Filling in the Blanks

Summary: Edward Cullen, father of twin rebellious teenage girls. Bella Swan, divorced single mother of three. They are both too stubborn to admit that they can't do it alone. Maybe a little bit of love will help them out? Of course, there's always the chance that it screw everything up even more. Can they work through the fears of their children, and each other? What about their own? Can they help each other fill in the blanks, and learn to let go and live a life of friends, family and love?



"Jes! Lexy! Time for school!" I yelled, grabbing my morning coffee. Simple and black, just the way I like it.

"Give me a sec!" Lexa called, and I heard some running around and opening and closing of drawers.

Before you give me crap for names like Lexa and Jessa, neither were my idea. My ex-girlfriend, Tanya insisted on naming them. I had absolutely no choice in the matter. As you may have figured out, Tanya isn't around anymore. She wanted to marry me for my money. She purposely stopped using birth control so she could have my child, just to make marriage more likely. Obviously, her plan backfired. She had our daughters, and when they were born, she took every excuse she could to not be around. She didn't want anything to do with them. As always, one thing led to another. And multiple fights later, she was out of my house and on her way, never taking one look back.

Lexa was more of a daddy's girl. She didn't go out of her way to get in trouble, although, as a teenager, it's impossible to completely avoid it. All in all, she was a pretty good kid. A bit quieter than her sister, but if she believed in something, she would fight for it until she won. She was just as stubborn as me.

Jessa, on the other hand, was more outspoken. She constantly tested my limits, and it seemed that she tried to get herself into bad situations. It's been quite a while since I've gotten her to really talk to me, and open up. I'm not sure why it is that she doesn't trust me, but it's something I've been trying to work on. So far, it's been proving to be a lost cause.

They were fraternal twins. Although, they did look identical. They both had my bronze colored hair, but with natural red highlights, and depending on the day, it could look a lot brighter than my own. Both have wavy hair, a mix between my own almost-straight, and their mom's curly. Jessa took the liberty of straightening hers perfectly every morning, while Lexa opted for a more natural look most of the time.

The only differences you would notice if they were standing side-by-side, is that Jessa is almost an inch taller than Lexa, and that they have different colored eyes. Jessa's are very blue, with the occasional flicker of green, and Jessa's are a green emerald color, no blue in sight. Exactly like my own. They both have many facial features of their mother's, however.

They are both barely fourteen years old. Their birthdays are July 28th, and July 29th. Lexa was born at 11:56pm on the 28th, and Jessa was born at 12:11am on the 29th. Most people are confused at first when we tell them that they were born on separate days, but the girl's both appreciate it. It gives them both a separate day to call their own.

"Girls! It's time to go! You don't want to be late on your first day of high school!" I called up the stairs, getting some ones out of my wallet for lunch money.

I heard footsteps pounding down the stairs, and looked up to see the girls coming downstairs together. On time, for the first time since elementary school.

I smiled and handed them lunch money, before inspecting their outfits. Jessa had a thing for dressing in less than she should.

Lexa was wearing a black tank top, and gray skinny jeans. Along with bright green Vans. I never understood why teenagers loved to wear bright, blinding colors, but I guess it doesn't matter much, as long as she looks decent.

Jessa had on a pink abercrombie shirt, and a jean skirt. I also don't understand what is so cool about ripped and faded clothing, but as I've been told many times 'You're so out of it, dad'. The skirt wasn't too short, so I decided to let it go.

"Alright, you both look decent. You've passed the 'dad inspection', so go eat breakfast real quick, and we'll get going," I said, handing them three dollars each. Lexy threw hers in her backpack and spread some peanut butter on her toast before taking a bite out of it. Jes took the peanut butter and smothered it on an apple, and the girls ate quickly in an easy silence.

"Dad, you should really learn how to cook. Toast and peanut butter isn't much of a meal," Lexy said, putting her plate in the dish washer.

"I don't think that's going to happen. I almost burned the kitchen down once, ask aunt Alice," I took one more drink of my coffee, "Let's get going."

