The Namikaze Legacy




Story Start


The Hokage dismissed the students and then went to the academy to speak to Iruka.

"Hokage–sama it is a great pleasure to have you here today." Greeted the scar nose Chunin.

''Greeting Iruka-san, I have come to let your class know that Sasuke, Naruto, Ino, and Hinata will not be in class today and as for the class it self, we will be taking a field trip today at 11:00 to see a clan match.

Sakura raised her hand her.

"Yes Sakura?"

"Which clans bout will be witnessing Hokage-sama?''

"Well Haruno-san, the fight is between the Namikaze's and the Uchiha's. They both are risking their clans on this fight."

"That dumb BAKA Naruto had to go show off and now he will get his ass kicked by Sauske-kun."

"Actually Haruno-san, Sasuke challenged Naruto to the fight and Naruto sit the terms. So at 11:00 you all will be allowed to come and watch the match."

The Hokage disappeared in a swirl of leaves after this announcement.

Naruto walked back to the house with the girls in tow.

"Naruto I'm sure you will do fine." TenTen said.

"Yeah you'll definently beat Sasuke."

"Naruto I know you can do this. I know you have faith in your abilities, but be careful none the less." Hinata said in a soft voice.

"Thank you all of you, and Hinata can you all go back to the house and let everyone know I am ok and what is going on. I need to go to think and see dad. Also tell kaa-san that I need the outfit ready."

"Hai, we'll do all of that for you." the Hyuuga heiress added.

"Well I will be back at the house an about an hour or so before the match to escort everyone, and please send someone to tell Hana."

Naruto left to go to his spot the top of his father's head.

"Hey dad I hope I am doing the right thing. I have a feeling that if I let the Uchiha keep going down the road he currently is he'll turn into what I almost did. I know these are extreme steps to get him calm down, but he lives or revenge. After I learned Orochimaru killed mom, and that he was part of the group responsible for the Kyuubi attack I was blinded by revenge and then Keiko calmed me down, and helped me understand things. I swear Orochimaru and all those responsible for the events of that day will die one day, but I will do it so that they will never again bring harm to any one ever again.

Naruto sat there for a moment. He soon sensed the chakra behind him.

"Hello ojii-san."

"Hello Naruto, I'm curious as to why you are doing this?"

"Uchiha Sasuke is walking down a path of darkness. If he isn't stopped now he'll become so consumed he'll do anything to achieve his goals. Even if it means sacrificing his allies when they are no longer useful to him. So I need to stop it now."

"That I see and understand.''

''Ojii-san would my Otou-sama be proud of me?"

"I can only say that the man I knew as your father would have a grin from one side of his face to the other knowing what you have become. I know this because that is how I feel."

Naruto returned home to get scolded by the older women and when he explained to Keiko through the mental link he shut down for that reason she understood.

Naruto walked along the path to the stadium dressed in a pair of blue ANBU pants with white wrappings going from his shins to his sandals connecting them. He was also wearing a blue long sleeve shirt on with red and orange flames on the shirt and the sleeves. Over it he was wearing a black vest with red stitching, and then the cloak like his fathers white with orange flames. He has two kunai holster one on each leg and a shuriken holster on his left arm. He also has 2 pouches on his belt that hold extra shuriken and explosive tags and a seal master kit.

Naruto kisses each of his girlfriends as they separate at the entrance. As he is about to enter his grabbed by the arm and there stands Tsunade.

"You think I would let you go in there without giving you a kiss?"

"I figured you would be with the Hokage."

"I will be but I need to give you this."

She took off her necklace and put it on him.

"This necklace belonged to the mt Grandfather and it's my legacy to give to you. I once believed it to be cursed, but now I believe it was destined for you. That you will carry the hope and dreams of all those before you.''

She then kissed him and disappeared in a swirl of leaves.

When he entered the arena the council was already seated and then he saw his class and his girlfriends and Kaa-san and the Hokage and Tsunade. He could hear mumbling about how he looked like the Yondaime.

"Seems you had the gaul to show and you even dressed like that loser father of yours."

Naruto had to calm himself he could not take people talking about his family, but this was a match he could not loose his cool he had to remain focus, but he could appear to lose it.

"What not going to defend daddy how about that bitch of a mother could not even survive child birth."

"Oi, shut you're fucking mouth Uchiha!'' Naruto snarled.

'Hmmm seems I already have the mind warfare won I guess it is time to put him in his place.'

"This match is a clan match and the winner is to be decided by? Naruto as you are the one being challenged, you decide the way it is to be decided."

"Submission or death,'' Naruto stated.

"The match will be decided by Subsmission or Death! Fighters may use any form they wish." The Hokage announced.

Tsunade stood up, "Let the match begin!"

Naruto started off with a series of hand seals as he went about casting a Genjutsu. He decided to start off with one he learned from one of his mother's scroll that twisted the targets fears and then humiliated them.

Sauske stood there as he saw Naruto and Itachi behind him and then a knife plunged into Naruto.

"Little brother do I have to do everything for you? You are so weak to the point you could not even stand up for the name of our clan. I had to kill him." Itachi said

Itachi disappeared and then Sasuke was in rags and walking the streets and was being spit on by people and given the glares. Then a group of kids and walked up him.

"Look it's the Uchiha bastard." A girl that was none other then a fangirl shouted.

"Yes Itachi-sama showed pity on this worthless trash when he became the Hokage. I guess he could never live up to the standards of a real ninja." This time the comment came from the blond platinum known as Ino.

The scene faded and then he was in a bedroom and he saw Sakura lying naked on the bed he was on his knees.

"Slave crawl here and lick my pussy, prepare it for my husband." Sakura ordered.

