Hot Shot's girl: Hey guys, sorry I haven't been into my transformer fics, but after I saw ROTF I fell in love with it again and sighed saying-I want to do transformer fics again, I miss it' so here it is. Of course with my fav couple, I just have to do one with them in every time :) Hope you like it, will probably be updating slow, but I shall be updating :) Enjoy

The woman had short brunette hair that came down to her shoulders and bangs that came down to her perfectly plucked and trimmed eyebrows. Even as her hair and brows shinned it only glorified her pale and milky skin that seemed to shine with even more radiance. In the light of the moon she seemed to be as a seductive goddess glowing from every layer of her skin. The moon not only made her skin and hair shine beautifully, but her teal eyes seemed so dark and mysterious under the dark lights of night that it warned off most people from her—at least the people she didn't want near her.

As slender as she was the tight black dress pressed against her just showed how much more slender she was. It hugged every curve of hers so to make sure every male of her species would pay the utmost attention to her if she wanted it. Only a slight smile appeared on her peach lips knowing of her affect as she walked past every male down that dark street. The smile wasn't long though for her thoughts soon intervened and reminded her of the state she was in and of the state she wished she could be in.

All she was made to do was to look pretty and because of that beauty get information for her superiors. This is all she did and all she ever would do. It was all she was good for, as her superiors had told her. She understood and only wanted to show her loyalty to them.

As she made her way back to her waiting vehicle she could still feel the eyes of everyone she passed to make it here. Some of their intention she knew, but they could not have her at the moment. She had no more time to 'play' around. Her duty called and it was time to appear before her superiors.

As she stuck one leg in her sleek vehicle and then bent to be seated in the front seat she could not help but at least catch a glance of all the citizens starring at her. Some starred at her with hatred, others lust, and some skeptically. She was very used to those stares and it seemed that no matter where she went she always received the same stares—it seems nothing on this miserable planet would change for her, oh well she guessed it was what she deserved for being born like she was.

Once she shut the door to her slick and low vehicle she sighed quietly and ran her painted pink nails through her hair. She was glad that 'job' was over with and now she could return home for the time being. Once she began to get comfortable the voice of one of her superiors came to her ears and she had no choice but to pay heed for it.

"It's about time you're done Alexis," he said to her, his voice somewhat annoyed. "Do you know how long you kept me waiting?"

"I'm sorry Dead End," she said with another sigh and run through her hair. "This one was a little tougher than the last one."

"You got the information out of him right?" he asked.

"Of course I did," she said laying her head back against the leather headrest. "I didn't get dressed up for nothing tonight—here."

At that she inserted the disk in him. Satisfied he drove off and returned to base. Alexis didn't bother looking back at the luxurious city that was now in her past. Sometimes her job would call for her to return to a city she's already handled, but most of the time it was something new. Either way she could handle herself.

It didn't take Dead End too long to return to base what with his speed and all. Once there he came to a halt to let his human passenger out. Alexis stepped out and met with nothing but stares.

"Sheesh it's like you guys haven't seen a woman in forever," said Alexis fixing her hair into bun.

"Well sorry," said one of the officers. "Female allies are hard to come by with our—'cause'."

"Yeah, I can see," she said placing her hands on her hips.

"Did you bring it?" came an all-too-familiar voice to everyone's ears or audio receptors as they turned to see a large 'bot come in through the east hanger.

Alexis didn't answer him, but just starred. Every time she saw him it was hard to get anything out around him, at least for her. It wasn't that he wouldn't let her or anything, but it was because of her own stupid feelings and thoughts towards him.

"Right here Starscream," said Dead End as he tossed the disk to the Decepticon leader.

"Excellent work Alexis," he said looking at her still frame. "Once again you have proved your worth and have not made me regret taking you in from the streets, where your life was nothing more than meaningless."

"I still appreciate that lord," she said bowing her head to him.

"Hm, at least someone is grateful," said Starscream eyeing the human troops who could care less than fulfilling him commands less he give them more of their 'gold'. "And obedient."

"I still think you praise her too much Starscream," said Dead End folding his arms.

"Oh don't be so modest," said Starscream. "Wait 'til she does something wrong and doesn't complete a mission."

"That will never happen," she said stepping forward to him.

"Heh, you sound so sure human," said Starscream with a slight chuckle.

"If I were to ever fail you then may you kill me," she said bowing her head towards him.

"Hm, I just might take you offer up on that," said Starscream not really caring what humans he killed, but at the moment he knew how too important she was to their group and so would refrain from killing her for now. "All I have to say to you Alexis is that you better never fail us, or things worse than death will appear before you."

"I understand lord," she said looking into his ruby optics.

