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Nala was in the grass playing with a butterfly when Simba came up to her.

"Hey Nala" Simba says

"Yes simba?" she ask she look at the stars and the kings looked nervous at her

There was a quietness and Simba said

"I think I'm gay"

Nala said nothing and screamed and ran to the top of pride rock. Then she took a breath and jumped and died and everyone screamed. Her funeral was the next day and simba needed a new queen. That night Simba started to cry and said "why does my life suck so much" then kovo came in and smiled.

"Is ok Simba Kiara dumped me" he said. "why?" simba said. "because she a lesbian and fell in love with Zira" kuvo said

"oh" said Simba.

"yeah so are you really gay" kovo ask

"how did you hear that" explain simba

"because I have a secret" said kovo

"yeah I figure it out you stalk me" said simba madly.

"yeah but I had a reason" said kovu

"oh yeah what is it" said simba

"I like you a lot"

Simba stare at kovo with mouth in shock. Kovu made his sexy smirk and wink at simba.

"really" ask simba with his blue eyes sparkly.

"yeah" said kovu

simba was so happy and he noticed how hot kovo is. Then kovo started laugh and fell over. Simba glare at him.

"sorry" said kovo with mirth still in his brown eyes " you expression was so funny "

"do you really like me" ask simba angry

"yeah" said kovo

"then why did you try to get kiara before"

"because I wanted to impress you" said kovo.

"your so handsome" said simba

"yeah so can we be together" ask kovo.

"but the whole kingdom will look bad on us" said simba

"yeah but your king so you can change the rules" said kovo with a smirk. His brown eyes shimmer in the moonlight.

Simba smiled because Kovu was right and leaned into kiss him.

Meanwhile in Zira's house…

"oh zira you so much better then kovo" said kiara with smiles.

"yeah" said zira. Then they had sex.

"best sex ever" kiara groan

"yeah" agreed zira. Then they finished.

Back in simbas house…

"oh simba this is the best sex ever" said kovo

"I know" finsish simba with a grunt and he finished and fell on kovo.

"Your so better then nala" said simba.

Then kovo's eyes eyes fill with tears.

"whats wrong." ask simba.

"im just so happy i hated kiara" said kovo with a smile. Simba also smile and licked lovo's face affectionelly. the next day simba changed a rule so there could be two kings and zira and kiara were invite to stay at pride rock. But Simba never go with her again. he stay with Kovo.

In heaven...

"wow my son is so cool" said mufasa.

"yeah he is your hot" said scar and he pounced on mufasa. then they had sex and everyone lived happily ever after.

The End

hope you liked sorry For grammer erros.