(Year 2047)

"Attention students? Students please? QUIET!" I gazed around the room noticing every one had finally shut up and hurried off to their usual seats. I sat straight up in my seat watching the door just like all my classmates as it opened and in walked another student, a new one at that since I had not seen him around the school. I could hear some snickering coming from behind me as the other students had already started making snide remarks about him, not even knowing who he was or what he was like. I frowned at how rude they were being. I was jerked out of my thoughts as a piece of paper was slipped onto my desk. I looked down and opened it up to read what it said:

He is so weird and ugly looking…What a freak!

"Higurashi? Do you have something you wish to share with the class?" I jolt hearing Mr Ishida speak. I shake my head and dread the next words that I knew would come from his lips.

"I think you do. Please stand and read out what you have in your hands."

"But Sir, I didn't write this at all."

"NOW HIGURASHI!" I frown slightly and stood up bowing my head. I opened the piece of paper and read the contents inside while glancing up and over at the new student.

"He is so weird and ugly looking…What a freak…" I watch as many students around me begin laughing but they stopped when Mr Ishida slapped his hand onto the front desk. I flinch at this and cast my gaze at the new student once more and noticed he hadn't reacted to what occurred seconds ago in any way. The room had fallen silent and I am about to sit down when Mr Ishida spoke again.

"Well Higurashi, its seems you have volunteered to show him around the school." I can hear the small snickering coming from my so-called friend who had gotten me into this mess in the first place. I picked up my books walking to the front of the class and was ushered out of the room with the new student. I looked up noticing he was silently staring down at me with amber-gold eyes. They where so incredible I wished I had ones that practically glowed with curiosity and endless emotions hidden deep within. He had long silver-white hair that fell down his back past his waist were his trousers hung loosely on his hips but was tied up with a black band. It even glistened in the hallway lights. I wander what its like outside in the sun? I thought to myself but shook it off. Smaller wisps of his silver-white hair fell down his shoulders and framed his handsome face. I looked into those bright eyes of his and smiled shyly up at him and then he spoke.

"Your name is Higurashi?" I watched as his eyebrow was raised at the weird name for a girl and he tilted his head slightly. His voice was rich and deep. I gulped down the lump in my throat, as he seemed so perfect in every way. He was even cute when he tilted his head like that. KAGOME! ANSWER HIM! YOU LOOK LIKE AN IDIOT JUST STARING LIKE THIS! A small voice inside of me yelled. I coughed lightly clearing my throat and replied back.

"Kagome actually. And you?"

"Inuyasha." I tilted my head slightly looking up at him and I watched those eyes move all over the place as he spoke once more.

"I know, it's a strange name right?" There was defiantly emotion in that statement, maybe sadness or even depression. Does he think I don't like his name or anything about him? Does he think I'll be like the other students? I silently pondered.

"I like it." I had blurted out before I even knew I was going to say anything. I gulped knowing a slight flush covered my cheeks as his intense gaze focused on my greyish-blue eyes. I smiled a quick sheepish grin and began walking down the hall.

"I'm sorry about what you heard in the classroom. I really didn't write that." I spoke while sometimes glancing in his general direction as he was standing on the right side of me looking aimlessly into other classrooms as we passed them.

"Don't worry, happens all the time." I frown hearing him say this but we eventually arrive at the administration office and I speak to him again.

"You'll need to go in here to find out about uniforms, getting a timetable for your classes and a locker."

"Done that already." I was slightly shocked at the roughness in his voice but guessed he was probably like that from all the teasing and bickering he would have gotten when he was growing up. I kept walking weaving my way through students as the bell for lunch had gone and spoke walking out into the school yard.

"Okay now you'd probably want to know certain people and who to hang out with or get to know. See these guys over here, they rarely speak at all. I think they mostly stick their heads in computers and that's it. These guys over here are the idiots or class clowns and actually proud of it. You can't hang around with the guys over there unless you roll in money. You may hang out with that bunch of guys if you're a crazy sports freak. These ones just ahead of us speak nothing of girls and sex. The few remaining which I can't point out are the outcasts. They don't fit in any of the specified groups or don't wish to fit in them. If you don't mind hanging with girls as well then this group over here isn't too bad. They talk about everything and anything. These females are more or less the fashion freaks and cheerleading types. They only talk about the sport guys and of course what's fashionable to wear. Then there are the usual small groups and stuff like that."

"Which one do you belong in?" I am shocked by his question but finally work my voice again and reply.

