Unlikely Feelings

-By Salverto

A Special Thankies.

After completing this Fanfiction, I would like to say thankies to:

Lorne Lanning-The Brilliant Creator of Oddworld. Though People say he isn't working on it anymore, let it work forever in our hearts.

My Little Sister Natasha-Who encourage me to write this, helped with some parts and enjoys listening to me reading it at the night

Mable-Who still spoke to me after my LONG time away from , Thankies for supporting me too.

Watchers, Friends, and Family-Who helped me continuing writing this, drawing my OCs and accept my wild imagination.

I couldn't have done this without everyone's love and support. Now hopefully, I'll manage to finish my next new Fanfiction 'Embracing Evil'-A Dangerous Hint of Unlikely Love


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Thankies everyone, Odd to the Core!



Disclaimer: In all respect to Lorne Lanning and his world of Odd, I do NOT own anything in this, I only own my OCs: Danni the Vykker, Sapphire the Big Sis Slig, Arnie the Glukkon, Ruby the Slig, Tony the crawling Slig, Emerald the flying Slig, Sligknot (lol), Kiki the Slig, Grant the Glukkon, Mulot the flying Slig, Aaron the flying Slig, Peter the flying Slig, Dave the 'Multitasking' Slig and Furlong the big bro Slig. Yesh, a LOT of OCs. ^^;