Following Orders

Aslan had said it was time for her to live in her own world.

She was a girl from Finchley, England.

Girls from Finchley were not Queens.

They did not hold councils of war with Centaurs.

They did not converse with animals.

Nymphs and Dryads did not exist in England to dance with.

She did not rule any country, people did not look to her for wisdom and guidance, for sympathy and support.

Girls from England had other priorities.

They held council with their friends, gossiping about the latest fashion and giggling about boys.

They worshiped make-up and fine silks.

They smiled shyly and batted false eyelashes when handsome young men complimented them.

Their lives consisted of social standing and being seen at the right parties. Pretty dresses and immaculate appearance.

They did not laugh freely whilst running bare foot through fields and meadows with beavers and fauns.

They did not stare fearlessly into the eyes of an enemy down the shaft of an arrow.

They did not charge selflessly into battle to protect those unable to defend themselves.

Heaven forbid, they might break a nail.

Aslan had said it was time for her to live in her own world.

Well young ladies from England did not believe in magical worlds and talking lions.