"I think I am more of the mingling type. Just sitting in different groups having a look and seeing if any of the conversations change over the weeks. It shocks me when topics do change, as it is very rare. I like to think myself as an individual who can think for themselves and someone who doesn't care if they don't belong in a group. I do have my usual close friends I sit with but I still like going off on my own and stuff." I watch as he nods his head and turns his gaze away from me. I follow his eyes and notice who he's looking at.

"That's Kikyo. She's the most popular girl in school because all the guys think she's gorgeous. She knows this too and gloats about it whenever she can. She isn't really nice to any of the girls, always beating them down if they start to have a crush on one of the guys. She tries to seduce the guy in drooling over her and then when he does and ditches the other poor girl she dumps his ass too." I shake my head at this and look back to see Inuyasha watching her as though transfixed. Great not another one. I silently speak inside my head.

"I feel like I have seen her before." He had spoken absently.

"Really? I thought you were new here?" I spoke back looking up at him.

"I am, it's as if I've seen her in a dream or something." I narrow my eyes looking up at him. Ugh! Another perverted jerk! I watch as he has tilted his head and smirked a little down at me. I am surprised as he even looks cute like this too and his hair DOES shine in the sun. Jesus! Can't I find anything wrong with this guy? I guess my face expression is quite funny or something as I watch him shake his head.

"Not THAT type of dream. I feel like I've seen her or met her in a past life. I don't know, its weird." I slightly flush at hearing him say this but nod my head in understanding. I watch him sigh softly as though locked away in his thoughts.

"Thanks for the tour. I should let you go and eat with your friends now. Who knows, I might see you round sometime." I nod and watch as he turns around, hands in his pockets and walks off.

"KAGOME-CHAN! OVER HERE!" I turn around sighing lightly and begin walking off to where Sango, Ame, Miroku and Hojo sat.

* * * *

I sighed happily sitting down in my usual seat, as this was the last class of the day. I had been asked a million questions on what Inuyasha was like, or as they put him, what the freak was like. I became so angry with them and stormed off not talking to anyone. How could they be so mean? I mean seriously, he's new in town, obviously he's had a hard time growing up because no one will give him the time of day. Well not this student! I'm going to be his friend! I slap my hand down on my table at my conclusion and silently wave Ame and Sango off as they turned around hearing it. Ms. Tushiko speaking interrupts my thoughts.

"Alright class, we have another assignment due this term." I groaned along with all the other students at hearing this.

"But, you are to pair up with someone else." There were whistles and cheers and everyone got up mingling around to grab a study partner. I watched Miroku slap Hojo on the back indicting they'd be studying together. The same happened with Ame and Sango. I was the odd one out. I took a deep breath eyeing the one student who also didn't have a partner. I picked up my books and weaved my way through the students to where he sat. He was leaning on the table, head propped up in his right hand and looking aimlessly out the window as though he hadn't even heard what Ms. Tushiko had said. I grabbed a chair sitting down beside him and placed my left hand on his shoulder. I watched his head whip around as though being stunned about me snicking up on him without his knowledge. I watched as small wisps of silver-white hair floated in the air, but gravity took over placing them back down to where they originally lay…falling over his shoulders. I watched him blink in confusion and I placed a smile on my face and then I spoke.

"Do you want to be my study partner?" Inuyasha silently stared at me for a long time and I frowned, as he said nothing. I sighed out loud and rose to leave but was haltered from walking as his right hand wrapped around my left wrist. I looked down at him to see him nod once. I smiled and sat down as Ms. Tushiko spoke once more.

"Now the project can be on any type of history you want. I want a full paper on it and you shall do a talk in front of the class. You may bring in props and costumes if you wish. You have exactly, half the term to complete it, which's 5 weeks. Okay, you may move onto the library." Everyone began collecting his or her stuff as did Inuyasha and myself and walked to the library. We stood in the entranceway watching the other students' scurry around finding different types of books piling them on desks. We both looked at each other realising no books would be left since we were the last ones to arrive. I tugged his shirtsleeve leading him out of the library and began walking in the direction of my house. Minutes of silence passed by, but curiosity got the better of Inuyasha and he finally asked his question.

"So, where are we going?"

"To my house. We have tones of books on different types of history from all over the world. It looks like we won't get anything from the library so I thought…"

"It's a good idea." He had cut me off speaking. I smiled up at him and then we kept walking in silence.

* * * *

We soon arrived at my house and I opened the large gate letting him walk in first.

