Previously: "You have a choice too though Sam. You have the choice to stop phasing. If you stop and you can keep from phasing again, you can be another normal human. Sure your enhanced hearing and smell and speed will still be there for awhile but it will fade with time. I cant turn this off. Until I'm burnt to ash, I'm just going to keep.. existing. As the stone shell of the human I used to be. Don't let being a wolf with anger problems stop you from living Sam. And don't let it scare you from keeping Bella. You will have hard times and you will fight. But you two have something that I don't. You have life."

Chapter Fifteen

[Bella's POV]

I'm not sure how long I was running for or how far I had run but I knew I was getting close. The pull was starting to ease up on my chest and my trembling was starting to stop. My mind was still jumbled though. I wasn't sure where I was running to or whom I was running to. I just knew I had to run until I found the source.

Leaping over a fallen tree and ducking under a couple low hanging tree branches, I was met with the edge of the cliffs around first beach. The sea breeze hitting my face. The smell of the salt. It quickly had my mind clearing. The pain in my chest was nearly crippling me. My heart and soul was out here somewhere and he was hurting too. Because of me. I know I shouldn't have done anything with Paul. Even the simple kiss that meant, nothing and still doesn't mean a damn thing to me, is making me feel like the worst person in the world.

It was my fault that Sam was still with Emily. I told him to stay. My fault. Plain and simple.

But I should have just listened to Charlie when he tried to tell me this was something I couldn't fight. Because he was right about that. I couldn't fight my feelings. And neither could Sam. I put us both through so much pain and I've done it again.

The pain in my chest was starting to ease and I couldn't figure out why. I collapsed onto the ground. My large wolf form knocking up dust around me. I nosed some fallen leaves in front of my face and let the breeze and scent of the ocean fill my senses.

Just as I rested my head onto my front paws I heard voices below me. Crawling towards the edge of the cliff and tilted my head down only to see the shimmer of diamonds walking towards someone.

My Sam.

He looked awful.

His hair was dirty and his eyes were sunken in. Underneath those beautiful eyes the skin was so dark, almost looking to the point that it was bruised. There were dirt smudges on his face and leaves in his hair like he had been rolling around on the forest floor. His eyes were so pained that I could feel my heart twisting and I knew it was my fault. If I hadn't been so close to Paul he would be like this right now. He wouldn't have felt like he had to leave.

The shine of diamonds moved at that moment and like a child with ADD the shiny object held my attention longer than I would have liked. But the longer I looked I realized it was Edward; and he was the object that was sparkling. A comment from Emmett earlier came to mind and I snickered to myself.

Suddenly his head snapped towards me, growling low and deep in his chest.

Sam slowly stepped towards the cliff I was currently hanging my head over and eyed it, most likely looking for a way up, when there was a snapping sound behind me making his head jerk up and look beyond my shoulders. I whipped my head around only to see a man standing there. Red eyes glowing and a sinister smile on his lips.

The hair on my back raised and my lips curled away from my teeth, baring them as I growled.

The red eyed man chuckled and started to step towards me until the sound of pounding feet could be heard below us. The pull in my chest lessening even more letting me know Sam was coming. The soft sound of feet touching down beside me and the scent of Edward let me know I wasn't alone now.

Edward was crouched low and looked ready to leap at anytime. Just as I heard Sam pulling himself easily up beside me the man took a slight step only to step back into his original position.

"Isabella, is this anyway to treat an old friend?" the red eyed man said, his smirk still in place. "I have missed you and this greeting is not one I expected."

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