The Namikaze Legacy




Author's Note


For those who know me you know I like to rewrite my old stories. Haven't been to this one in awhile and when I did take time to read I had a hard time reading through. So this one too is getting an uplift. I'm also changing a lot of things. Those who know me know I'm anti-sasuke. I only grow to hate the selfish little bastard with each chapter. He crossed the Moral Event Horizon long ago, but I am not a basher. I will be changing most of the bashing in the story except for maybe his and a few others. Only people who are bashed in my series deserved to be bash because they don't show character development.

Even if Sasuke in my series goes down the path of evil I won't do the idiot bashing that composes most Super Naruto and Harem stories. I also hate the Sakura bashing and the idiot children demand stuff Council bashing. It's just plain out terrible writing. You can have the council be idiots and against Naruto without writing them as four year old throwing temper tantrums.

You can also write Sakura as a fangirl, but slowly give her character development without all the flat chest this and Suckura that. It's fucking annoying and childish and it just shows the mindless follow the leader archtype and rehasing stupid bashing ideas that people seem to do. Hell it's annoying that one of my buddies 'Kamen Rider something' does it too.

So people please spread the word to people who do this that they need to look back and really work on their writing. With the exception of this story which I am trying to keep to how the original author set things up should not have things like unless it's supposed to be a parody or something. Oh for those interested in seeing an Evil! Kuiinshi story check for any future updates for my Naruto x Raven story Spellbound.


Story Start


A small child who could hardly be any older then four or five walked down dimly lit street with only the night sky luminaing his path. In a child his age you expect brightness, hope, and wonder to dance in his eyes; only a tint of dullness filled is shades of Cerulean blue.

Life was not kind to this child, loathed by the masses of his children. Not knowing neither a father's pride nor a mother's love as he lived on the cold, cruel, and dirty streets of the village. Cast out of the orphanage for defending himself against children he lived the life of a street urgent scrouncing for food.

Days had passed and he wandered into town wandering about the festival that celebrated the Yondaime Hokage. However a drunken villager noticed him and a crowd began chasing him. He ran as fast as he could through the streets. The shouts behind him was a reminder of what would happen if he was caught, but eventual he was out of energy from going so long with so little food. He was kicked, stabbed, punched, stomped, and so on until a few ANBU guards stopped them, now some of them were fearful that they would be punished until a certain ANBU guard wearing a wolf mask walked up and simple pulled out a katana and stabbed him and then said, "You may not be the demon, but you contain it and as long as you live so does it. Mocking us, living on while our loves one have perished. But now we will rectify the mistake that has long been a blight on our village.'' The ANBU turned and said "You have a few minutes before the Hokage gets here and stops you." With that the ANBU was gone in a swirl of leaves to leave the crowd to finish the demon child. But unfortunately the Hokage had witnessed it all and immediately stopped the crowd and sent them to be interrogated. He then picked up the child and carried him to the hospital and they began to work on the child even though most did not want to save him, but the Hokage watched ever move to ensure no funny business would happen.


Sometime later


The young boy found himself what looked like sewer. He staggered through the strange place trying to figure where he was. After a few minutes of travel he came upon a large room. It was filled with a cave and a dark demonic substance leaked out of the cave.

He walked to the cage and on the door he noticed there was a Kanji on it. That's all he knew, something he heard in the passing. He didn't know how to read or write, the only reason he knew how to speak was because he listened how other people talked and mimicked them. It was then he heard a soft and feminine voice.

A figure appeared on the other side of the bars. It was a beautiful young woman with creamy skin. She had crimson waist length red-hair and eyes. She had dark and full whiskers sprouting from her face like a fox. She was about 5'10 in height and looked proportional in shape. Being three he had no idea just how much of a great thing her hour-glass figure was that filled out her black kimono. On her head was a cute pair of red kitsune ears with a patch of white at the tips and nine tails swishing behind her.