Starscream never understood why she was the only human who would do that—look him in the optics. He didn't like any human doing it much less the weaker of the race, but this female human seemed to always dare to do bold things around him like she had some right to. Often Starscream wondered if it was because he saved her from a life of nothingness. He would probably never know why she did the things she did, he didn't even want to know—it was a waste of time and he had better things to do than ponder on human understandings.

"Make sure you do," he said as he left with Dead End to analyze the data she recovered from her mission.

Alexis inhaled and exhaled quietly as she looked down at the hanger floor. She owed so much to Starscream to turn around and betray him—no matter how bad his intentions were towards earth and her own kind. She pondered and knew that without him she would have been dead.

"So Alexis, are you going to hang around with a guys or go be isolated in that room of yours?" one of the officers asked.

"I am certainly not going to be with women-deprived men," she said plainly. "I know what goes through your minds."

"Come now Alexis, don't be like that," said the officer. "Sure most of us are like that, but we know we can't touch you—you're under Starscream's protection remember?"

"Of course I do," she said folding her arms and leaning her weight on her right foot.

"Then why not have some fun with the guys and play some card games or something?" he asked.

"Because I think it's a waste of time," she said looking at him.

"Suit yourself then," he said raising his hands up. "You're a strange girl Alexis—much different from the other female cohorts we used to have."

"Maybe it's a good thing then," she said with a small smirk at him. "So I don't end up dead like the 'other' female cohorts."

At that she walked away leaving a baffled officer trying to figure out what was with her, but no one could every understand the minds of a woman and this he knew, so gave up the quest to try. It seemed like a hopeless mission, especially with Alexis. All remembered the day she became part of their team and ever she was distant from them, she had a right to be, but told no one why.

As Alexis made her way through the halls consisting of their rooms she stopped to take off her heels. They always killed her feet. She seemed to always have to wear them wherever she went. It hurt, but she dealt with it.

She sighed as she flung her heels over her shoulders and continued to make her way to her room. Once there She entered and locked her door. She wanted rest for a good long while now, but knowing Starscream and the others she knew she'd only get so much time before she was off on another Intel mission. These days they seemed to be up to something and she knew she'd probably find out soon enough.

"What a day," she sighed to herself. "Still though—I'm glad Starscream was pleased with the information I got them. I hope he can use it."

In the back of Alexis' mind she knew it was wrong to be helping this cause of world domination. She knew they were the bad guys in earth's term. She knew they wished to enslave them and their planet, but the thing was—she didn't feel so much like a slave. She may not be easy to understand when she says something like that, but that was how she felt and always would because of that day . . . the day Starscream saved her.

She still remembered it quit clearly even though it was some time ago. She had always thought of her life as a mistake. She was useless to this world and always thought that way, what with people telling her that she believed it to be the truth.

Alexis was born to a broken and poor family. Her mother died at birth and so left her with a drunk and abusive father who cared little for her. Being how he always wanted a son he disregarded her greatly. She thought she could handle the abusive words and beatings, but found it very difficult—she had nowhere else to turn; her father was all she had in the world.

She could even still say she loved her father after his beatings and calling her worthless and a mistake. He was her father and so had no choice but to love him . . . no matter what. It wasn't until he left her altogether that she resented him and began to hate. Now she was all alone again, she had nowhere to go and nothing to eat—it wouldn't be long before she died.

Somehow she managed to reach her 21st year in her life by scraps and begging. Even through the harsh winters she somehow survived. Still though, no one would pay attention to her. She was too old to adopt, but too young to die—she often wondered what people thought of her as they passed by her every day on the streets.

That year though came the worst winter storm her small town had ever seen. Those homeless like herself didn't survive. She wouldn't have either if divine intervention hadn't had blessed her one cold night.

She still remembered how bad she shivered and how numb she felt. She still remembered that tired feeling of death's lullaby on that night fit for hell. She still remembered her thoughts about death and the emotion of just knowing she wasn't going to make it through the night or any other night that followed. She could barely keep her eyes open, but she could hear still through the agonizing screaming of the blizzard.

She remembered hearing a low buzzing sound. Soon followed by a slight earth shake. Alexis remembered fighting through the ice and snow to see what had caused it. She couldn't see a thing and now she would die wondering what that strange happening was.

She remembered holding her breath as the ground began to shake again. This time it was as if something large was coming closer towards her. Still she fought to see through the night and ice to see who or what it was . . . still—nothing.

Being in a slim alley next to a wider road she thought she'd get a good view, but only saw the silhouette of something, something large. She didn't even have the energy to widen her eyes at the sight as it marched past her; soon another passed her and then a third. Never in her lifetime did she think she'd ever witness something as spectacular as this in her meaningless life. Perhaps now she could die happy.

