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Unlikely Feelings

Chapter 1


Vykker's Labs flew high up in the sky proudly, the sunset of Oddworld hung behind it from the teeth of the mountains. Many things were happening in Vykker's Labs. There was so much to do or so little, it depends really.

In the female Vykker's Suit, several female Vykkers giggled in someone's room when they spoke about the male Vykkers.

"Oh, isn't Humphrey sexy?" One of them giggled and she battered her thick eyelashes. Her name was Danielle, but she's known for Danni. The other Vykker's agreed and giggled again like school girls.

"Oh, isn't he just?" Another one said. They heard thunderous footsteps, heavier then a normal Vykker. Their faces lit up to hear it and they scrambled out to greet them.

It was a Slig, but with its huge body size and feminine features, it was a female big bro Slig, big Sis Slig that is. She was the only Big Sis Slig ever on Oddworld, but hopefully, they'll create more of them. She made many friends at Vykker's lab, including Interns, Vykkers, male and female Sligs and even Glukkons.

She had a long length of black hair with blue-streaks in it. She had a fringe that teased out over her forehead. Nor like her other two sisters, she had blood-red eyes that looked a bit curvy to shown her feminine side. Her waist was curvy and thin and somewhat tight with a little muscle. Her arms weren't as big as a normal big bro Sligs, but it had some muscle there too. What was obvious was that she was wearing a black boob-tube with the word: KoRn in red chilling writing. She had large breast at that too, which caught much attention from male Slig, all shape and sizes. She was wearing long fingerless black gloves and had sharp black nails, like claws, only less bigger.

She walked towards them, seeing her female Vykker friends waving at her. She stopped in front of them; her tall body cast a shadow over the Vykkers. Danni smiled.

"Ah, Sapphire, so glad you've finished." She smiled. The Big Sis Slig, known as Sapphire, nodded and stretched her whole body.

'I know." She yawned. "It's been a hard day's work and I'm tired. You known, kicking the crawling Sligs out of our territory, being on guard at Magog Motors and then help escort my Dad Arnie the Glukkon back to his office." Sapphire replied. She relaxed her body against the closest wall. Danni leaned over with a huge grin that was framed with red lipstick.

"Was HE there?" Sapphire pondered for a second.

"Was who there?" She asked lowly. Danni giggled.

"You know, you're 'boyfriend'." Sapphire stood up straight on her four legs.

"Danni," She gasped in mock-horror. "For first, he's not my boyfriend. I just…" she blushed deeply. "I just like him."

"But the ideas cute about you and him together, just think about it, Sapphire the Big sis Slig and Furlong the big bro Slig." Sapphire blushed madly. Even though most of the big bros fell in love with Sapphire, she only had eyes for Furlong; yet, he doesn't know that she loves him. "Therefore, the Vykkers won't have a problem with making more big bros or sis because you two would be at it like two sex-crazed Scrabs." Danni smirked. Sapphire's heart stopped for a second and she snapped her head around to Danni. The Vykkers screamed in delight and ran away from Sapphire as she laughed and chased after them.

"I'm SO gonna kill you for that, Danni!" Sapphire giggled.

Later on that night, Sapphire and Danni got changed into their bed-clothes and Sapphire unlocked herself from her huge four-legged mechanical pants. She threw herself onto her bed at the bottom of their bunk bed. Danni wanted Sapphire to be her room mate ever since they first became best friends. Danni's bedroom was well-made. She had a pretty pink flower carpet at the floor, photos of their friends on the desk, a calendar on the wall and a well-cleaned toilet at the corner. Danni was a house-proud Vykker, that's what's unique about her from the male Vykkers. She too had a crush on Humphrey, which is sweet because she demands that one day, when they get boyfriends, they're go on double-dates, where-ever they would be.

Sapphire sighed deeply and cushioned her head with her folded arms.

"Is Ruby and Emerald okay?" Came Danni's voice from above Sapphire.

"Yeah, I still wonder about that."

"Wonder about what?" Danni's head appeared from her bed above Sapphire and she looked at her, her head upside down as she leaned over her bed.