The girls grabbed their backpacks, and went out to the car.

"I'm meeting uncle Emmett for lunch late this afternoon, so aunt Rose might pick you girls up today. Her car is hard to miss, so just take a quick look for it."

I heard a chorused "Kay", and rolled my eyes at the way they seem to respond to everything lately.

'I'm working late tonight.'


'My phone is dead. Don't try to call my cell.'


'There's a giant spider currently residing in the bathroom sink.'


Well, maybe not the last one. The last time we found a spider, Jessa screamed bloody murder and jumped up, standing on the arm of the couch, before losing her balance. We all had a good laugh at that one. It really makes me miss our family before the girls started 8th grade, and suddenly decided they were independent teenagers.

I pulled up in front of their school, and I saw both girls looking up at the vast array of buildings in front of us.

"Do you think you'll have fun in high school?" I asked them.

"Yeah. Aunt Rose said it was the best time of her life." Jes said, putting her iPod in her backpack.

Oh boy. I've heard many stories about Rose in high school, and I would prefer if my kids didn't follow in her footsteps. I'm going to have to talk to her later.

They both started to get out of the car, and I autonomously called out, "Have a good day at school."

I heard a mumbled, "Yeah," and "Sure."

"I love you," I said, hoping to get a better response.

This time I got a "Same," and a "Kay, bye."

I rolled my eyes, and pulled out and away from the school, heading towards work.


I clocked out at 1:30pm, and walked to the restaurant a few buildings away from the hospital. I was immediately greeted by my beast of a brother.

"Hey, Eddie!" he called, pulling me in a 'man hug' as he called it.

"You know I hate it when you call me that," I chastised, remembering all the bad memories of that childhood nickname.

We were quickly seated, by an eager looking waitress. I could feel her eyes burning through the back of my head after she walked away, taking her time when she gave us our menus.

"She was so checking you out, man," Emmett said, wiggling his eyebrows.

I rolled my eyes, before focusing my attention on the menu.

"So, I got a new job," Emmett said. I looked up to see him beaming. Emmett had been through dozens of jobs in the past year, never finding one to settle on. Some were simply outrageous. The Mr. Pickle's pickle costume, the bedroom set salesman at Kohl's, a courtesy clerk at Safeway. Hell, he even worked at McDonald's for a small period of time.

"What is it this time? A pet store? A magazine stand? Oh! A hot dog vendor?" I asked, sarcastically.

"No, actually. I'm the new football coach. At Samertino!" he exclaimed.

Samertino High was where Lexy and Jess attended. I remember reading in the paper that their football team won the championships last year, but the coach had to leave for some reason.

"Really?" I asked, not sure if he was joking with me or not.

"Yup. How cool is that!? I might see the girls more often!" he said, literally bouncing in his seat. I knew that Rosalie couldn't have children, so he loved my girls immensely.

"Em, I hate to bring your mood down, but I highly doubt my girl's would want to play football."

"Powderpuff, my friend. Everyone does powderpuff," he said in a 'duh' tone.

I cringed at the mention of powderpuff. Emmett had dragged me and our other friends into participating. Emmett, of course, found the drag makeup hilarious. I, however, felt kind of embarrassed cheerleading in front of the whole student body, and then some.

"So..." Emmett started, in his 'I want to set you up with this girl I met that you most likely don't have anything in common with, but you need to get laid' voice.

"Absolutely not, Emmett." I rejected immediately.

"But Rose even thinks it's a good idea this time. It's one of her best friends. She's more of your type. More 'mature' I guess you could say. Just give it a shot." he pleaded.

"Emmett," I sighed.

"Edward, I promise you won't regret this one. You guys are so much alike, you will at least be good friends. I promise, if this one completely tanks, I'll never ever set you up again. Pinky swear!" he said, holding out his pinky with a grin on his face.

I drew in a long breath, and he knew I was giving in. His grin got bigger, before I looked straight at him.

