Petunia, she and her husband disliked having their nephew dumped on their doorstep but he soon got shot of them when he was accepted to a school for witches and wizards at the age of eleven, he made new friends finally finished off the man who had murdered his mother and father and eventually went on to fall in love with his best friend Ron's sister Ginny.

Rex was different; his adoptive father Frank Greene; beat and abused him, inducing a fear of spiders. Rex was rescued from this life of hate and turmoil however when his friend and fellow Midnighter Melissa the mind caster drove Frank insane when she forced her way into his mind. At the age of fourteen the came across Dess a fellow Midnighter and polymath, Jonathan followed shortly after and Jessica completed the five Midnighters later. Shortly after Jessica arrived tragedy struck; rex was joined to a darkling body for a brief period of time and even after the monstrous creatures flesh was burned away by the white light of the flame bringer's torch, Rex still kept the mind of the creature he had become; he was now a halfling. Not long after this unfortunate event the young seer fell in love with his long time friend Melissa.

Harrietta was again different she grew up with Chiron; a centaur and healer who was activities director at camp half blood; a summer camp for the half mortal children of the Olympian gods and goddesses, the young girl grew up in the camp but ran away when Kronos attacked the camp and only came back when word reached her that the children of the big three (Thalia; daughter of Zeus, Perceus; son of Poseidon and Nico; son of Hades) had vanquished him once more to the darkest pits of Tartarus.

Roxanne, the final child of the queen, spent her life in Darkside; a secret borough of London ruled over by the Ripper family, Roxanne was raised by Marianne Ripper; the queen of Darkside and great grand daughter of Jack the Ripper. Young Roxanne was treated as the queen's ward and was respected by all who lived in the borough as grew into a brave, strong, fast and smart young lady.