Her father was dead, her mother was dead, Mag was dead, which completely defeated the purpose of being her Godmother. A Godmother she only just now found out that she had. It wasn't right. She was outside without her mask roaming around. Where was life going to take her? She stopped in a motel and took a room and a shower and slept for the night. Little did she know, she had been followed. . .

Graverobber waited in the ally for Amber when he noticed her walk out of the theatre at the front of the gate. His ilk was not allowed where Amber went. Typically, he waited for her wherever she went, when he wasn't out grave robbing, as his name implied. She was still covered in her father's blood. Shock, he figured. He followed her all the way to her house where he hid at the gate. It wasn't necessary that he hide. The kid didn't notice him at all. Now that he gained her trust perhaps he could make her a well paying customer. Not a prostitute, she was too good and innocent for that yet. That he wanted her for his own, he was certain. He wasn't sure how he was going to accomplish this, he being who he was, and she being her own innocent self. What's this? A sleezy motel? Still in shock. The door barred his presence to her, but he was a patient man. He had plenty of time to turn her. But it's not that he even wanted to turn her. It would taint her. He needed her in a different way than Amber. He couldn't really describe it. It would be refreshing though.

Amber waited in the ally, pacing back and forth. She was going to need yet another hit. Her part in the show had been a complete disaster. Why didn't he show? Where was he? There, down the way, looking smug and terribly pleased with himself.

"Where were you?" she demanded

"Does it matter?" he parried.

"You are mine, don't forget that."

"Never. As for payment?"

"I'm not in the mood."

"Then equally, I think I'm not in the mood to deliver."

"I'll find another dealer."

"No you won't. You're addicted to both me and the drug."

"Hardly. A street rat like you? I think not."

"Either way, you'll be back. You can be replaced just as easily as I can. The beauty is that I've already found yours. She's younger than you and prettier." He knew the words would have an effect. That was the point. To hurt her. She'd look twice before she found another source.

"Well, maybe it's a good time to quit then." He knew she wasn't just talking about the drug.

"Fine. But you'll be back. I'll see you then." He ducked in for a quick makeout session, but she turned her head, and stalked off with her body guards. Damn, he thought, but he had other fish to fry, and more claims to stake.

Amusedly, he walked off in the direction of his recent 'jackpot' discovery to refill his supplies. After that. . .well he knew where the kid was sleeping. She wasn't going anywhere for quite some time, and maybe by day's end, he could convince her to be Amber's 'replacement'.