Title: A Clear Day

Theme: 001; First

Setting: Alternate universe

Pairing: Shikahina

Rated: K+

Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto

This is my 100+ themed story I decided to do, with the list made by the wonderful Bluequartzfoxy on her live journal community. I hope you enjoy.

Hinata sipped her glass of water and nervously glanced around the restaurant. She had agreed to go on a date with fellow classmate and friend, Shikamaru Nara. He had asked her out about a week before when they were assigned a chemistry project together by their professor Kakashi.

But that wasn't what had her on edge.

It was the painfully recognizable group of friends that sat in the corner of the restaurant watching them. They were all unusually clad in a black outfits, with equally unusual black sunglasses.

Shikamaru groaned in annoyance. If they really wanted to spy on the couple they should have at least bought better disguises.

Ino's and Naruto's bright blonde hair could be easily seen from across the room, as well as Sakura's bubblegum pink hair. Kiba's triangle tattoos could also be seen. Shino and Chouji were also there but Shikamaru guessed they were probably forcibly dragged into this whole ideal, seeing how they had a sour look on there face.

Shikamaru closed his eyes, using one hand to massage his temple. He frowned, their date was ruined.

Placing her hand over his, Hinata smiled. "We should still at least enjoy our date."

He smiled back, and nodded. Besides the fact that their friends are invading there date, Hinata was enjoying their date.

The restaurant was great. The room was wood-paneled room was warm and cozy, its ambience that of an Italian Bistro. Soft music played in the background, and the waiters moved about in a unhurried fashion, as if inviting their patrons to savor the meal and enjoy their company.

She was secretly happy, Shikamaru put much thought into this date. She was a bit ashamed to think that he will take her to some run down fast food chain, restaurant. She was glad she was wrong. He was also dressed well, that was a plus.

They soon began talking about work, family, personal interests. Knowing more about the other, all while blissfully ignoring their spying friends.

"Finish your appetizer." Shikamaru suddenly suggested, pointing at the stuffed portobella mushroom that was nestled, half-eaten, on her plate. "It's Chouji's father pride and joy, he'll be crushed if you leave any."

Hinata gave him a rueful smile. "Much as I love portobella mushrooms, I can't eat this whole thing and save room for the main course and that tiramisu everyone's been raving about."

"I'll take it for you." He helped Hinata transfer a portion of her mushroom to his plate.

For a brief instance, their fingers brushed, and Hinata felt a jolt of heat shoot through her. She did the best she could to hide her reaction.(Which wasn't very good)

She kept her eyes on her plate, her cheeks a mild pink color.

Time flew, and soon it was time to go. Both getting up and paying the bill, which wasn't a lot.

The waitress stated one of the staff members paid half their amount.

Shikamaru insisted he walk her home, to which Hinata happily agreed. Shikamaru had taken her hand, and their fingers had interlocked.

Hinata heard a faint 'Aww' in the distance and smiled to herself, leaning herself more into Shikamaru's arm.

Stopping right in front of her doorsteps, they faced each other. This was the part where they kiss and depart, the question was how.

Deciding it was best for her to break the silence, Hinata spoke. "I-I had a great time." She honestly did. Shikamaru gave a nervous grin. "I'm glad you did…"

Awkward silence overtook them.

"Psst, this is where you kiss her." Someone whispered fiercely, most likely Naruto from within the bushes.

Shikamaru glared.

"Might as well give them what they want, eh?" Shikamaru motioned to the bushes. Hinata smiled nervously. "Y-yeah."

Inching closer, Shikamaru bent his head lower to her level, using his hand to brush her hair back, his lips brushed against her temple, "We don't have to if you don't want to." he whispered, his breath sending vibrant warmth through her.

Speechless, nor wanting to talk. Hinata reached her hands up to cup his face, feeling the outline of his jaw on her fingertips. Closing her eyes she pressed her lips softly against his.

His hands went up to her waist. Pulling her a bit closer to himself, deepening the kiss. They wouldn't go too far, for obvious reasons.

Stopping to catch there breath, Shikamaru laid his forehead on hers, smiling to himself. Hinata laid her hand upon his arm. "Thanks for tonight." She whispered, before taking a step back to her door. Getting her keys and opening the door, she turned around. "I'll see you tomorrow, right?"

"Right." He nodded.