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Chapter 27


As I lay in our soft marshmallow fluffy hotel bed my mind drifts off to wonderful thoughts of Edward. I can feel his warm strong body against mine. Our hot skin touching. I can feel his dick get harder as I slowly trace his body with my fingertips. I travel my hands down his body, on my way to the promise land. I reach into his boxers to take his velvety shaft in my fingers. He stirs in his sleep but doesn't wake.

I softly run my fingers over the head and down to the bronze curls at the base. When I travel back up I gather the moisture that has started to seep out of his tip. I begin to pump him in earnest. He begins to moan and thrash his head back onto the pillow. I can't wait any longer and I crawl under the covers and take him in my mouth. His smooth and shiny passing thru my lips feels so good I can feel my pussy getting wetter.

"Oh my god Bella." He groans. I look up to find Edward staring at me, his eyes glazed over.

I hollow out my cheeks as I suck harder on his dick, loving the moans I am pulling from his mouth. I relax my throat so I can take him in completely. His dick hits the back of my throat over and over while his moans turn into growls before I feel his thighs and stomach muscles tighten knowing he is close.

I suck faster as I stroke his balls with one hand; the other gently strokes the skin towards his ass before I quickly insert a finger pushing him over the edge. Edward screams my name as he shoots his hot juice down my throat.

I take my time lapping his shaft cleaning him thoroughly as he pants above me, his eyes closed and his face peaceful.

He opens his eyes and looks down to me. "Holy hell Bella. What a way to wake up." He grabs my arms and my body slides up his. He kisses me hard. "I love you Bella."

"I love you too." I giggle as I kiss him again and then get up to head to the bathroom for my shower.

"Wait Bella, where are you going?" He looks so concerned.

"It is shower time Edward. We have a lot to do today." He gets his little pout on and I just giggle again. "You coming lover boy?"

He jumps from the bed and grabs me into his arms and we take a nice leisurely shower together.

Once we are dressed, we head to the main room and wait for Emmett, Rose, Jasper and Alice. The six of us go to the buffet for breakfast making a game plan for the day to ride the roller coasters in town. We get passes to the Deuce, the bus that runs up and down the strip all day. We head to the Stratosphere and ride Insanity, Big Shot and X-Scream. I cannot help but laugh at Emmett as he screams like a little girl on the rides. We walk to the Sahara hotel and ride Speed.

We cross the road to Circus Circus and spend a good amount of time riding the Sling Shot, Canyon Blaster along with the other attractions they offer. Of course we spend some time gambling. So far Edward is up two hundred dollars and Emmett is down one fifty. Edward and I walk up to the Midway to play carnival games as the jugglers, unicyclists, trapeze artists and acrobats perform around us. Edward wins me a big blue teddy bear. I know it sounds silly but it made me so happy.

We make our way back to the Bellagio for some spa time. We all have lunch together and then couples massages. This has to be the best time I have ever had. We go back to our room to vegg out for a couple hours. Edward and I fall onto our bed and wrap each other up in our arms.

"Having a good time?" Edward asks as he runs his fingers over my cheek.

I cannot help but smile at my man. "Yes baby. I am having a wonderful time."

We fall asleep and take about an hour nap. I wake up to the sensation of Edward running his fingers up and down my side. His hand makes it way under my shirt and on top of my breast. I cannot help the moan that escapes my lips as he massages my breast. His soft caresses turn into a sweet love making session. We take a shower to rinse off and we grab the rest of the gang and head to Old Las Vegas Fremont Street.

Nighttime is upon us and the Fremont Street Experience "Viva Vision" is amazing. The 550,000-watt, overhead light and sound show just takes our breath away. We walk up the street and stop in Fitzgeralds. It's Irish theme cracks Emmett up and he starts talking with an Irish accent. Well, he tries.

We play a few games at Four Queens before we stop in the Golden Nugget and watch part of the Texas Hold'em poker tournament. We walk through the Golden Gate, which is the oldest and smallest casino in Vegas, the Plaza and the Vegas Club. We stop in Binion's Gambling Hall to eat at the Ranch steakhouse. It has a great view of Las Vegas skyline. After we eat we stop in the Fremont Hotel before we get catch a couple cabs and head over to the Palms Casino.

We lose the gang on the casino floor which is okay because I want to look in the Playboy store. Edward and I roam the store and I pick out some shirts, shorts and panties. Edward keeps kissing my neck as we browse the store.

"Bella, how about this?" Edward gets my attention and I can feel the rush of blood to my cheeks. He is holding up a corset that is black lace with red accents. It is so beautiful and doesn't leave much to the imagination. It comes with a thong and stockings that hook into the garter ribbons. I give him my naughty smile and he just laughs low and menacing.