For once in her life she felt her cracked and numb lips tighten into a small smile. She was not afraid of the strange objects, but happy that they made her life now privileged to behold something so spectacular—no matter how short it was she was content. She remembered lying her head back against a mound of frozen trash and snow. Right before she closed her eyes and decided to let go of her life something happened—she felt yet another object moving closer, but this time it did not move past her, this time it stayed . . . it was then she felt that all-too-beautiful ruby gaze upon her, illuminating everything about and around her.

"Human," she heard a booming, but low voice speak to her as if it was God Himself.

It hurt to turn her frozen neck towards it, but she did and starred at it with her mouth slightly agape. She felt her heart begin to beat faster and faster as it glared at her through ice and snow. Because of that she began to feel warm, her frozen blood began to heat—especially when it spoke to her.

"Is your life so meaningless and worthless that you just lay down in the cold to perish?" it asked her.

Though she had not had a thing to drink in day or perhaps weeks and the dry, cold, bitter snow forced all water from her she still found she could at least speak one of her last words.


"What a pity," she heard it chuckle in amusement. "It seems our race is not as different from each other than I thought."

For some strange reason Alexis felt as if she was speaking to the devil himself waiting to collect her soul and take her away from this frozen hell to a fiery one down below. Every ounce of her warned her of this menace, but she ignored it all completely. There was no reason being in this state to ignore anything anymore.

"Do you wish me to end your worthless life human and put you out of your misery?" he asked as he pointed his arm gun at her.

Yes, Yes! Her mind cried out knowing he was going to be doing her a favor, but her lips were too weak to speak it.

"Or . . ." he added getting her attention even more. "Do you wish for me to give your pathetic life a meaning for existence in my presence?"

Did he just? Yes he did! He just gave her a reason to live. He just gave her a second chance at life. One with and serving him. She was in such shock she couldn't move or even think for that matter . . . but there he stood with his arm gun ready to end her life there or hand ready to take her into another life with meaning.

Alexis remembered the warm feeling she got from that phrase. She also remembered the sinking feeling she got when she remembered that she had not the strength to get up and walk towards him. She remembered the feeling of knowing that was going to be her accursed doom.

Oh no, oh no! her mind and heart cried out knowing she could not move or perhaps even speak.

She turned her weary eyes to his glowing ruby ones and knew this being did not mean good to her kind or perhaps planet. She knew it wouldn't mind destroying her and erasing her existence from the planet as if she had never been born. She knew this being probably had short patience and would not wait for her answer any longer than he should. Then it was for her to die . . . if so then so be it.

Alexis remembered thinking of how she wanted that chance at a second life. She remembered wondering so much on what it'd be like to have another chance at life, but it appeared life had already beaten her down too much to give her another chance.

I'm sorry; She said looking up at him with her eyes now so dark and drained of life no one that looked at them would be able to tell there was once ever life carried in them.

Just as she thought she could do nothing she felt the slight feeling of her arm raising towards him. She could barely believe this was happening to her, but it was. Her will seemed at it strongest that night and even when her arm was but barely a few inches off the frozen ground the giant hand came swiftly upon her and snatched her up from her icy death.

Alexis sighed as she rubbed her smooth arms. Every time she thought back on this she still seemed to get Goosebumps. That was the reason she owed everything to Starscream and would do whatever he asked him—even if it meant to give her life for his cause then she would.

Alexis made her way to her bathroom and looked in the mirror. She looked at all her luxuries she got by serving him. She looked at the diamond earrings she wore and the tight black silk dress she wore—all of this came from them, not for her of course, but for what she did. The only thing she seemed to be good at was attracting the opposite sex and getting information out of them about materials and things.

She knew it was important to the Decepticons and so she did it. She never asked questions and spoke back. She never regretted anything she did for them. She just wanted to serve them the best she could—it was the least she could do for that one who gave her a second chance at life.

Alexis sighed once again and decided to change into something more comfortable, but first she was to take a shower. Smelling of seductive perfume all the time could get quite annoying for her. It won't keep the men off her and it swelled up her senses. She was still getting used to this high-class life still no matter how long she's been living it, and the makeup oh don't get her started with it, it seemed she had to wear it 24/7 no matter the damage it was doing to her skin, yes taking a shower and getting it all off was very relaxing.

Once that was done she wrapped up in a soft towel and then made her way to her wardrobe. She opened it and let out a somewhat depressed sigh. All her clothing was nothing but fancy dresses. It seemed she had to play seductress 24/7 as well.

"It's sad that the Decepticons can't get that women don't need to always wear dresses," she said with a sigh as she roamed through her clothing to perhaps find a skirt maybe . . . no luck.

The closest thing she got to a skirt was a very short dress with no sleeves. She bowed her head knowing she wasn't wearing that outside. Well she guessed she'd have to convince them to let her go shopping so she could get more comfortable clothing to walk around in.

"Well I guess I'm gonna have to wear you cocktail dress," she said taking it out and holding it. "Ah I haven't worn you since Paris."

