"Hey Kagome."

"AAAAAAHHHHHH!" I placed my hand to my heart as I was sitting at my desk not even noticing the figure that had climbed onto the window seal. My heart pounded as he stared down at me a lob-sided grin crossing his lips and those eyes sparkled mischievously.

"Inuyasha! Don't do that!" His grin widened slightly and he got off the table and sat down on the bed watching me, as I was just finishing off some homework. I finally stopped turning to face him and watched as his dog-ears flicked around for a moment.

"No one is here but you and Sota?" I nodded my head and Inuyasha stood up walking towards the door. I stood up as well and spoke.

"Inuyasha, where are you going?" He turned his head to look over his shoulder and spoke while walking out the room.

"Well if we are best friends Kagome, I think I better show your family a different side to me, one at a time of course." I smiled and walked out into the hallway listening for any screaming. All I heard was…

"INUYASHA! COOOOOOOOL!" I walked downstairs noticing Inuyasha sitting on the floor with Sota walking around him chatting a mile a minute.

"It's okay kid, you can touch them." I watched amused as Sota placed his hands to Inuyasha's dog-ears and giggled watching them flicker around. He stopped and pulled on Inuyasha's hand to get him up and to follow him into the lounge room. I was slightly confused but made my way over and found the two of them engrossed in some computer game. They sat in the exact some seated position on the floor and so close to the television as well, their heads tilted ever so slightly to the right.

"Sota?" I watched as he turned around for a split second smiling then going back to kill something.

"Can I steal Inuyasha for a bit?" I watched as he paused the game turning around to frown at me and I moved closer and spoke again.

"Come on Sota it won't be the last time he'll be around. Look I promise the next time he comes, you can have him all to yourself okay?" I watched him nod his head and Inuyasha got up and we walked back upstairs again.

"This better be good Kagome." I scolded slightly and he sat on the bed while I grabbed the parcel and handed it to him. He looked down at the dead leaves and untied it, pulling the leaves aside and he placed his fingers along the material of what looked like clothes.

"Fire rat…" Inu-yasha had whispered pulling out the pants, the kimono and the under kimono. What rolled out and clattered to the floor sent us both into shock. Inu-yasha picked it up unsheathing the old blade and it was tetsusaiga.

"Oh my…" I spoke. Inu-yasha looked up then and he began folding up the clothes.

"You know, that's the perfect thing to use in our assignment."

"Huh?" Inu-yasha spoke intelligently looking up at me.

"You can wear it, and we'll get a damn good grade and I'll wear my uniform but have mum change it a bit to be like the other Kagome and we'll see if we can find a bow and quiver of arrows to get myself into character as well. What do you think?" His eyebrows where raised questioningly but he nodded his head in agreement. I watched as he rose up leaving the clothes and sword on the bed and moved towards the window.

"I'll see you later." And with that he jumped out into the night once again. Hmm, maybe I should ask if he could take me flying with him one day… I spoke inside my head. I shook off that thought and closed the window and curtains getting ready for bed.

* * * *

The school week had passed quickly and I was walking to the hall where the dance was going to be held. I was wearing a deep blue plain dress that came just above my knees and a white knitted sweater just in case it got colder with some white sandals. I had mum place my hair in a loose braid as well. Inuyasha had a couple of things to do and said he'd meet me at the dance.

Heaps of students were here and they mingled around. I began making my way further into the hall and over to some tables and chairs and froze in my footsteps as I looked at Inuyasha. Dear God, please don't let me be blushing! I spoke inwardly to myself. His long silver-white hair cascaded freely down his back and over his shoulders. He held a small smile on his lips as he was walking towards me. He was wearing a pair of black jeans, which fit him perfectly! A plain white undershirt, which was untucked and a button down dark grey shirt over the top, which was left open. In his right hand he held a single flower, a white rose bud to be exact, which was intended for me. I smiled up at him as he was standing in front of me now and he handed me the flower wordlessly.

"Thank you…" I spoke casting my head down slightly, feeling a little embarrassed.

