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Pairings: Kirk/Spock (major), Scotty/Chekov (minor)

Warnings: none to speak of

Dream Encounters

Epilogue: Spock

Even now, three weeks, two days, sixteen hours and twenty-five minutes after the conversation with Jim, Spock was still ashamed of his emotional outburst. This was one of the times when he wished that he had been born fully Vulcan, so that he would lack tear-ducts. It was true that he had still been in an overly-emotional state due to the excess hormones that remained for several days after the Plak Tow, and the situation had been an overwhelming one, but he was ashamed none the less.

Jim, of course, was working to free him of his logical restraints and help him embrace his emotions, if only when they were alone together. He told Spock he loved him at least once a day, and whenever Spock returned the words, he was rewarded with a bright smile. Lately, Spock had found himself smiling back.

True to his word, Jim had joined with Spock in a Vulcan marriage ceremony, and despite Spock's repeated insistence that he had proved himself, Jim still wanted to go through with the Earth-style ceremony. He decided it would take place when they next stopped on Earth, and once he had brought Nyota in on his plan to help with the details, Spock knew that it would really be happening, whether he wanted it to or not. (He did.)

After returning to the Enterprise, Spock found that things aboard the starship were changing rapidly. Nyota, unlike most humans, was aware of just how much Jim had really done by bonding with him, and she had began treating the Captain with a new respect and kindness. (The fact that he had asked her to help with the wedding plans also seemed to work in Jim's favor.) And when Lieutenant Commander Scott and a few other engineers had combined Spock and Jim's adjacent quarters to accommodate a couple in just under a week, the crew had quickly been alerted of the nature of their relationship. Everyone, with the exception of the few very conservative crew members, seemed to approve. Even Doctor McCoy had grudgingly admitted that they suited each other well.

Currently, the Enterprise was docked at a star-base for supplies and to allow the crew a few days of rest. Jim and Spock had been spending almost all of their leave time together, having, at Jim's insistence, "dates" in the more formal restaurants aboard the space-station. Spock could not remember ever felling so content.

At the moment, he was sitting near Jim as he made a call to his mother on Earth. Spock smiled as he heard the first phrases he uttered.

"Hey, Ma. I know you're not gonna believe this, but I just got married."

And there be the fluff! It's almost too much for me, and I wrote it!

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