"Alexis," came a voice from outside her room.

Alexis put her dress down on her bed and rolled her eyes mouthing 'oh my god'. She knew that whenever 'he' came around it was for only one thing—a mission. Alexis tightened up her towel knowing he would not wait for her to get dressed and headed out.

She came out of her room and leaned against the wall beside it. As she crossed her arms and looked up at the hulking figure she was instantly met with a red stare.

"Get ready Alexis you're going to Cecily," said Starscream looking down at the human just feet from his feet.

"Another mission?" she sighed.

"No I'm giving you a vacation that I have neglected to give you ever since you started working for me," Starscream said with sarcasm and slight anger seeing how she was starting to not want to do these 'missions' anymore.

"You're not good at joking," she said turning to go back into her room.

"Yeah well I—what the slag?!" he said looking more closely at her seeing she was only dressed in a towel.

"What, what?" she said looking back at him.

"Why aren't you wearing any clothing?" he asked not understanding why she was walking around in something so unfit to wear places.

"Because I can't find anything to wear," she boldly said to him.

"What the frag are you talking about?" he asked her pointing in her room. "And what is wrong with the clothing I picked out for you?!"

"Oh nothing," she said folding her arms. "Except the fact that they aren't exactly comfortable to wear around the base!"

"Did I save you to live a life of comfort?" asked Starscream. "No! You're good for only one thing and that is extracting information out of the male human!"

"You don't think I know?!" she said looking up at him, for the first time becoming somewhat angry at his rude attitude.

"What is with you Alexis?" he asked seeing her strange attitude. "Why are you acting this way? Are you ungrateful because if you are I can easily—"

"No, no," she said shaking her head. "I'm sorry lord. I didn't mean to lash out at you. I'm just tired is all."

"Be sure you don't do it again," he said straightening his frame. "Now I want you ready in 30 minutes. We're leaving soon."

"Yes sir," she said watching him walk away.

At that she bowed her head and entered her room to get ready. She sighed once more. What a day, what a week. She'll probably never get a break.

"What was that all about Starscream?" came Barricade not helping but to hear their little 'fight'.

"Humans," he scowled. "You give them something and they only want more and more."

"They are a flawed race I see," said Barricade. "I take it she's not as obedient to you as you thought."

"Oh she is," he said casting his optics in the direction he came from. "She owes me her life. I don't question her loyalty, but I do question her."

"Of what?" asked Barricade.

"I'm not sure," said Starscream. "Those strange emotions of hers. They seem to differ from the others."

"I see, do you think you've given her too much freedom because she is the only female here?" asked Barricade.

"Perhaps," he said. "But I have no other choice. She is the only one I know won't let me down, but now she feels she has the right to talk back to me, I—Starscream!"

"Perhaps you should punish her?" suggested Barricade.

"I would if I could, but I can't," said Starscream. "There is too much to do for her to have broken bones right now."

"I see," said Barricade. "Will you ever though?"

"Perhaps," said Starscream. "But not now, we have too much to do."

"What were to happen though if she decided she had too much freedom and left us?" asked Barricade.

"She won't!" barked Starscream. "She had better not. I know her, she owes me."

"You say you know her Starscream, but remember the Autobots thought they knew us before the war, but when we raised weapons to their sparks they knew they were wrong."

At that Barricade left. Starscream was infuriated. How dare he question Alexis' loyalty?! Starscream knew she would always be on his side because of her life she owed to him.

Then again . . . Starscream specifically remembered times when he owed his life to the Autobot weapons specialist Ironhide for saving his aft on the battlefield by fighting through the lines to get to him, and even that of the Autobot medical officer Ratchet—he remembered times where his own spark would have extinguished had it not been for that medic's determination to get his friend online again. They whom he owed his life to now threaten to take theirs. No, Alexis wouldn't do this . . . would she?

Starscream's optics came back the way he came towards Alexis' room. Yes humans are much like them, but not all. Not her is what he meant to say. Because of this he now began to question her . . . even her loyalty.

He quickly shook it off and left knowing there'd be plenty of times to test her loyalty and now wasn't the time. He had to focus on the task at hand and what needed to be done. Alexis had shown herself useful and loyal by getting all the information about the materials of what he needed. Yes he and the others could probably do it just as well, but she always seemed to get it twice as fast seeing how the males of this species seemed to take a good liking to her.

Starscream remembered taking her from her frozen death. He remembered wondering if she was going to truly be of any use to him in the future. Luckily for him she was. After she healed completely from her near death state she proved to what humans call, very attractive.

Without that Starscream wondered what he could have done with her. Well now was not the time to be dwelling on her. He needed to see Doctor on a few things and make sure he was getting all the materials he asked for right or else this would all just be pointless.