I have come back from the dead... and this time with a Star Trek story. Huzzah! (sp?)

Okie-dokie... so this will be a Spirk story, and it is based a little (ok, a lot) off of a manga I read, called "Sex Pistols". For anyone who has read that manga, it will become obvious which part I used as inspiration very quickly. It won't be totally obvious until the second pair of chapters, but after reading the first pair over, I found that there are some hints in the first Kirk chapter.

So if you haven't figured it out from my previous comments, the chapters come in pairs. I'll write both chapters before posting either of them, because they are basically the same thing from different points of view. From what I have in mind, Spock's chapters will probably be longer than Kirk's, and by the end of the story, the pairs of chapters may end up just being one chapter.

Pairings: Kirk/Spock (major), past-Spock/Uhura (mentioned), Scotty/Chekov (minor), Kirk/some random, nameless chicks

Warnings: Gay sex; lots of it, almost every chapter (hells yeah!). In this chapter, there will be a mentions of het sex, mainly because I felt the need to include some sexy ladies (sorry, I is a total perv). And there will probably be quite a bit of OOC, because this is the new movie, and Kirk and Spock aren't all over each other like they are in the original series.

And FYI, there will be no Uhura bashing, because the new Uhura is totally sexy and generally just an awesome girl.

Viva la Sprik!

Dream Encounters

Prologue: Kirk

Captain James T. Kirk sighed—half in contentment, half in irritation—as he threw himself down into his over-sized command chair. The feeling of power he got from knowing that he was in command of a large, beautiful star ship, the USS Enterprise, was almost euphoric, (Yes, he was on a bit of a power trip, and he was fully aware of this fact, but he would be the absolute last person to admit it; he had plenty of people telling him daily what an arrogant prick he was, and he did not feel the need to join their ranks.) but he was not looking forward to the five-year mission that the Enterprise was to embark on in a matter of hours.

Kirk had only led the Enterprise in several missions so far, and they had each lasted less than a week. However, in rapid succession, the missions proved to be quite exhausting, especially because he had not been given enough time to totally recover his energy after the catastrophe with Nero. The crew had been given three weeks shore leave after the completion of their missions, but it was now over, and the time they had been given seemed all too short.

And what a shore leave it had been...

He had, of course, visited his mother, but after about a week, he had eagerly left for New Orleans and Bourbon Street to do what he did best: drink and have sex. A vision of the girls he had spent the remaining weeks of his leave with was clear in his mind. One girl had been all supple curves, with skin of the deepest ebony, the other a fairy-like blond with pale skin and thick, lustrous hair flowing down nearly to her knees. And they had been even more beautiful writhing against each other as he pleasured them with his mouth and hands. The two had been so incredible that he hadn't had to go seek out other partners for the remainder of his leave. The dark-skinned girl had been adventurous and blatant in her sexuality, willing to do nearly anything once, and as a result, many a fantasy of Kirk's had been fulfilled. And the petite blond, to his surprise (and great pleasure) had been desperate for the roughest, dirtiest fucking he could provide her with; never in his life had Kirk met a woman more enthusiastic about anal sex.

But even with those pleasurable memories, Kirk still felt that of something within himself was amiss. He could not, for the life of him, remember the girls' names. This was highly unusual, considering the amount of time that that the had spent together and the fact that Kirk always remembered the names of the girls that he bedded, with the exception of when he was drunk to the point that he could not remember the events of the previous night, and Kirk was positive that he had been (at least partially-) sober for the majority of the time he had been with the two. And besides that, he had also apparently lost interest in his long-time fantasy, Lieutenant Nyota Uhura. (He only knew her first name because he had heard his First Officer, Spock, call her by it. He had no doubt that he would still be without that bit of knowledge had he not had a tendency to listen in on any conversations taking place in his immediate vicinity.) He had not even taken the chance to get her on rebound (Kirk was above almost nothing when it came to getting a woman he wanted.) after she and Spock had terminated their romantic relationship only a week after the defeat of Nero. (Luckily for everyone on the Enterprise, their parting had been peaceful and friendly, though Kirk would still have given an arm and a leg to know exactly what had happened between them.) Kirk knew that he still found her attractive, but he was not longer attracted to her. In fact, he hadn't truly been attracted to any woman in what had probably been months. Kirk was definitely not feeling like himself. Maybe a trip to see Bones in the Med Bay was in order. But Kirk was quick to remember the horror that was the good doctor gone hypo-happy.

That idea is definitely out!

So Kirk decided to just sit back, so to speak, and let things sort themselves out. He would have to go back to being his old, skirt-chasing self eventually, right?

There it be! The next chapter will be a bit of an intro for Mr. Spock.

Until next time, my pretties!