A/N: Apologies, apologies, apologies! I went back to school recently, and I'm starting my GCSE year so we have all this homework and now coursework and it's almost too much. This was written from a prompt by my beta, tromana, of "I win." Dedicated to Tracie [tromana] because she's awesome and gave me something to write about when I was stuck.

Lisbon looked up from her paperwork as the door to her office was pushed open. Jane walked in backwards, carrying something.

"What are you doing?" she asked, and he turned around.

"Helping you survive boredom," he informed her, setting a game of chess down on a space on her desk. Lisbon quickly rescued her cell phone before he put the chess set down on it.

"Chess, Jane. Really?" Lisbon raised one eyebrow sceptically, and he grinned as he sat down opposite her.

"Pick your side," he told her. She rolled her eyes.

"White," she decided and he moved the chessboard. Lisbon made her first move, and the game quickly progressed towards the speed of 'speed chess' rather than the speed of a normal game.

Lisbon stared at the board in a state of intense concentration, and after the first five minutes Jane had given up cajoling her and trying to irritate her as Lisbon was surprisingly good at the tactical game. Jane moved a pawn and removed Lisbon's bishop from the game play. He grinned at her, and was surprised to see her smirking. She moved her knight.

"Check," she stated, smiling sweetly and he groaned. Lisbon grinned and leaned back in her chair. "I win."

Jane narrowed his eyes at her, but she simply flashed him an innocent smile. "Problem?" she asked, and he turned and left the room, muttering something to himself about being 'beaten by an amateur.' Lisbon simply placed her fingers to her temples and chuckled to herself.

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