He walks up to me and leans down to my ear. "You are going to look so fucking hot in this love." A shiver runs up my spine and he takes the momentary lapse of my senses to empty my arms and heads to the checkout. He pays for everything, which I don't really like, but I don't fight him on it. There are too many things in life to deal with to fight over something so trivial.

We roam the floor and I stop us in front of Huntington Ink. "Come with me Edward." I pull his hand and drag him into the tattoo lounge.

"Are you serious Bella?" Edward asks with a concerned look on his face.

"Yup." I answer. I have been thinking about getting something small and I really want to put the letter E or Edward's name on my body. Edward is everything to me and I want a constant permanent reminder.

"Well, if you are getting something, so am I."

"Edward, you don't need to do that." I kiss his chin.

"I want to love." He pouts. I can never fight the pout and he knows it.

We talk about what we want and we decide to get matching tattoos. I am going to get 'Edward' written in cursive on my right hip and he is getting 'Isabella' on his left hip. I cannot wait to see the ink on his skin.


Oh my. Bella getting a tattoo is such a turn on to me. I don't want her to be in pain but I cannot wait to see the ink on her body. It doesn't take long to get the tattoos. It was a bit painful but my girl took it like a champ. I literally want to jump her in the chair when I see my name splayed on her hip. I cannot wait to run my tongue over it. Her eyes glaze over when she looks at her name on my hip. She even licks her lips. I swear she tests my patience.

Once we are bandaged up we head to the Playboy Club to meet up with the gang. As soon as we step into the club I know exactly what I want Bella to dress up as for this years Halloween party. She would look so hot in a bunny costume. A dark blue bunny costume. With a puffy tail on her ass. Argh. I need to stop this train of thought before I drag her into the restroom and have my way with her.

We gamble a bit before deciding to head up to the Moon nightclub. Bella is wide eyed taking in the color-changing, glass-tile floor. We walk to the floor-to-ceiling windows that provide unrivaled view of Sin City. We find a table and Jasper and I go to the bar to get everyone a drink. I see Bella talking to some guy shaking her head as I walk up to the table. He smiles at her and nods his head at me as he walks away.

"What was that about love?" I ask Bella as I take me seat next to her.

"He was asking if I wanted to dance. I let him down easy. I don't think my fiance would be too excited over it." She kisses my cheek.

"You are correct there Bella. You are mine and mine alone. Let's dance." I take her hand in mine and pull her to the dance floor. We dance close, waving our bodies to the beat, always touching each other. The ceiling is a massive video screen, displaying giant images of the club captured by a series of cameras. Every so often I catch glimpses of Bella and I on the dance floor along with our companions. Suddenly I hear her gasp as overhead, the retractable roof opens to reveal an incredible view of the desert sky and stars. It is so perfect, dancing under the stars with my girl.

After a few hours of dancing we are all sweaty and tired. We cab it back to the hotel. We watch the fountain from our bedroom window. It is such a pretty sight. We slowly undress each other and walk to the shower. Bella washes my hair and I swear I purr from the calming sensation of her fingers on my scalp. She sighs as I wash hers and she starts touching my chest, moving her hands lower to my shaft. She strokes me a few times and I rest my head on her shoulder. She knows how to take complete control of my body.

"Let go Edward." She whispers. She knows my body so well and she can sense that I am close. I listen to her and let go. She runs her hands down my back soothing me as I catch my breath.

Once my breathing goes back to normal, I walk Bella backwards until her back is against the wall. I drop to my knees and attack her pussy. I lift her right leg to let it rest on the bench seat in the back of the shower. Her hands find purchase in my hair and I growl as she grips tighter letting me know how much she likes what I am doing. I enter her body with my fingers making sure I give her the most pleasure I can. It doesn't take long to bring her over the edge. I look up to see her smiling and her eyes look heavy. Bliss is what they speak of.

I stand and wrap my arms around her. We finish rinsing off and I grab a towel and start to dry her off. I wrap the big fluffy towel around her body while she grabs a towel and dries my hair. Once we are dried off we brush our teeth and climb into bed. We lay facing each other talking about our Vegas vacation so far.

Bella's face flushes a little. "Edward?"

I brush my fingers over her cheek. "Yes love."

"Will you marry me?" She rests her hand on the side of my face and looks into my eyes.

I am a little confused at first because we are engaged, but my heart starts fluttering hoping she means get married now. "Of course I will marry you Bella. I will marry you tomorrow if you wish. I love you."

She lets out a breath and her smile takes over her face. "How about tomorrow at sunset?"

"Are you serious Bella? Because I am."

