Authors note: Hey guy. Been reading up on all the Adam fics out there, but it made me cry that there were so few so I thought I would try my hand at some... I'm English so obviously I haven't seen all the episodes so I apologize if I'm Adam is my favourite character so he we go...

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Horrors past and present


Mac sighed as he watched the lab tech through the glass panel, reading the man's body language. The usually relaxed, and dancing lab rat was stationary, shoulders solid, evidently nervous of being caught doing something wrong. Obviously, what Mac had yelled at him earlier was still playing on his mind. Mac wondered what he should do, he couldn't apologise, because the point had been, and still was, valid, yet he could let Adam remain in such a state. Mac kicked himself for not thinking before he shouted at the man, he knew Adam had a problem with authority figures, he knew Adam hadn't grown up in the best of homes, and he knew how fragile the man's self-esteem was. Mac sighed once more and entered the lab.

Adam was alone in the lab; ear phones plugged in as he waited for results from the mass spec and tried to calm himself down. He's not my father, he only trying to protect the cases integrity; he's not my father... The mantra played over and over in his head fighting the other part of his brain which was saying ... it's all your fault, you deserved being told off; it's all your fault... the fight was almost drowning out his much needed music... he's not my father, it's all your fault... Lost in the war, Adam didn't notice Mac as he approached until he felt a hand place itself on his shoulder. Startled, wide-eyed and muttering to himself, he stumbled backwards, his elbow knocking over a bottle of hydrogen chloride which had been left out. The bottle was sent crashing to the ground, shattering the glass into hundreds of shards. Adams feet, still propelling him backwards, hit the growing puddle of acid, sending him plummeting to the floor. Mac watched in horror as Adams head connected with the desktop behind him with a resounding crack, and his body slumped into pool of liquid, which immediately started to react with the exposed skin.