"A shrine?" He had asked looking down at me. I nodded my head taking my shoes off and walked inside the main house.

"Mamma, Grandpa, Sota? Anyone home?" I waved Inuyasha in walking into the main room and found Sota walking in and eating some ice cream.

"Kagome, what are you doing home so early? Are you here to play with me already?" I shock my head laughing a little at what he said.

"I came to find some history books, I've got a huge assignment to do." He nodded his head and tilted it looking behind me. I moved behind him, my hands resting on his shoulders and turned around speaking to Inuyasha.

"Inuyasha this is my little brother Sota." I watched as he moved forward and crouched down eyeing Sota silently. My eyes widened as Inuyasha tickled him around the stomach and Sota giggled happily. I smiled and watched as Inuyasha patted his head and spoke while standing up.

"How you going kid?"

"I'm good." Sota replied happily and waved goodbye running into the lounge room yelling something about not wanting to miss out on cartoons. I shook my head and proceeded into the kitchen to find my mother unpacking some groceries.

"Kagome-chan your home early. How was your… Oh hello, who is this Kagome-chan?"

"Mamma this is Inuyasha. He's a new student at school and we have an assignment to do together and I thought we'd find something interesting in all the books we have at home." I spoke back explaining why I was home early. I watched my mother nod her head walking past me towards Inuyasha. She stood in front of him and placed her hand over his leading him to sit down. I watched amusedly as Inuyasha followed much to his discomfort at not being treated like this before and sat down when my mother pressed on his shoulders. She moved around to another chair while grabbing some biscuits and placed them on the table.

"So Inuyasha, what do you think of Tokyo so far?" I rolled my eyes at my mother's persistence in wanting to know about him. She was like this to all the people I had brought home.

"Well we only moved here a couple of days ago and I spent most of the time helping my parents unpack so I haven't seen much of it." Inuyasha replied politely and grabbed a biscuit when mum offered them to him. I looked quizzically at his hand noticing the sharpness of his nails. I thought it most strange for a guy but cast it aside and watched a small conversation break out between Inuyasha and mother. I looked around the kitchen a little and was coaxed out of my thoughts by my mother.

"Kagome-chan? Kagome-chan? Are you alright sweetie?"

"Of course mamma." I spoke waving her off and grabbed some drinks from the fridge and spoke again.

"Inuyasha and I really should find something to do our assignment on. Do you mind mamma?"

"Of course not sweetie. Off you go you two and take these with you." She offered the biscuits to Inuyasha and he took them without hesitation and followed me outside the kitchen and up the stairs into my room. I placed the drinks on the desk and grabbed some books from my bookshelf handing them to him.

"Ah, I'm not imposing am I?" I looked quizzically up at him and finally realised what he was talking about. He was in the privacy of my room and we had only just met. I smiled and shook my head at him.

"You look through these ones and I'll just be down the hall okay?" He nodded his head and I left the bedroom walking into the spare room, which had been turned into a small library. There were so many books! I scanned through the books finding numerous ones on American history, European, Japanese and Australian as well. I placed them on the desk and went back to finding others on different cultures too.

* * * *

A couple of hours passed and we had been yelling back and forth on different ideas. It was useless. We hadn't found anything that totally intrigued or interested us even in the slightest. We found numerous books on Indians or Native Americans and yet that still didn't spark anything. No history that we had been yelling to each other sparked any curiosity in us either. I shut a book frustrated and walked back into my room noticing Inuyasha was lying stomach down on my bed. He had a history book open with his right hand resting on a page while his left propped his head up. I moved closer noticing his eyes were closed. I smiled as he had fallen asleep. I kneeled on the floor and placed my shaky fingers to his cheek pressing them against his soft warm skin. At the slight touch he groaned awake and focused his beautiful eyes on mine. I smiled lightly at him as he sat up rubbing his eyes at falling asleep.

"How long have I been out?" Inuyasha questioned and I shrugged my shoulders at him, but answered.

"I just walked in." He nodded his head looking out the window noticing nighttime was fast approaching and he got off the bed and grabbed his bag in a hurry.

"I must be going now." I was surprised at the sudden change in his voice but nodded my head and walked him to the front door. He stepped outside placing his sneakers back on and began walking to the gate.

"If you have any history books at home that you didn't see here maybe you might be able to find something worth while." I spoke louder then usual so he could hear me. I watched him nod his head and then he waved goodbye closing the gate behind him.

* * * *

To be continued…

* * * *