''You need not fear me child…I will not harm you.''

''W-Who are you? W-Where am I?''

''I am Kiyana Shinozuka, known to you humans as the Kyuubi no Kitsune. Those who know me intimately call me Keiko, but since you're a cute little guy you can call me Keiko-chan ok?'' She asked as the boy nodded. ''Why don't you come over here…I won't bite.'' She said as the child approached the cage. She reached out to touch and he flinched. An expression of sadness adorned her face when she rubbed his head.

''Keiko-chan…why are you locked in this cage and why are you so sad? I don't like to see others sad." Her heart went out to this boy. After all the hatred he seemed to be able to still care for others. ''My name is Naruto….''

''It's nothing…Naru-chan…we're in your mindscape…it's because you are unconscious in the real world from your injuries. '' Now Naruto found this hard to believe and Keiko heard his thoughts and said "Naruto I know you find this hard to believe but please try and think of a place and change the area we are in."

Naruto closed his eyes and though of one of the only places he had ever been in a small clearing on the edge of the village with a small waterfall. The Hokage had taken him there one day to tell him some stories. When Naruto opened his eyes he was standing in the same clearing Keiko was there to put she had two bracelets on and a necklace with the same kanji on them that the cage had on it. Naruto was in disbelief that she had told him the truth so she followed her to the rocks and sat on them. Keiko started to speak "Naruto you are probably going to hate me when this story is done ,but please wait until the end of the story before you speak," as she finished the little boy nodded in response.

Keiko then began her story. '' AsI mentioned before I am demon known as Kyuubi no Kitsune. On the day of your birth I was sealed inside of you to stop the destruction of your village. Regardless of what you know may have heard I did not seek the destruction of your land. I am the guardians of this land and a descendant of the original Kyuubi created by the Sage of Six paths long ago.

Each generation of Nine is born with the task of making sure the nine seals of the area we guard remain unbroken or else the abomination of the Ten Tails will be release from it's imprisonment and reign havoc on this world once more. Unfortunately there are does who remain seak to destroy said seals to gain the power of the Ten Tails. The Seal I guard which is currently in Konoha once belonged to Whirlpool my former residence, once hailed as a sacred treasure by the Uzumaki clan.

It was because of this Whirlpool was destroyed and I found myself taking permanent residence in the land of Fire, as you see, only the Bijuu attuned to that specific seal can destroy it. Knowing this I sought the aid of your parents in aiding me in my duty as there are specific clans who ties to the Sage have the power to control me and my brethen and certain power hungry men have sought to control us in the past.

One of these men, Uchiha Madara used his Sharingan eye to control me and used me to attack the village, partly to destroy his clan who he believed had betrayed them by not wanting to continue a senseless war and to also destroy the Ninth seal. Your father tried to reason with me, but unfortunately that bastard Madara had used an ancient relic to murder my mate and kits driving me into a boundless rage.

All I can remember is your father driving Madara off and breaking his control on me, though my mind was already too far gone from the grief and rage that coursed through me so he summoned the Shinigami, sealing me inside of you. I'm sorry to say I have no idea what happened to your mother. I remember her trying to use one of the Uzumaki special techs, but she was weakened from having just given birth to you so they didn't prove as effective as they usually would. That is the truth behind what has occured these past few years. I, am one half of the reason why the majority of this village despises you.''

Naruto did something that shocked the vixen greatly as he squeezed through the bars and hugged her. ''You show no fear despite what I am? My presence cursed your life yet you show me this kindness. You are a strange one litttle one to not hate me for the part I played.''

"Keiko-chan your family was killed while I have never known mine, you knew yours. You weren't the one responsible for everything that Madara guy was so why would I hate you.''

Keiko was nearly floored by the apparent kindness and reasoningthat this young boy seemed to have despite the life he had life.

