Kinda a xover. Set in New Moon. While Edward's away, Bella resorts to spending time with Jacob. They explore La Push and Bella alone finds a secret..mermaids exist.H2O type mermaids. Will this affect her supernatural relationships? SM owns Twilight. R&R x

Life hurts like hell, but that's all in the past. It can't be helped. I smiled as I reached into another rockpool. My sights were set on the large, shiny shell buried in the rocky sand. I pulled it out, and found a large, curled in shell. It was empty, but beautiful. The top was pale, pure cream, flawless, like it was brand new. The underside, where it curled in, was pale, and slightly pink. It shone like a pearl. But that wasn't its most spectacular. On the pearly side, right in toward where it was too shadowed to see, was a dark red, slipping down into the dark of the shell. It looked like a dripping red liquid - blood - but it wasn't liquid. It was design. It reminded me of the past, and instead of breaking up, like I would, I shoved it in my pocket, smiling. Being careful as I walked along the craggy rocks and seaweed, I felt like a five year old, searching for creatures and pretty shells. But I wasn't alone. I looked up from my feet, and there, further along the beach, was a large, russet coloured creature. Okay, just an abnormally tall and strong teen, but not all the time. Sometimes, Jacob Black was a tall, strong wolf. A werewolf, part of the La Push pack. Jacob too was leaning over a large rockpool, his large hands shooting into the water every now and again, faster than any human. No wonder he caught all the crabs and fish. He caught me looking and smiled. I remembered when things used to be awkward between us, when he liked me, and I... didn't know how I felt. I still didn't know how I felt, but I didn't think he liked me. Even if he did, nothing was going to happen. Even if I did, nothing was going to happen.

I smiled back at him, losing my balance at the same time. The tide had just went out, leaving the green seaweed all slimy. I fell into the rockpool, soaking my jeans. It didn't annoy me, instead I laughed. Jacob was by my side in seconds. Not laughing, scowling. "Are you alright? Are you hurt? Oh, you've got your jeans soaked! Bells!" He groaned, but I kept on laughing.

"Lighten up, Jake! I thought we were out here to have fun, not get upset by fun!" I said, using my arms to stand up, but falling back in again. The water splashes around me, making me laugh even harder.

"No, we were out here to cheer you up, and it seems to be working." He smiled ruefully. "I'm just a little stressed out, we've got a pack meeting tonight." He shuddered, and my mood was suddenly dampened.

"First of all, we were cheering me up months ago. Time to cheer you up now!" We both smiled grimly, because we both knew what my next question will be. "What's up with the pack? Why do you need a meeting?" I shuddered too. Werewolves didn't really have much to do, other than frolic in the woods... and defend humans from vampires. And if the latest news wasn't about flowers and meadows they'd found on their peaceful travels... it would be about some dentally enhanced visitors.

"It doesn't matter. You don't need to hear it, Bells." He reached out to pull me to my feet, and I stood up, in the puddle.

"I'd like to, though." I scowled at him, angry that they wouldn't tell me anything. Not like I'm a pack member, or related to one, or even dating one... but still. They're my friends, and their situations are my situations. Sort of.

"Come on, Bella. I don't need to tell you about it. It's the pack's problem." He's started to get cross, in that way that he definitely wouldn't tell me.

"Pleease?" I batted my eyelashes, smiled up at him. He shook his head and folded his arms. "Aw, come on, Jake! If you don't tell me, I can't help you guys!"

"We don't need help," He muttered. Ah, the proud werewolves. No human assistance required. "Even if you are the leech expert." He grinned, picking me up and throwing me over his shoulder. "Come on. Don't you think this hobby's getting a little old now? I used to do it as a baby."

"Well, I didn't! My beaches were all golden sand and blue seas!" Ah, Phoenix, Arizona. Even if it was a long journey, the beaches were worth it. "And don't call vampires that, you know it's mean!" Of course, vampires and I had a history. I was, for a time, a part of a vampire family. A very kind one at that. 'Vegetarians', so afraid of losing their souls, their humanity, they resisted their own nature. Beautiful faces, beautiful hearts. I was sorry they left, but they had better things to do. Their appearance was like a magnificent butterfly, landing on a mangled wallflower. I don't hate them, I mean, I loved them, but I can't pine for them forever. It doesn't work that way. Maybe another vampire will come and snatch me up, into their weird world.

