But Still

A/N- Erm…short. But it came to me…and I wrote it. I think this is pretty cliché, too…so, sorry. But I still like it. Hope you do too!

Severus was not handsome. He was pinched, and sallow, and dour, and ugly. He had a permanent frown line above his considerable sized nose. His lips ended in a sneer, his eyebrows arched in a glare, his nose hooked in a most unappealing fashion. His eyes were unfamiliar to the very idea of warmth. But still Remus found him attractive.

Severus was not kind. He was cruel, and threatening, and hateful, and mean. He had never said a nice word in his life, nor heard one. Everyone hated him, and he hated everyone. He was more likely to taunt than to tease. He was dark and malicious, driving everyone else away with a glance. But still Remus found him intriguing.

Severus was not romantic. The very thought of a warm bath or scented candles repulsed him. He couldn't imagine bringing home roses. He never whispered the word 'love' in the heat of passion, never cried out Remus' name. He consented to snuggle, but mostly because he fell asleep immediately afterwards. He didn't cook dinners for two or spread rose petals on the sheets. He had never told Remus he needed him. But still Remus loved him.

Severus was nothing like him. He deserved better than a werewolf. But still Remus couldn't let him go.


Remus was not gorgeous. Compared to Severus, he was good looking, but still plain. He dressed in dull, patched clothes. His hair was permanently shaggy. Scars littered his body. He was pale, and skinny, and his muscles were weak. His fingers were stubby. He always looked tired around the full moon. But still Severus wanted him.

Remus did not fit in with Severus' life. He knew next to nothing about Herbology and couldn't stand the smell of potions. He wanted to redecorate the dungeons and make room for his own books on the shelves. He wanted Severus to wear more colorful clothes, and tie his hair back to keep it from getting greasy. But still Severus liked having him around.

Remus was overly sentimental. He'd said he loved him long before he could possibly know for sure. He wanted Severus to face him during sex, so he could watch his face. He called it 'making love'. He celebrated every anniversary, from a month of being together to a year. He made a special dinner and gave Severus a gift on his birthday. Somehow he always knew what he wanted. He wanted to hold him and give him a massage after a hard day. But still Severus didn't mind.

Remus was nothing like him. He deserved better than a vindictive, antisocial Potions Master. But still Severus loved him.