Okay, so this is my very first fanfiction and I think that it is...well...review it. And be honest but don't be all like "This sucks! Stop writing for the good of all mankind!" But do be as honest as possible without being so mean I'll cry. n_n

"Melina, I'm serious. That lady, Verona, is a witch! She has been watching Leon, you know, the baker's son? He confronted her about it yesterday; I watched him approach her," Sara told her as they walked to the well. "But I scurried away when Verona looked my way. And now, today, he's gone! Disappeared! She probably zapped him into dust; that witch," she spit.

"Sara, you're being silly. It's a mere coincidence –"

"The almighty Lord does not allow mere coincidences –"

"The almighty Lord wouldn't allow witches either, but yet they are close. If he can allow witches he certainly can allow mere coincidences!" Melina shot back as we reached the well. "Either Leon disappeared because he wanted to or someone murdered him and covered it up. And there is always the possibility that he could be with that Lady Margaret, he's always wanted in her panties –"

"And yet Lady Margaret always pushed him away," Sara argued stubbornly.

"Well then go to the priest and declare that Verona is a witch –"

"You well know that I cannot. That would be my third witch accusation this year!" When the bucket were well full they put them back on their shoulders and carried them back to the manor. "I'll I'm asking is that you accuse her this time," Sara finally pleaded.

"I refuse to take place in any part of something like that. I may be your best friend but I become your enemy when it comes to idea's like that one," Melina ended the conversation as they put the buckets down by the wall.

Kim – the head maid – was already starting the bread when they walked in. She looked their way and gave them both the evil eyes, ready to scold them about how long it took. But the moment she started opening her mouth Lady Margaret walked into the room.

"Kim, have you heard anything about Leon yet?" she asked. Melina nudged Sara in the side, trying to make a point that she was covering up.

"No ma'am, I'm sorry ma'am," Kim answered sweetly.

"Alright," then she just turned and marched away. That was what Sara always thought of her walking anyways, marching. Her legs always went to high and she walked in straight lines. It was so unnatural.

After she was out of hearing Kim came down on them like an owl on a mouse. "Why did it take you so long to get back here?" she asked strictly.

"We are sorry," Melina replied smoothly. "There was a long line and we had to wait awhile." Of course it was a lie, they were walking quiet slowly, to talk and watch the Butcher's son, Mark.

She gave an angry hmph then went back to work on the bread, but not before she could look them and give them all of the jobs. It did occur to both of them that they were both as far away from each other as possible.

They both went to their chores.

It wasn't until night fall that they could return to their sleeping-quarters. Melina, Sara, and a young girl named Kay shared the room; Melina was in the middle, Sara on the left and Kay on the right. Kay kept closed to the others so Melina and Sara could talk about stuff; they also knew that Kay never listened to them so they started talking about Verona and Leon.

"Please? I really cannot accuse anyone without someone being suspicious of me," Sara pleaded.

"No, never. I do not do stuff that might have others killed! I absolutely refuse!" Melina snapped.

"Um, excuse me," Kay spoke up. "Are you talking about that Leon?"

"Yes, do you know anything about it?" Sara asked looking over at her.

"Not really. But I do admit, I thought I saw something in the woods next to the manor. It looked like a person, a boy around the age of fifteen. The same as Leon. Maybe he ran away?" it was a question.

"Yes, that is absolutely possible!" Melina encouraged.

"I do not think that a young man, who indeed had a future, would run off. Not even if his father or mother was a witch themselves," Sara protested. "And that person could be a trick of the light or another snooper looking for a peek at Lady. I mean she is only twenty three with many suitors."

"And they are sneaking through the woods?" Melina asked with Kay nodding. "Most likely he would want to show off what the person just did."

"Or she sent them off that way so no one would tease her. And she wouldn't loose any suitors that way!"

"Just shush about the topic; all of it. If Lady heard what we were talking about we could be fired, do you want to live on the streets being called a witless servant?" Melina snapped.

"Fine, but my last words are, if Verona did do…that…she'll do it again." Then I laid my head down on the pillow and fell off to sleep.