Chapter 14

Fuko cried out as Len hit her in her right arm, and she sank to her knees. The pain in her arm was becoming unbearable now. Recca and the others were also having trouble dealing with Len. Len was a person not to be defeated by physical power that easily.

As she raised her head, she saw to her horror, that Recca, and Kaoru had been flung far away and were now sprawled on the floor several meters away. Domon held out his fists, but he too got flung away. A smirk formed on Len's face as he made his way towards her.

" So. So… the great Fuko Kirisawa finally falls, and so ends our…"

" Not if I can help it!" came a shout from behind, and Fuko stared in surprise as a sheet of ice wrapped itself around Len's hands, freezing them, and giving her the opportunity and scramble away from his reach.

Len looked up and looked at Tokiya, who was standing not far from him, sword drawn.

" Is that the best you can do?" he asked as he broke the makeshift ice handcuffs and stood up.

" No, I can do better. But you won't get to see it, because you won't last." Tokiya replied, his voice as cold as ice.

" Why…"

Tokiya wasted no time in making the first move.

Aiming his sword at Len, he sent a spray of ice, which freezes his shoulders and arms. Before Len could react however, Tokiya sent another spray, which covered the lower, half of his body.

Now, Len was totally covered with ice, save for his face, and Tokiya planned to inflict the final blow, so much so, his ice would freeze Len's heart, and he would die. But this needed a lot of strength, since he needed to get past his ice armor and the mass fat too. There was only enough water left in his ensui for one shot and Tokiya prayed that his one shot would be enough, if not, he would have to resort to other means.

Lifting up his sword, closing to his face, he whispered the water spell, and slowly, like a magic show, the moisture in the air started getting attracted to the ensui and it slowly formed an arrow.

When the arrow was complete, Tokiya lowered it, till it was at level with Len's heart.

At this point in time, Len was starting to move towards Tokiya, slowly though, as the ice was hindering him.

With a deep breath, Tokiya released the arrow from his sword.

Suddenly, a huge gust of wind came from behind and formed a force behind the arrow, increasing its speed. It went forward with ten times the speed that Tokiya had sent it with and pierced all the way through Len, the tip of the arrow passed through Len's body completely.

Len wavered for a while, before collapsing onto the ground. He never stirred again.

Tokiya glanced back. Fuko was standing and her right arm was slightly raised, with her left arm supporting it. She smiled weakly at Tokiya, and then suddenly, she collapsed.

" Fuko!" Tokiya shouted, as he ran over to where she was. " Fuko! Can you hear me!" he shouted, slapping Fuko's cheeks lightly. Gently, he lifted Fuko and supported her against his arms, taking extra care not to touch her broken arm. Fuko's eyes fluttered for a while, before re-opening slightly.

" Fuko, hang in there…" Tokiya said urgently to her.

Fuko smiled slightly.

" I'm ok…" she whispered, before her eyes closed again.

Recca, Kaoru and Domon came running to where Tokiya was.

" How's Fuko, is she all right?" Recca asked.

" Call an ambulance. Her arm looks pretty bad." Kaoru responded.

Domon immediately complied as he whipped out his hand phone.

Tokiya said nothing, as he cradled Fuko in his arms, quietly removing the hair away from her face.


"… the doctor said that it should be out of the cast in three weeks time, so it would be good! It's getting real hard to sleep in this." Fuko joked, as she glanced down at her bandaged arm, still in its cast. Around her, everyone smiled fondly at her.

It had been three days after the ordeal. Len's business had been cleared up and filed away. A statement had been made by the agency on the evening news, just the day before, on the true events that had happened years before to Len's father. The statement had evoked different reactions from the public, and there had been quite a few letters. But, Fuko was just happy that the agency had decided to come to terms with its actions. Letting the public know the truth was what mattered most.

Save for Fuko's broken arm, everyone else only suffered from minor injuries such as scratches, cuts and bruises. Now, everyone was crowded around her hospital bed. Recca and Yanagi had bought a hamper for her, but Domon and Kaoru were consuming it now, while Tokiya just sat in the corner, in his usual dark suit and sunglasses, not saying much, but more like the observer.

Soon, it got late, and Recca got up from the bed

" Well, we have to go, we'll see you soon Fuko, by the way, when are you going back?"

Fuko looked stunned for the moment, while Tokiya raised his head at her. Fuko swallowed, and she replied

" Um, well, should be soon I guess, since my job here is done already, my agency called me last night actually."

" So soon! We must have a party before you leave…" Yanagi said.

Fuko nodded and smiled brightly, " Sure…"

Kaoru and Domon also left too, presently, leaving only Tokiya left.

It felt a little awkward, being in the same room, alone, with Tokiya. Fuko didn't know exactly what to say. Tokiya was the first to break the silence

" SO when do you think you'll be leaving?"

" Um, mostly by the end of this week I guess, after I tie up the loose ends here."

" I see." Was Tokiya's curt answer

Then, there was silence again.

Fuko searched for something to say, but before she could do anything, Tokiya stood up.

" I have to go back to the agency. I'll see you around… and Fuko…"

" Yes?" Fuko asked

" It was nice working with you." Tokiya said before working out of the door.

Once the door closed however, a tear trickled down Fuko's face.

Outside the room, Tokiya leaned against the wall and sighed. He turned around and laid a fist on the wall.

" Bastard." He whispered.