"And I thought you were going to stand me up." I laughed with him at that statement as I was a little bit late and we moved over to where Sango, Miroku, Hojo and Ame sat.

* * * *

I came back to the table panting lightly as Sango; Ame and myself just finished dancing to a song. I finally noticed Inu-yasha was not around and looked at my watch, as it was only 5:45pm and not too close to sunset.

"Inuyasha went to the bathroom Kagome, but he's been gone for a while now." Miroku had spoken up. I smiled at him and watched as he and Sango went to dance as well as Hojo and Ame. I began walking to the exit doors that led into the hallway and down to the bathrooms but bumped into Sessho-Maru who was talking to a beautiful girl the same age as him.

"Hey Kagome, where's Inuyasha?" I bit my lip not sure about speaking but he smiled down at me and spoke again.

"It's cool Kagome, Motoko knows about the whole night time thing and about Inuyasha too. She's known us for years." I nod my head and spoke worriedly up at him.

"Miroku said Inuyasha has been gone for awhile and I thought you and me could go find him, checking the bathrooms and stuff to see if he's alright." I watch him nod his head and he kissed Motoko goodbye and we walked down the hallway towards the bathrooms. We made it to the male ones and Sessho-Maru stopped placing his hand on my shoulder, as I was just about to open the door.

"I smell blood. It's Inu-yasha…" My eyes widened and I opened the door running into the bathroom. I gasped as Inuyasha was biting his wrists like he told me he did. His head snapped up and those eyes were once again red like blood.

"Inu-yasha snap out of it!" I turned around noticing Sessho-Maru was behind me his eyes showing concern and helplessness, as he couldn't do anything for his younger brother. I watched as Inuyasha stood up looking silently at us and I hesitantly stepped forward walking closer to him. His teeth were gritted together and his fangs dripped with his own blood.

"Inuyasha its Kagome! You must stop this! You must take control!" I watched as his bloodied hands moved up onto his head as though I was getting through. I kept moving forward my hands out as though wanting to hug him, to take away his pain and I kept speaking to him looking into those red eyes.

"This isn't you Inuyasha! You have the will and the strength to come back! The Inuyasha I know is kind and sweet. I like that Inuyasha! He is my friend; my BEST friend and I want him back! Fight it!"

"People are coming!" I gasped turning around as the door was creaking open and male voices could be heard. Think Kagome! Inuyasha must not be seen like this! Sessho-Maru had jumped into a cubicle hiding and I advanced on Inuyasha turning him around so his back, which was not covered in blood, was facing the so-called audience, which would be entering soon. Oh shit! Quick decision! I wrapped my arms around Inuyasha's head covering his ears and pressed my lips to his urgently. I could feel Inuyasha's arms wrap around me pulling me close and his clawed hands didn't even penetrate my skin.

"EEEEWWWWWW SHE'S KISSING THAT FREAK!" One student said and they scurried out of the bathroom going to find another one. I pulled away from Inu-yasha to see his eyes wide and very amber-gold.

"K-Kagome…" And with that spoken he let go of me and fell to the hard floor knowing only darkness. I kneeled next to him stroking his bloodied hair off his face. I looked up and my eyes widened seeing a medium sized pure white dog looking at Inuyasha and myself.

"S-Sessho-Maru?" I spoke and the dog nodded its head indicating it was he. I started heaving Inuyasha up with all the strength I had and spoke to Sessho-Maru.

"We gotta get him outta here!" I placed Inuyasha on Sessho-Maru's back, opened the door looking out into the hall noticing no one was around. He walked out into the main hall and we ran down the hallway and out into the schoolyard.

"This isn't going to work, he'll keep falling off." I spoke indicating I couldn't keep up with Sessho-Maru while trying to make sure Inuyasha didn't fall off. I looked quizzically at Sessho-Maru who was sort of nodding his head towards his back and I got the gist of it all and climbed on making sure to secure myself and Inuyasha and shrieked as we were soon jumping from rooftop to rooftop. I didn't have any time to look at the view, as I was too worried about Inuyasha and being scared too.