"And Jake? PUT ME DOWN!" I yelled, pounding on his back with my fists, kicking his stomach and chest, and kneeing his face. He just chuckled. It didn't hurt him, damned werewolf strength. He grabbed my waist, and dangled me over one rockpool, responding to my angry demands. He raised an eyebrow, then dropped me in it lightly. "Jake!" I grimaced at my feet, for some reason angrier about the water on them than all over my jeans. "Plus, by talking about vampires, you've just confirmed that the meeting is about them, and I want to know." I smiled looking up at his towering face.

"Relax, it's not your Cullens." He sighed, knowing neither of us would give up.

"I guessed, and they are not 'my Cullens'."

"Bella, I'm not going to tell you. The pack don't need the help of humans, that's why we're a pack, not a community gathering, or a... superhero team! Face it Bella: when it comes to anyone else's business, you're useless." He went for the offensive, far too early. The insults shock me. He hit on a nerve. I knew fine well that I wasn't as big and strong and powerful as a werewolf, nor as strong and smart as a vampire, or even as sly and mysterious as a ghost! But I was still useful. And I didn't only worry about my own business! I could be helpful in theirs, as I'd already shown them on countless occasions. And getting in my head like that! Or at least, thinking he was. Did he truly believe that I thought this was some sort of novelty, a cartoon type thing with bad guys, good guys and a happy ending? I didn't think it was a community gathering either.

I didn't feel like arguing, not now, so I left. I walked out of the rockpools, away from the beach, and up to my car. My feet were soaking, my jeans would leave water on the seats, but I drove away, not caring. I needed to calm down. I drove around for hours. Not uncomfortable enough to go home, not interested enough to go anywhere else. I couldn't think of anywhere. By the time I decided, it was getting dark. I stopped my faded red Chevvy by a forest, right where the pavement ended. My clothes still hadn't dried off, but walking might help. I walked and walked, following my instincts, and only slightly my memory. I found it. The meadow, where Edward Cullen had taken me. It was beautiful, of course. I promise, I was over him. I just liked the meadow. It helped me relax.

But not that day. I lay on my back, looking at the darkening sky, only illuminated by the moon, surprisingly full. I imagined a presence beside me, not a particular one, just somebody. And I did feel a presence, a real one. Someone was there. In a fright, I leapt up to hide. Not the trees. If it was werewolves, or... vampires, they would find me in seconds. Besides, I couldn't keep still. Anyone would hear me. And it was my place, where I relaxed. I don't know where my mind disappeared to, but I was peering through the reeds and weeds of the pond just as shadows appeared. Laurent! I didn't know whether to jump up and greet him - from the pond. Strange human or bog monster? - or to stay hidden. Stay hidden. I decided. I didn't trust him. He was one of James' vampires, and although James was long gone, Laurent wasn't.

He didn't speak, he only sniffed and looked around. I was thankful of the moonlight, glinting off the pond. It produced a glare, hiding me. Even a vampire wouldn't be able to look through the bright white of it. I could see him, slightly, as he moved to the side, away from the blinding light. His eyes, burgandy red flashed in the reflection. He looked right at my hiding place. I dunked under just as the whimper attempted to escape my mouth. It was so very cold in the water. And it was a pond; still water. Not pretty blue, or even sea water. Rancid water. Rain water. Dead leaves surely lined the bottom, along with other dead things. If I could find the bottom. I was bracing my arms against the sides, unable to reach the bottom of the depths. I could see Laurent's shadow approach, then disappear. The sensation in the back of my head, the feeling of being watched, being not alone, was gone. I don't know why, but I was sure he was gone. I was still hesitant, I mean, how far could I trust myself with my own life? Okay, I know, silly question. I slowly crawled my arms up the sides - all mucky and slimy - and my head broke the surface.

Or at least it should have. I couldn't. It was like some sort of cover had been placed over the water, only there wasn't. I became panicky, pushing against the surface. Of course, it had the opposite effect. Instead, I pushed myself spiraling to the bottom of the water.

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