''You are an usual one Kit. There is much more for you to know, but you must not tell anyone you do not absolutely trust with your life anything that you have learned from me. Especially the identity of your parents until you are old enough to take care of yourself. I, and in time those I know will aid you in gathering the strength you need to survive. And now I shall tell you what I know of Minato Namikaze and Kushina Uzumaki.''

Much time had passed as the young boy soaked in the many tales the Vixen told him of his family. Tears were shed during the time as Naruto began piecing together a semblance of who his parents were. As time passed though he had soon found his tired form drifting off to sleep. After awhile he woke up in her arms and smiled at her. "Keiko-chan," he said as he yawned "My father told you to look after me and I guess you are the reason I heal so fast, as if it was a mother's touch." Keiko nodded."My parents...I don't think they would object if I called you Kaa-san, if it is ok with you because, you are the closes thing I have to a mother until I meet them again.'' A tear ran down Keiko's face and she hugged him and said "It would be an honor to be you Kaa-san.''

''Kaa-san, how can I become strong enough to take my family's name?''

''It'll be many years young one. Until then, you should keep bearing the name Kazuma just as the Hokage told you. There those like Kumo who have special interest in the Uzumaki's special chakra. However for now Naruto you must go back to reality. Currently you are at the hospital and I have healed most of your wounds. We can still talk just, all you have to do is think inside your head and I will answer.''

''Ok Okaa-san.''


Hospital-Outside the Mindscape


"Naruto how are you feeling"? The blond to sat up in bed and shivered slightly. ''I'm fine Jiji...just tired.'' he said, then he took notice of the Dog masked ANBU. ''Who...who is that?''

The man took off his mask revealing his silver hair and bottom portion face mask. ''I am Hatake Kakashi, and as of today you'll be staying with me until we work out some suitable arragements.''

''Today's incident showed me that I have placed far too much fate in the people of this village when it has come to their grudges. I realize now that this simply isn't going to go away and keeping you in the dark of why most of the village despise you will only be dentremental to your health, but mentally and physically in the long run. You are a lot younger then when I planned on telling you this, but this might be the only way to make up my follies concerning you the past few years. Your name isn't Naruto Kazuma, but Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze...'' the old Hokage paused waiting for a response from Naruto. He assumed the young boy's lack of response was due to being in shock rather then knowing what was going on. He then continue to elaborate on everything he kept hidden from Naruto as his first step towards doing something right where Naruto was concerned.

After all, a physically and mentally abused Jinchuuriki would be nothing more then a ticking time bomb waiting to happen and anyone with at least a shred of common sense would work towards making sure that was the last thing to occur.


Chapter End


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I never really understand a lot of things. Another thing I found stupid is the all powerful civilian councils and figurehead Hokage nonsense that people use to justify banishment fics.

The Runaway Hokage challenge or whatever it's called is actually pretty interesting despite what other dumbass ass-hats say about the challenge being dumb or poor. It seems most people downplay Tsunade as nothing more then a drunk or for comedy purposes and downplay her being a Tsunade. She's the greatest Medic in the world and one of only few people to become Hokage.

Though of course blame Kishimoto who always does crappy things with his female characters. I mean when was the one time we seen them win a decisive battle heavily tied to the plot on their own? When was that? Almost never...and if they did it was usually against another female.

There's just so much potential wasted. All the intelligence, tactics and team work from Part 1 has been dashed to hell for the Super Powers and shit in Shippuden the last 100 chapters or so.

Then there's the utterly stupid Sakura Derailment. How the hell can she still possibly be in love with this guy still? It goes to show the idiocy in fandom. As long as a character is attractive they can get away with genocide and there evil is downplayed. Probably another reason why Anime/Manga fans are looked down and thought of as stupid by people. Thanks a lot fangirls and fanboys!

Kishimoto should have pulled an Oda and not have any romance in Naruto as he evidently and clearly sucks at it. Anyway I'm hoping you guys are liking this revision of chapter 1. With this...I bid you all a good day as I have to go take a math test in 90 minutes.