"Last one ever," I said firmly.

"Last one, unless it goes well," he clarified.

He shoved his pinky towards me, and I rolled my eyes at his childish antics.

"So, when do I have to meet this girl?" I asked, reluctantly wrapping my pinky around his.

"Don't be so negative, bro! This one's a keeper!"



Ring. Ring. Ring.

The default ring boomed from my cell, bringing me out of my thoughts.

I glanced at the caller ID.

"Hola, senorita." I said, glad to have the distraction. I was having major writer's block. It wasn't a good thing when you are a work-at-home journalist. I only took the job so I could stay home with the kids, but lately I've been wanting to get out of the house. Even a gray-colored office with people dressed in pencil skirts, buns, and reading glasses sounds more appealing than being stuck in this mahogany, dust-filled, library-slash-office.

"Ciao, Bella," Rosalie responded, giggling. It was one of our insiders, since high school. I took Spanish, she took Italian. We would have conversations over the phone in our respective languages, knowing very well that the other was clueless to our part in the conversation. I had learned that she cussed me out quite a few times, and I had accused her of stealing my lollipop more times than I could count.

Of course, as soon as she found out that Bella meant beautiful, she took to starting many, if not most conversations, with that little saying.

"So, to what do I owe the pleasure of this call?" I asked, spinning around in my office chair.

"Well, I was thinking, and me and Emmett decided that you had a lot in common with his brother. I wanted to see if you might want to go on a blind date with him?" she asked, in a tone that I knew meant she wasn't going to take no for an answer.

"Rose. You know dating isn't my thing," I replied, biting my lip. Rose had been pretty nice to me over the years since the divorce. But, recently we had a girl's night, and she had an intervention, telling me that I needed to move on, and that Jacob is an asshole. He lost custody five years ago, and will never come around again, considering that he can't even keep his hands to himself around the kids. Him, and his new girlfriend Leah, moved across the country, and I haven't heard from them since.

"Bella, you don't know that. You just make yourself think that. But it's not true, you are gorgeous, and all you have to do is flirt a little, and guys will be drooling over you." she gushed.

"Whatever. We both know that's not true. And I'm perfectly fine being single." I replied. I was doing completely fine by myself. Of course, it helped that I inherited a large sum of money from my grandmother. I was an only child, and so was Charlie, so we are both pretty lucky.

The only reason I have this journalism job is for insurance and to bring some income into the house. Eventually, grandma's money would run out. Probably after I die, but I don't want my kids thinking you can just rely on inheritance.

"Whatever. So how's it going?"

"Emma started middle school today. It's so weird seeing my little girl grow up," I said with a sigh.

Emma was my middle child. She was beautiful. She has perfectly tanned skin, my brown eyes, and long mahogany hair, straight like her father's.

Connor is my oldest, starting sophomore year today. Connor has most of my features, but not so much it makes him look girly. He has dark brown hair, closer to his father's color, but he dies it lighter, because he despises the color for some reason. I can't blame him. I don't like it much either. Connor is also really tall, just like his father.

Jace is the youngest, at 8 years old. He started 3rd grade a few weeks ago. He has the heart-breaking smile, just like his father. Although, at this age, it's more cute than anything. He has tanned skin, and light freckles just like his father. He has my plain brown hair, but besides that, and a few facial features, he was the spitting image of his dad.

"It must be crazy, having sweet little Emma growing into a reckless teenager. Good luck, Bella." she said, laughing lightly.

"I don't want her to grow up, Rose. I honestly can't even see her turning into a reckless teenager. She looks too innocent," I said with a sad sigh. Life was blowing by too quickly.

"Well, I'm picking up my nieces this afternoon. Do you want me to get Connor and Em?" she offered.

"Nah. I need to get out of the house. Speaking of, I should be heading out. Talk to you later? My phone is in the charger." I said, grabbing my keys.

"Sure thing. Arrivederci, lovely,"

"Adios, amigo."


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