She looks down shyly before capturing my eyes again. "I really want to marry you. I mean, we can still have the big wedding after school is finished so all of our friends and family can be there, but I really want to be married to you right now. Just us. Well, Alice, Rose, Jasper and Emmett too. But just something small and intimate."

I feel so happy I could dance and sing. "Tomorrow at sunset sounds perfect to me Bella. I cannot wait to be married to you."

We kiss like it is our last. Full of passion and love and every thing that we feel for each other. She breaks from me and reaches for her cell phone on the night stand. She sends a text to Alice telling her it is a go. I am not surprised that my pixie sister is in on this impromptu wedding. We make love until the sun rises. We finally fall asleep and I am so grateful that everyone leaves us alone.

About ten there is a knock at the door. Alice peeks her head in. "Bella, you guys need to get up. There are things we need to do before we start getting you ready."

Bella yawns. "Okay Alice, we'll be out in twenty."

Alice closes the door and Bella climbs on top of me and kisses my chest. "Are you sure you want to get married Edward?"

"Hell yes." I grab her butt and squeeze. She giggles and gives me a chaste kiss before climbing out of bed.

"Noooo Bella. Don't leave me yet." I whine as I reach for her.

She leans over me and kisses my chin. "Well loverboy. Why don't you help me take a quick shower before I go get ready to become Mrs. Cullen."

She bounces into the bathroom and I crawl out of bed. Mrs. Isabella Cullen. Bella Cullen. God I love the sound of that.

We take a sort-of quick shower. There is a full breakfast spread in the dining room. We all sit and eat and talk about the plans for the day. It sounds like everything is taken care of. The girls had everything on hold and after a few phone calls, the plans are in place. We sit around talking and watching movies until two. Alice and Rose kidnap Bella into Alice's room and Jasper brings me an outfit on a hanger. We laugh at how organized my sister is. She makes me crazy sometime but I love her. I am surprised that my outfit isn't a tux or suit. It is a pair of kaki pants and a white long sleeved button up shirt. Huh...

Around six room service arrives with dinner. The girls stay holed up in Alice's room as us guys eat watching baseball. I really want to see Bella but I don't want to ruin whatever surprise they have in store. At seven Rose appears to give us men our orders to 'shit, shower and shave'.

We are ready quickly and ushered downstairs to an awaiting limo. My head is reeling. I roll my sleeves part way up my arms and run my fingers through my hair. I am not really nervous, it is more like anticipation.

After only twenty minutes, we pull up to Heritage Garden. We are met at the door by Marco, who seems to be a very happy person. He is so excited and animated. He leads us lakeside and I am in awe of the sight in front of me. There is an archway of white and pink roses thread with twinkle lights at the end of a short walkway with a few chairs. The lake is beautiful and the sunlight is glistening off the water.

We are introduced to Mr. Manning, who is going to officiate for us. He asks all about Bella and our lives and I am more than happy to tell him all about my girl. About twenty minutes pass and Marco comes skipping down the aisle.

"Ready gentlemen? Your ladies have arrived." Marco sings.

We all agree and I take my place next to Mr. Manning and Emmett and Jasper stand next to me. Claire de Lune starts playing and I cannot help but smile. Rose is the first to some around the trees and down the aisle. She looks lovely in a light purple dress. The straps wrap around her neck, like a halter top. It is simple and soft. Alice is next and she is in a pale blue dress. It is similar to Rose's in style but the straps go over her shoulders.

I am about to bounce out of my shoes waiting for Bella. Then she arrives. My breath catches in my chest. She is wearing a long white strapless dress. The top of the dress sparkles and as you look to the bottom hem you can see it darkens into a pink color that matches the roses above my head in the archway. I want to cry at the beauty walking to me. Her hair is loose and wavy down her back, pinned up on the sides with sparkling barrettes. My god she is a vision.

As soon as she is in front of me I cannot stop myself from giving her a soft kiss. She smiles and hands her bouquet of white and pink roses to Alice. Mr. Manning starts talking about love and devotion. Asking us to promise to encourage compassion, to nurture our dreams, because through them our soul shines. To help shoulder our challenges, for there is nothing we cannot face if we stand together. Promise to be a partner in all things, not possessing each other, but working as a part of the whole.

And to promise perfect love and perfect trust, for one lifetime could never be enough.

Time comes to exchange rings and say our vows. I have been thinking about what I want to say to her since the day I met her.

Bella is first. She takes my hands in hers. "Edward. You are my inspiration and my soul's fire. You are the magic of my days. You help me laugh, you teach me love. You provide a safe place for me, unlike I've ever known. You free me to sing my own song. You are more of an amazement to me, each day I rediscover you. You are my greatest love. I am yours. You are mine. Of this I am certain. You are lodged in my heart. The small key is lost. You must stay there forever."