Three days later…

Tokiya paused outside the room, his hand on the handle. He hesitated, wondering on what approach should he greet Fuko by. He made his decision and pushed open the door. His greeting died on his lips as he saw the empty room. The bed was made up and there was no sign of Fuko ever having been there. Puzzled, Tokiya checked the room number. It was correct. It was then, he saw the note by the bed stand. Picking it up, it read

Dear Recca and Friends

I'm really sorry for the abrupt departure, but the agency called and it looks as if they need me back really desperately ( they just can't function properly without me, don't you think? () Anyhow, I'm really sorry that I have to miss the farewell party that Yanagi was planning to put up for me. Please tell her not to be too upset, I promise that I will come back from time to time to visit you guys. Tell the others to take care, especially Tokiya, working in the agency can be rather stressful, as I've just realized. Tell Kaoru to work hard in his studies, and not to play video games all the time. And tell Domon to please find a girlfriend. (

Take care and god bless.

Yours ever,

Fuko Kirisawa.

Tokiya took a look at the date of the letter. It was dated today. Putting the letter down, he rushed out of the room and ran to the nurse's reception

" Excuse me, but can you please tell me, when was Fuko Kirisawa discharged?"

" Ms Kirisawa? Wait a moment please… she was discharged this morning, is anything the matter?"

" No, nothing… thank you, did she say where she was going?"

" Well, I think she said something about going to the airport. She was carrying her passport in her hand when she came to discharge herself…"

" Thank you." Tokiya replied before the nurse could finish talking.

He turned and ran down the corridor to the lifts.

Five minutes later, Tokiya was in his car, speeding towards the highway. Switching on his hand phone, he dialed the agency's number and gave the person on the line strict instructions:

" Find for me Ms Kirisawa's flight number and what time is it leaving and call me back immediately." He ordered, before switching off the phone and increasing speed once more.

It was lunch hour and traffic was tight, but Tokiya managed to weave his car in and out of the lanes, depending on the amount of space offered in each lane.

Fuko… don't you dare leave without waiting for me. I made a promise that I would never ever let you go again. You must wait for me…


Tokiya swung his car into the unloading car park lot and got out of his car, ignoring the security guard's screams at him to move his car away. He dashed into the airport and ran to the flight notice board. With the flight number given to him, he saw that Fuko's flight was scheduled to leave at three, and check in time was half past two. Glancing at his watch now, he saw that it was half past two already.

Without delay, he ran as fast as he could towards the departure gate.

Fuko took one glance back at the airport before she gave her boarding pass to the officer in charge. Dressed in a white blouse, with a red scarf and black pants and a matching coat and sunglasses, she was almost ready to go back to America and become the cool headed Agent Kirisawa once more.

She would miss this place. She knew she would.

She turned to give her pass to the officer, but she turned around again. To her surprise, she saw Tokiya running towards her, looking quite flustered and out of breath.

His coat was unbuttoned, and his chain was jumping up and down his shirt collar.

Tokiya came to a stop before her, putting one hand against the glass wall to catch his breath, while Fuko looked at him questioningly.

" Why are you here?" Fuko asked, " How did you know…"

" I saw your letter at the hospital… and I just want to tell you… tell you…"

" Tell me what?"

" That you are a coward."

" What..!" Fuko couldn't believe what she was hearing, and she was started to get irritated. " Hey, look here ok, what do you mean by me being a coward, speak for yourself…oomph…"

Fuko was cut short as Tokiya kissed her, thoroughly. When they drew apart, Fuko was breathless…

" What was that for…" she whispered, holding on to Tokiya's shoulders. Suddenly she seemed to be unable to stand by herself.

" I should have done this a long time ago when you first told me about your feelings…"

" … but you didn't." Fuko replied for him, and familiar tears welled up in her eyes

" I know, I was afraid then, but I made a promise recently, that no matter what, this time, I was never ever going to let you go ever again. I swear. I love you, Fuko Kirisawa, and I want to be with you always. I don't want you to go back to America and live a life of regret over there. I want you to stay with me in Japan forever."

Fuko was crying now.

" Do you really mean that?" she asked, " I've always loved you. Even when you rejected me, my feelings for you didn't change, but I didn't want to be rejected again, so I left , and…"

This time, Tokiya kissed her into silence.

" Listen to me…" he ran a hand through his hair, " After that fight with Len, I finally realized what had been bothering me all these years, and that bother is you. You, Fuko Kirisawa, are the person who's been giving me sleepless nights, filling my dreams and thoughts. Even when I wanted to block you out, I couldn't. I can't live without you Fuko. You're the person who can melt the ice in my heart."

Fuko smiled, as she put her arms around Tokiya and hugged him tightly. Tokiya hugged her back equally, smiling too.


"So what did he say?" Recca asked, as Yanagi put down the phone, though he knew the answer already.

" They will be taking a vacation in Europe, so Tokiya sent us his deepest apologies that they won't be able to join us for dinner tonight." Yanagi replied, smiling.

" What a pity, and we had all the celebrations ready already." Recca replied, grinning too.


" So where are we going first?" Fuko asked as she buckled her seat belt.

" Switzerland." Tokiya replied

" What? It's so cold there… I was hoping for something warmer."

" Too bad then. I already bought tickets, and you're on the plane now." Tokiya shrugged his shoulders.

" Idiot! I'm going to transit to France once I get the chance." Fuko argued, getting quite irritated.

Suddenly, the captain's voice echoed throughout the plane

" Glad to have you on board this flight to France…"

Fuko turned to Tokiya in surprise who stared back at her and muttered one word

" Idiot."

" Hey… if you didn't…"

Fuko was silenced once again by Tokiya, who kissed her deeply.

" All right, let's try to get along shall we, partner?"

Tokiya whispered, when he lifted his face away from Fuko's.

" All right then. Partner…"

Fuko laughed as he bent down to kiss her again.