Sasuke did not move and then he heard,"Slave do not make me activate your seal to make you obey." Sakura warned.

Sasuke still did not move and then he saw Sakura channel chakra and he felt pain in his head.

He moved towards her and began to lick her.

"What is my name slave?" Sakura questioned.


He again felt chakra being molded and a pain in his dick.

"That is Mistress Sakura slut. Now say it who owns you?" Sakura demanded.

"You own me Mistress Sakura!"

Then the door burst open and there stood Itachi naked he walked over and stuck his cock near Sasuke's mouth.

"Prepare my cock slut!" Itachi ordered.

In the real world the people just saw Sasuke fall to the ground hold his head scream out in pain crawl on all fours and lick the air like a dog. Sakura was on cloud nine when he heard her name and then the Mistress part and she thought he may be kinky and that she may have to try that until she heard the part about Itachi and her.

For Naruto's part this was perfect he was humiliating the last Uchiha. The council looked like they were going to throw up and the academy students were laughing at everything. Naruto's Girlfriends were laughing too. The Hokage had a smirk across his face.

"Kai, seeing the almighty Uchiha on his knees submitting to his brother and Sakura was it Sasgay."

Sasuke was furious, everyone heard him and they were laughing at him. Drawing some kunai he threw them at Naruto who went up in a poof of smoke.

"Level one Rasengan combo 1000 years of pain."

Before Sasuke could react to the voice behind him he went flying high into the air holding his ass. Most of the men ever been caught peeping by a kunoichi shifter in their seats.

When Sasuke fell back down Naruto wasted no time as he immediately followed up with a second Genjutsu.

"Perverted Nightmare Jutsu!"

It was the ultimate nightmare to all men as it conclusively only worked on males.

Sasuke feel down and was in a hot spring or at least he thought he was surrounding him was Kakashi, Jiraiya, the Hokage, Hiashi, Iruka, Mizuki, Inoichi, and Itachi.

"Look guys a new piece of meat, "Mizuki said.

They all surrounded Sasuke and start feeling him up before he knew it he was in the middle of an all male orgy and he was the slut.

What people from the outside saw and heard left them horrified, disgusted, and some people traumatized, especially the males who made a mental note to kick Naruto's ass on a later date.

"Pinch my nipples hard Hokage-sama."

Then Sasuke dropped on all fours and he was rocking back and forth his moth open in position to suck a cock and drool running out.

"Yes harder Kakashi harder, faster, and deeper." Sasuke said panting.

"Oh Hokage-sama love your cock."

"Hiashi-sama you want me to suck you to?"

At this point Naruto burst out laughing. He couldn't contain himself anymore. For the first time in the longest time he finally felt like a bit of his old self was returning. Before all the pain and suffering, and the incidents that damaged he felt like a kid again. Though he avoid to make a mental note to avoid all the males included in the genjutsu as they were currently sending the blond Killing Intent.

"Kai,'' He said as he dispelled. ''You know that explains so much. We have a better chance of Itachi coming back and resurrecting the Uchiha then we do you huh?''

Sasuke came charging for Naruto and he side stepped and nailed him in the back went the hell of his foot sending him crashing into a wall.

Sasuke forced himself to his feet and looked up with none other then the First level Sharingan activated.

''Now it's over Dobe. With my Sharingan activated I'll destroy you.''

Naruto formed a Level 2 Rasengan and charged in.

"I can't copy it. Why can't I copy it?"

"I guess you got a broken bloodline," Naruto mused as he capitalized on Sasuke's distraction

Sasuke was thrown into the same wall but 4 times harder. When he managed to stand up he formed seal to make his giant fireball, but he screwed up and all that came out was a big flaming penis.

"Trying to cover up for your short comings?" Naruto said with a smirk

"He is not BAKA!" Shouted Sakura.

"Actually he is and he is hard to see glad I have my family bloodline or I could hardly see it." Hinata reace.d with her Byakugan activated.


"Sasuke I warned you once not to insult my girlfriends."

Naruto landed several punches to the Uchiha sternum causing him to fall over and wheeze heavily.

''Say it Uchiha! Say you give up! If you don't I'll break every bone in your body."

"Never, I will never submit to you I am an Uchiha."

"The Uchihas are dead! I don't know my Itachi spared you, but I'm sure it wasn't for this. Just give up, and I'll let you live.

Naruto never once stopped his assault as hit foot began to grind into Sasuke's spine.

"Say it Sasuke! Let go your past and start over.''

"I Submit!" he coughed out.

The council was shocked Naruto made him actually say it. Naruto walked over and helped him up and called for the medic units.

Naruto followed the medic unit and then after they treated him and had him sedated. Naruto began the seal on his head and then he forced some chakra into the seals and he had sealed the Sharingan away. He walked back into the stadium and not to much later he was embraced by his girls, congratulated by his friends, almost attacked by Sakura, but was pinned to the wall by kunai courtesy Anko, and then he felt the KI from the men that Sasuke was talking about.

"Naruto what were those Genjutsu's?" asked the Hokage as he kept on reminding himself that killing Naruto would be a very bad thing, despite almost being worth it.

"Well the first takes your fears and twist them with an inner desire so Sasuke desired to submit to be a slave for a couple, but his fear was Sakura and Itachi. The second was a perverted Genjutsu that from the information my Okaa-san wrote put you in a room filled with men you have seen and that they are gay. Now normal men tend freak out, but it more or less backfires when the person is gay,'' Naruto told them.

"From this point on that second Genjutsu is forbidden to be used on any male from Konoha.''

''But Ojii-san...''



Chapter End


Well this ends this current arc and the next one will start up soon. So until then it will probably be some time until I update this story.