We finally made it to the back door and I noticed as Sessho-Maru changed sizes going back to the medium size I saw him as. I got off grabbing Inuyasha as well. I knocked heavily on the door and came face to face with their mother. Her eyes were wide in fear and she helped me bring him in and we made it to the downstairs bathroom placing him into the large bath. I left, as it really wasn't right for me to be there at that moment and sat on the floor beside the door.

Many minutes passed and the door opened. I jolted standing up and going to help Inuyasha's mum in carrying him up the stairs and into his room. I blushed lightly as his skin was soft and warm to touch and the fact he only had a towel wrapped securely around his waist. We placed him under his sheets and I watched his mum tuck him in securely. She stood up properly and smiled sadly at me.

"I'll call our doctor."

"No… That will do no good for him. Right now he is fine. He just needs rest. He isn't a full demon, he snapped out of it. I-I am the only one who can help him get through this." I looked up and she walked over placing her hand against my cheek, placed some old clothes and a towel in my arms for me to change in and then left the room. I quickly cleaned the blood off using Inu-yasha's bathroom and dressed in the baggy but faded shirt and placed on the loose black pants as well. I folded up my clothes making sure none of the blood stained the tiles and wrapped them up in the towel. I walked out of the room turning off the light and moved around the bed and lay down on the opposite side looking over at Inuyasha's sleeping form. I closed my eyes and drifted off to sleep.

************** BEGIN DREAM *****************

I was sitting on a grassy hill over looking…a small village. It looked like the one from Sengoku Jidai. The rushing of water from a stream was close by. Far off in the distance I could see the huge and very old god tree, Inuyasha's Forest. I stood up making my way towards the village but haltered when a figure wearing a uniform came over towards me.

"You are Kagome Higurashi, from Tokyo, 1997." I spoke looking at her. She nodded her head and sat down overlooking the village.

"You are Kagome as well, me reborn so we can love Inuyasha in the future." I lightly blushed hearing that and she smiled at me and then looked back but this time over at the god tree.

"You must hurry. Inuyasha doesn't have a lot of time. He is getting weaker. I fear the next time it occurs he shall not recover."

"Please I beg of you! Tell me what I must do! How'd you help your Inuyasha when he was a full demon?" I spoke desperately. I watched as she stood up and began speaking once more.

"My Inuyasha could control himself he just needed a slight push into it. He is after all more demon then he is human. He could control it, but your Inuyasha, he is more human then demon therefore he has trouble. However that won't be for much longer. He needs a miracle Kagome, one that you can give him, you and only you. One of great power to help him survive, to rid him of that form. Do you know what power I am speaking of Kagome?" My eyes are wide and I speak standing up facing her.

"The Shikon-no-Tama!"

**************** END DREAM ******************

I gasped snapping my eyes open looking at a slightly distraught Inuyasha. His eyes were closed but his eyebrows frowned and sweat was cascading down his face. He was in pain.

"Inuyasha? Open your eyes dammit!" I yelled and I watched as he groaned and rustled around some more. The sheets fell off his chest as they pooled modestly at his stomach region and I watched as he gasped, those eyes snapping open to stare at the blank ceiling.

"You really should wear more to bed Inuyasha. You'll give me ideas." I heard a small chuckled laugh escape his lips and he turned over facing me. He was tired and exhausted and I let out a shuddered breath as his fingers moved closer and traced my lips. I watched wide eyed as he moved closer as well placing his lips gently to mine and then pulled away faster then I could even react.

"Thank you…for saving me…" His hand slipped from my chin and landed with a soft thud against the bed. He was fast asleep once more. I got off the bed and grabbed the book opening them up and flipping through the pages, trying to find some writings on the jewel.

* * * *


"What? I'm up okay!" I had yelled bolting up from the pillow and came face to face with Inuyasha staring at me. He was now wearing some loose pants and a button shirt with only two buttons done up.

"What are you reading in the books?" I looked down noticing my hand was still placed in the seam of one old diary marking a page. My eyes widen and I stood up looking down at him.