"I wonder why our Dad gave us names of coloured-gems, which is strange. He's not really our Dad either, but he's like our dad and I love him like a Daughter." Danni cooed a cute 'Aww'. Sapphire paused and Danni relaxed back into her bed.

"Maybe he likes colours." Danni giggled. Sapphire giggled too.

"Yeah, true. Guess what our code names are." Danni thought for a moment.

"…tell me."

"Ruby's Code name is Scarlet, Emerald's Code Name is Jade and My Code name is Cerulean."

"Wow, those are hard names to remember." Danni playfully said.

"Yep. So, I guess Dad likes colour after all." She smiled under her tentacles. "I'm going to see Uncle Dripik tomorrow."

"Uncle?" Danni repeated.

"Once again, he's not really my Uncle, but he's best friends with dad, so he's like an Uncle to me and guess what? He said that I'm his favourite Niece."

"Heh, Aww, that's cute." Danni replied.

"What are you doing tomorrow anyway? I was wondering maybe we could go to the Paramite Pens."

"Aww, I would LOVE to. Gets you out of this dump. The Suit's a nice place to be because is technically our home, but the rest of Vykker's Lab is a dump. So sure, I'll come."

Sapphire smiled and stared at the bottom of Danni's bed. She sighed.



"How can I get Furlong's attention? I know I work with him and he's a good friend of mine, but he doesn't seem to like me like that way, if you get what I mean."

"Hm, I guess only time will tell us. I mean, come on, all of the big bros are after you. That's why you should ALWAYS come to us Female Vykkers and the Vykker suit. They are not allowed to come here because its females only." Danni giggled. "I'm sure he likes you that way."

Sapphire flicked her tail for a moment as she watched it, and then she did it flirtatiously, as if to practice. She sighed and leaned back into her pillow.

"I hope so. Because I doubt that sometimes, he doesn't act like it."

"Be grateful I guess. You don't want him to be like that Crawling Slig Tony, the one that's ALWAYS after your little sister Ruby."

"I know, but Tony's good. He's there for us Big Sligs to attack and tease and batter." Sapphire laughed darkly. Danni laughed with her. Everyone hates Tony, except for the odd few, but he was an irritating crawling Slig who wants Ruby to be his bride no matter what. Ruby was lucky to have someone like Sapphire with her big fists and her older sister Emerald the flying Slig with her bombs.

"One day, he won't be able to stand up."

"That's what I'm hoping." Sapphire growled under her tentacles.

"Sapphire!" Danni gasped in horror. She faced her from above. She knew that, even though Sapphire was a mean Big Sis Slig who's the Sergeant in the Slig Barracks was kind-hearted and was friendly, but she never seen her this vicious. Sapphire sat up, holding out open-palmed hands, her black nails from her four fingers shone in the lamp's light.

"But Danni, you saw what he tried to do with my little sister. He attacked her because she rejected him and she was seriously injured. That's why he's never in pants anymore. Because we broke his tail."

Danni nodded.

"Yeah, you've got a point there. Well, at least that famous Rock-band was with you and joined in the fight. Erm, who were they? The Big bros with the different masks and I remembered one of them looked like Jebus…"

"Sligknot?" Sapphire put in. Danni nodded.

"Yeah," She snapped her fingers. "That's the one." Danni and Sapphire sighed happily together.

"Corey said he had a lot of fun and then we decided to torture Tony for life." Sapphire smirked.

"True." Danni whispered softly. "Listen; if you need anything, you know where I am babe, okay? Even if it's about Furlong, okay?" Danni asked. Sapphire smiled.

"Sure thing." She yawned deeply, her tentacles fluttered lightly as she exhaled deeply. "Man, I better get some sleep. I'll be going to the Slig barracks early in the morning, Danni."

"Oh, okay, I'll be in the Labs testing out this new thing called…Buttflow."

"Okay, cool. I'll visit when I can, or when I see you in the cafeteria." Sapphire smiled. "Good night."

"Good night, big sis." Danni softly said. Sapphire rolled onto her side and took her mask off, placing it on the side table of the bunk-bed. She relaxed and soon swept asleep.

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