The trip back home.

Chapter one

She was crying. The first time that she had ever shed tears in front of anybody, much less a man.

" But why?" she asked, angrily wiping the tears away with one swipe of her hand. Angry at herself for crying and in front of a person.

" I have no more love to give. I have given all my love to my sister."

No! You love Yanagi too. You always have.

Her mind screamed furiously as she struggle to come to terms with reality. Pointing one shaking finger at his face, she said to him these words, laced with hate and anger

" I hate you. I wish that I had never ever met you before. I hate you I hate you I hate you!"

" Miss Kirisawa, would you like to have a drink before we land?"

The air stewardess voice brought Fuko out of her reverie. Turning to the air stewardess, she declined, shaking her head

" No thank you, I'm fine thank you."

Turning back to the window, Fuko leaned back in her seat and thought.

It's been five years. I wonder what has changed. How many children will Recca and Yanagi have by now? Has Domon settled down yet? Koganei should be completing his university education by now. Is Tokiya still single?

" We'll be touching down at Tokyo international airport in ten minutes time. Please fasten your seat belts please thank you." The captain's voice sounded through the system, but Fuko paid little to attention to it.

But anyway, I don't even know whether I'll have time to visit them. The case that I'm working on, it's going to take on so much of my time, and I can't let the others know about what I'm doing either. I'll only put them in danger if I do.

As if to reassure herself, she touched the physic device that she wore on her right arm. The god of wind. Once back in Japan, she would have to rely on the device again. Her own skills wouldn't do her much good if she were fighting against another device master.

I wonder what Japan looks like now. I've been told that it's changed quite a bit over the years. I hope that my apartment is still standing where it is, that the government hasn't demolished it yet. I remember reading a newspaper report five years ago, that they were thinking of doing it.

" Ladies and Gentlemen, we have arrived at Tokyo international airport. The weather is sunny, with cool breezes and air temperature is at 18 degrees. Hope you'll have a pleasant stay in Japan."

Fuko got up, her coat and briefcase in hand. A gush of cool breezes greeted her as she stepped her the plane. As soon as she could, she put on her coat, scarf and gloves. Quickly, she made her way to the arrival hall, where she knew someone from the Tokyo intelligent headquarters would be waiting for her.

" Kirisawa Fuko?" a man dressed in a suit asked as he approached her. Fuko nodded and was presently led to a black Mercedes, with the Japan flag on the front of it.

It was a long drive to headquarters, so Fuko spent her time gazing out of the window. Tokyo had changed, but not much. She could still recognize roads and houses.

" Have you been away from Tokyo long Miss Kirisawa?" the man seated in front deigned to ask

" About five years." Fuko heard herself reply.

" Intelligence has secured an apartment for you near headquarters. There are arrangements for you to have your own car too. It will be easier for you then to travel around Tokyo and to contact headquarters if necessary."

Fuko nodded slightly, acknowledging that she had heard him.

As the Mercedes slid smoothly into the compound and stop right in front of the main building, Fuko used the remaining seconds before the door was opened to adjust her hair and straighten her suit. Taking a deep breath as the car door opened, she slid one leg out and then the other. With an air of self-confidence, she strode inside the building, her face devoid of expression. She looked neither left nor right, as people turned to stare at her with curious faces.

She was led into a conference room, where a group of men and women were all waiting for her. A man rose up from his chair as he arrived.

" Miss Kirisawa."

" Mr. Kubota." Fuko recognized him as the head of the intelligence committee.

" We're most honored that you were able to assist us in intelligence. Have a seat. Would you like any drink? Tea or coffee perhaps?"

Fuko shook her head with a slight smile. " No I'm fine thank you. If you don't mind Mr. Kubota, I would like to get on with the proceedings."

Her tone was laced with certain urgency and impatience and Mr. Kubota nodded in understanding. He signaled for the lights to be off and on came on a screen, on which flashed a picture from Fuko's laptop which she had set up in less than a minute.

" Gentlemen, what you see in front of you is a picture of Len Larson. 28 years old and owns a masters degree in psychology. He has immense knowledge about computer systems and explosives. He has set extreme viruses to 15 governments in the world, his most recent being Australia. He usually sets viruses by disguising himself and going straight into the country's headquarters. He has a habit somewhat of creating a diversion of explosions while he makes his way into headquarters. The American intelligence unit, have reason to believe that Larson's next target is Tokyo. That's why I'm here today to prevent it from happening."

" Miss Kirisawa, as much as I would like to believe you, I'm afraid I can't quite comprehend what your stand is. You claim that you're from the so- called American intelligence unit. I daresay that never in my entire life have I ever heard of such an agency from the United States. And what further reason do you have that to believe that Len Larson's next target is Tokyo?" A man seated opposite Fuko demanded. Fuko recognized him immediately as Mr. Ishitu , the assistant leader of the committee.

" The American intelligence unit was founded seven years ago and is a secret unit of the U.S intelligence, virtually unknown to the rest of the world. We specialized in criminals such as Len Larson. As for why I choose to believe that Len Larson's next target is Tokyo is because of."

Fuko paused to change the screen on her laptop. The map of the world appeared, with 15 red dots mapped across the continents in a line stretching from South America to China.

" Larson's first target was Hawaii. From there on, he moved to Brazil, New York, London, Germany, Paris, Switzerland, Russia, Hong Kong, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, China and Taiwan. If you have noticed, there is a distinct pattern in the order of the countries attacked. Another reason that I have is this."

Fuko changed the screen on her laptop again and this time a picture of a physic device flashed.

" Len's origin is Japanese. He owns the physic device known as the dark web. It is an extremely powerful device, which has the power to trap people in their own nightmares and subsequently kill them. It also has the power to control the human mind. I'm sure that no one will dispute me on this. You all have heard of the Hokage physic devices right."

Fuko grinned as a gasp went around the room.

" I suppose that you have," she murmured to herself. Then she addressed the whole room. " I hope that I have been able to convince the whole lot of you here that Len Larson is for real. And his next target will be Tokyo. If I'm wrong. Good for you, and too bad for me. But If I'm right, I suggest that we start working together as a team now and we might just be able to stop him. What do you say?"

" Miss Kirisawa. We are grateful that you have offered to come all the way to Tokyo to come and help us. Please forgive us for any doubts that we had about you just now. I assure you now that you will have our fullest cooperation."

Mr. Kubota spoke.

Fuko nodded, " Policemen patrols will have to be stepped up and I'll will have to monitor the surroundings frequently. I suggest that the unit try to limit the number of festivals, parades, fairs, or mass outdoor activities that will be going on for the next few weeks. I will work along with the computer technicians to try and develop an anti-hacker system. In the meantime, I hope that you'll be able to assign your best agent to work along with me. Do you have anyone in mind?"

" Yes, of course we have. We had already decided on that when we received notice that you were coming." Mr. Kubota replied.

" And who might this person be?" Fuko asked, looking around the room.

" It's me." A voice behind her spoke, and Fuko swung around to stare onto the familiar face.

" Tokiya Mikagami." Mr. Kubota introduced.