She places my wedding band on my finger. I feel complete, as if it was always meant to hold her ring. There are tears collecting in her eyes but She takes a deep breath trying to hold them in. It is my turn. I hold her small hands in mine.

"Bella. In your eyes, I have found my home. In your heart, I have found my love. In your soul, I have found my mate. With you, I am whole, full, alive. You make me laugh. You let me cry. You are my breath, my every heartbeat. I am yours. You are mine. Of this I are certain. You are lodged in my heart. The small key is lost. You must stay there forever." I place the ring on her finger and kiss it. She smiles at me and I am truly home.

Mr. Manning blesses our union and announces us as husband and wife. Mr. and Mrs. Edward Cullen. I swear my heart feels like it is going to burst. One tear slips down her cheek and I wipe it away with my finger as I lean in to kiss my bride. Emmett, Jasper, Rose and Alice clap, hoot, holler and whistle. I kiss my girl with all the love I can express. God I love her.

We thank Mr. Manning and hop into the limo back to the Bellagio. We go to the Bank nightclub where we dance and just have a great time. Never have I felt so happy and free. We tell the gang goodnight and head to our room. I am just overcome with love for Bella. What a day. She is my wife. As soon as she unlocks the suite I lift her into my arms. She squeaks at the surprise.

"My love, I must carry my bride over the threshold." I kiss her as I carry her into the suite. We close the door and I carry her to our room. I gently let her down and kiss her neck. "Bella, you are so beautiful."

She kisses my chin and down my neck as she unbuttons my shirt. She slowly pushes it over my shoulders and down my arms until it drops to the floor. I gently turn her to face away from me and slowly unzip her dress. My breath speeds up with the more flesh I expose. I trail my finger down her spin to the dip in her back feeling her warm flesh under my touch.

I bend down and let her step out of her dress and I drape it across the chair. She turns to face me and kisses my chest as she unbuttons my pants. She slides her hands under the waistband of my pants and boxers and slips them back to my ass and grabs a handful. She caresses over my ass to my hips and I catch on that she is steadily lowering my pants from my body. Once they drop to the floor I quickly step out of them and my shoes and socks. The only thing left between us are her lacy white panties.

I lift Bella in my arms and lay her gently on the bed. I climb over her slender body and look at my beautiful wife. My heart feels like it is going to explode with all of the emotions running through me.

She runs her fingers through my hair and pulls my face to hers. Our kiss is soft and sweet. Happiness pouring through our lips.

"I love you my wife." I whisper as I trail kisses down her neck.

Bella kisses under my ear. "I love you too, husband." I swear I shiver at her words. "Make love to me Edward."

I smile. "Whatever my wife wants, she gets." Our kisses become deep and sensual. Our love making wild and passionate. We reach our peaks together, this union as perfect as the union of our lives earlier in the day.

Bella climbs from the bed and puts on some music. Brad Paisley's song 'Then' comes on. I rise from the bed and walk to Bella reaching for her. "May I have this dance Mrs. Cullen?"

"Yes you may Mr. Cullen." She places her hand in mine and I burn. I bring her into my arms and we sway to the music.

I remember trying not to stare

The night that I first met you,

You had me mesmerized,

And three weeks later,

In the front porch light,

Taking 45 minutes to kiss goodnight.

I hadn't told you then,

That I thought I loved you then

I remember the first day I saw her. My heart knew then that she was the one for me.

And now you're my whole life,

And now you're my whole world,

And I just can't believe the way I feel about you girl,

Like a river needs the sea, stronger than it's ever been,

We've come so far since that day,

And I thought I loved you then

I slowly dip her and kiss her long and sweet. I bring her back into my arms and she rests her head on my chest.

And I remember taking you back to right where I first met you,

You were so surprised.

There were people around, but I didn't care,

I got down on one knee right there,

And once again

I thought I loved you then

And now you're my whole life,

Now you're my whole world,

And I just can't believe the way I feel about you girl,

Like a river needs the sea, stronger than it's ever been,

We've come so far since that day,

And I thought I loved you then

I think back on everything that we have been through. I know it doesn't seem like much, but between the miscommunication that almost kept us apart in high school and the wreck that almost took my love from my life. We stood together through it all and will continue to do so. Side by side until the end. And now she is my wife and I know how wonderful life will be from here.

I can just see you, with a baby on the way

I can just see you, when your hair is turning gray

What I can't see is how I'm ever gonna love you more

But I've said that before

And now your my whole life

Now your my whole world

I just can't believe the way I feel about you girl,

We'll look back someday at this moment

And I'll look at you and say

And I thought I loved you then

And I thought I loved you then

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