"Oh my god! Inuyasha the jewel! It's the jewel!" He looked confused at me and I picked up a drawing shoving it into his hands and spoke again.

"My dream, I was standing on this field with the other Kagome… Anyway that's not important. The jewel is the key to all of this Inuyasha. It has power, power that you need for this to stop. We gotta find it!"

"Really! Where is it?" Inuyasha spoke excitedly at me.

"Ah, I'm not to sure." I watched those eyes frown and I spoke again placing my hand on his cheek.

"We'll find it Inuyasha, I promise. Look Kagome's entries state that it's milky white and looks lik-"

"A BIG MARBLE! THAT'S IT!" Inuyasha had spoken getting up and moving over to a large cupboard. I watched as he practically tore things down as they fell around him. He grabbed a very old wooden box bringing it over to where I sat and he opened it up tipping the contents out. Hundreds of marbles scattered over the floor and one began to glow.

"The jewel…" I spoke picking it up. I closed my eyes breathing in deeply, feeling its power flow through the entire room.

"I give you to the true owner of the jewel. Do whatever he wishes to command of you…" I spoke and opened Inuyasha's hand and placed it on his palm. His eyes sparkled looking into mine and a true joyous smile covered his lips.

"Here goes…"

I shielded my eyes as the bright light filled the entire room and in a matter of seconds it was all over. The room was dull with hardly any light. I looked down noticing Inuyasha was now lying on the floor out cold. There was no glowing and so the jewel was no longer resting in the palm of his hand.

"IT'S OVER!" I screamed as I heard another voice in the room. Sessho-Maru was standing in the room not in his usual nighttime form either as he had flipped the lights on. I watched as their dad raced in as well looking normal too. I stood up looking over at the two of them and we heard a groan and looked over at Inu-yasha who was now sitting up rubbing his head. We all had stunned face expressions as Inuyasha had black hair and dark eyes now.

"Inuyasha is that you?" Sessho-Maru spoke astonished at what his brother looked like now.

"You bet!" He had replied and moved over towards a large mirror looking at his reflection. I watched with a smile on my face as Inuyasha jumped around in happiness and yelled.

"IT WORKED!" My heart pounded in my chest as he stopped to turn and stare straight into my eyes. Those eyes were full of mysterious emotions that I was unaware of, but I desperately wanted to find out about them. It felt like Inuyasha was walking in slow motion as he took forever to come to me. He had a beautiful smile spread over his lips and he cupped my face tilting it up while bringing his lips down on mine. I had wrapped my arms around his upper chest holding him for dear life returning the kiss passionately and not even caring we had an audience.

* * * *

I lay down on my bed looking up at the ceiling. Two weeks had passed and I had been out on many family occasions with Inuyasha and his family and mine coming as well. My mum and Inuyasha's had become really good friends and Inuyasha's dad chatted away happily to my grandfather. Sota loves having Inuyasha around as well as playing with Rin-chan. Sango and the others are now good friends with Inuyasha and he even sits and has lunch with us too. I haven't seen him for a couple of days now but the window opening pulls me from my thoughts and a figure crouched on the window seal. I look over my eyes going wide seeing Inuyasha. I sat up walking towards him grabbing some of his hair and looking into his now amber-gold eyes.

"Oh no! Inuyasha the jewel didn't work!" I spoke alarmingly. I watched as his ears twitched and he smiled down at me cupping my face and placing a soft but possessive kiss on my lips. I half-heartedly returned it still confused that he was in his nighttime form. He hadn't been like that for two weeks and I thought…

"It worked… I just thought it would be cool to change into this form whenever I pleased. Can't exactly give up the kick ass senses, seeing in the dark and the flying and leaping can I? Besides I know you were missing the ears." I laughed hugging him happily and he let go turning his back on me and spoke looking at me over his shoulder.

"Wanna go for a ride?" I clapped my hands together climbing on and he jumped up onto the large window seal. I rested my head against his shoulder; my arms wrapped around him holding him tight and off we went into the night. Oh…and about our history assignment, Inu-yasha and I got twenty out of twenty.

The End