The Fire Burning

Summary: Bella Swan is not your normal teenager. She has an attitude problem, a mouth that could make a sailor blush, strikingly gorgeous looks and a big secret. After a falling out with her mother, she returns to her one true home; only to find out her friends and family have secrets of their own.


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Rated M for Language and possible Lemons in the Future!

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Chapter One

[Bella's POV]

As of now, if someone asked where I lived, I could honestly say I was homeless. I have been running for the past three days, only to stop for food and a couple of hours of sleep under a tree or in a park on an uncomfortable bench. This is not how I pictured my life at seventeen. When I was little I always imagined that I would be one of the spoiled little daddy's girls that would be taken to the father-daughter dances at school, taught how to put on make-up from my mother and learn about the birds and the bees from my parents together the first time I showed an interest in a boy.

Too bad dream are just that. Dreams.

Three days ago I was still living under my bitch of a mother's roof with her new husband that could possibly be my older brother, only aging in at twenty-five, it could have been possible for him to be my older sibling. Renee thought that because I wasn't eighteen yet that whatever she said, I had to do. The women didn't do a damn thing in her entire life as of now, besides the obvious; breaking my father's heart because 'she couldn't take living there anymore', being caught fucking a kid that was barely eighteen by said father in their bed, then stealing me away from my father and my best friend. She took everyone that mattered to me away all in one day, eight years ago.

My mother had no idea where I was currently and when I got back to La Push, I would make sure that she would know how happy I was there. That was how the argument started. She was complaining about me being a such a frigid bitch to everyone all the time. Saying I didn't appreciate what her and Phil were doing for me. Yes, Phil had given me a credit card with no limit on in; sort of his way of saying, 'I love you mom so don't fuck this up for me'. I had been missing a few days of school every week for the past six months. I had my reasons for doing so, she wouldn't understand and if I told her the reasons, she would be likely to toss my ass into a mental hospital for being clinically insane.

I knew I was just outside of Forks and I really needed to get to work on cleaning up a bit. What would Charlie think if he saw me like this? Ripped clothes, my hair matted with twigs and dried mud, dirt smugged all over my clothing and myself... I believe it is time to use the credit card that Phil gave me.

After spending over an hour in a Port Angeles store, I had a fresh set of clothes on as well as both arms full of bags that were overflowing with clothing. Thankfully the store allowed me to get cash back so I had the money for a taxi now. I knew that running would be faster to get to La Push but I didn't need to be dirty again just after having cleaned up and I didn't need to take the chance of someone seeing a girl running through the woods with shopping bags at a pretty high speed.

I watched the trees as we drove towards home. How I had missed it around here. Missed everyone would be the better phrase. Charlie, Uncle Billy, little Jacob; even the evil twin bitches Rebecca and Rachel. I missed them all and I couldn't be happier than to be coming back home.

It took us an entire hour to drive from Port Angeles to La Push. Pulling up in front of our small little white house, I threw a couple twenties at the driver and gathered my bags up. There was only one car in the driveway, and that I didn't recognize; Sue must be home today. The smile on my face just kept growing bigger the closer I got to the front door. Knocking twice I waited.

I could hear the sound of shuffling feet on the stairs then light footfalls coming towards the door. A loud gasp came from the other side just before the door was thrown open.

"Bella!" Sue gasped, pulling me to her in a tight embrace. "Oh sweetheart, I didn't know you were coming to visit!" Pushing me back at arms length, she looked up at me. "Does Charlie know you are here?"

I shook my head. "No, but I was hoping he would be home. I really need to talk to him about something."

The smiled dropped from her face. "What's wrong? Is Renee okay? Did something happen?"

"Renee is fine, she just living in the honeymoon stage of her and Phil's marriage still. They are quite well." I tried to smile but it turned into a grimace. "My old room still open?" I whispered.

"Of course dear. Although you will be sharing with Leah." I nodded. Sue stepped aside for me to pass by her, only to pause at the bottom of the stair when she called to me. "Bella, did Renee kicked you out?"

Taking a deep breath I looked down at my shoes. "I ran."

After getting settled comfortably into my shared room with my stepsister, I headed to grab something to eat before I went to go see Charlie. Sue watched in awe at how much I could eat. I couldn't help it, but it seemed as if I was never satisfied when it came to food. I could out eat most men that I knew. I was thankful that Sue didn't bring up the reasons for my being here. I still didn't know how I could explain what I was without someone thinking I truly was insane.

With a kiss on the cheek from Sue and a bag of lunch for Charlie, I headed for the La Push police station. The station was only a short walk from the house. Walking at a slow pace I passed a few guys that looked to be in their twenties just hanging out in groups. They seemed to watch me more than any of the others that were walking through the rez today. I just ignored them and kept on my way.

Walking right into the station I recognized the elderly man sitting behind the front desk. His white hair standing out against his dark russet skin. I smiled as I approached the desk. Sitting the bag of Charlie's lunch atop the desk and leaned forward and tapped my nails against the hard wood. Gaining the attention of the white hair man, his gaze rose to meet my eyes and the deep ebony pools sparkled at his resignation.

He deep chuckles filled the front hall of the station before he stood up and came around the desk at a rather fast speed for an old man.

"Hells Bells! It has been far too long!" Joshua Uley crowed as he wrapped his rather larger arms around my thin frame. With a gentle squeeze he pulled back and I noticed he wasn't smiling anymore. Slowly he leaned into me and took a deep breath through his nose. His eyes widened considerably. "Bella.. are you a..."

"Bella!" Joshua was cut off by the shout of Charlie as he burst through the door of his office. Charlie didn't waste any time, he ran to me; pulling me into his arms and swinging me in a circle like he used to when I was eight. I must admit, dad had to be pretty buff to be able to swing me around. I may be thin but I'm still a good sized girl. "God, you have grown up so much." His voice was thick with emotion and he just held me closer to him.

"Charlie." I heard Josh whispered. "Do you feel how warm she is?"

I am sure he wasn't meaning for me to hear but, I did.

Charlie set me on my feet then put his hand straight to my forehead.

"Is there something wrong?" I asked. Worried about them feeling my high body temperature.

"Bells, honey. I am going to ask you something serious and I want a straight answer. Don't try and bullshit us and lie, I want the truth." Charlie said, using his stern cop voice.

I nodded my head in agreement.

"Are you a werewolf?"


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