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For the next three days Sara considered telling the priest about what had happened. She also hounded Melina to tell the priest for her, but Melina kept shooting it down. During the times they talked in bed Kay listened carefully to what they both had to say, and only occasionally added her two-sense.

One night though, Sara said that she wanted to find out for real what happened.

"Melina, Kay, I have a request," she started.

"If it is either of us to go to the priest we both turn it down, you witless person, you never give up," Melina snorted.

"No. Actually I want both of you to cover for me because I'm going to Verona's house to ask her straight up what happened. If I'm not back by nightfall of tomorrow, I need you to talk to the priest," Sara said, ignoring Melina's remark.

"Sure," Melina shrugged lying back.

"I don't believe that is a very good idea," Kay whispered.

"And why is that?"

"Because she might zap you to dust like she might have Leon. You see, Leon was my brother," the shocked both Melina and Sara into listening to her. "And now that you are my friend, I don't want you to be hurt also."

"Leon was your brother?" Melina asked. "Why are you working here then?"

"Because father didn't like me. He was going to send me far, far away but mother stopped him. So he sent me here to work, make my own way in life."

"I'm sorry about your brother –" Sara whispered.

"No need. We weren't very close, and I hadn't seen him in a while; only passing on the street every now-and-then. He liked me as much as father," she laughed humorlessly.

"I am sorry about your brother and your situation, even if you are not. But I am still going," Sara continued.

"Then be careful," Kay insisted. "I still do not want anyone else hurt."

"Alright then," Sara said. Kay and Sara both did not realize how silent Melina had been during their conversation. But as they went to sleep Melina whispered a silent prayer that neither Kay nor Sara knew of.

Then next morning, as Kim, Melina, Kay, and Sara were in the kitchen, Sara told them all she'd be going to the well for some water.

"Come back soon because I'm sure you don't want to be scolded or beaten," Kim said coldly.

Sara nodded and rushed out the door before anyone could remark about anything. Outside the air was colder then it should have been in August; leaves brushed into Sara's face as she started away from the well.

As Sara approached the gloomy house Kay's words finally caught up to her, "She might zap you to dust like…Leon." Sara didn't want to face the fact of death, again. Both of her parents sent her away when she was little, feeling that she needed a life of her own even at such a young age. A shiver went down her spine as she set the buckets down and went up the steps of the porch. After knocking three times Verona answered; she had long, spindly limbs that looked threatening, her ice blond hair looked like it could strangle three men, and her green eyes could pierce through crystal – if anyone could get their hands on such a thing.

"And you are?" Verona asked her in a cold tone.

"My name is Sara," she said boldly. "I'm here to ask you a very serious question and I don't want you to lie."

"And what would this serious question be, Sara?" she asked leaning against the door. Sara could feel her blond hair sticking to the back of her neck as she forced the question out.

"Are you a witch?" Verona looked at her for a quarter of a second and then burst out laughing. Sara's face reddened. "Answer the question!"

Verona dissolved into giggles but forced an answer out. "No, child, I am not the abomination that you are asking. I'd kill myself first."

"Are you sure?" Sara asked, trying not to seem too desperate.

"A woman of age twenty three would know if she possessed such evil power. I am a servant of god, not a magic wielder."

"Alright then…I was wondering then if you knew anything about Leon going missing." Verona's eyes sharpened and she straightened up, leaning away from the door frame as if it had burnt her.

"I have no idea what you are talking about young lady. I have no answers or ideas about what happened to young master Leon. I barely knew him and I've only ever talked to him once," she hissed.

"And when was that?" Sara asked daringly.

"The day before he disappeared. He came, giving biddings for his father. He was trying to sell me some bread, but I told them I made my own…that I needed no help, and that I still need no help. No if you don't mind, get off my porch and away from my house before I call on some help from the neighbor boy, Gerald." Gerald, Sara had never heard the name before…maybe he was knew in the town.

"Fine then, I'll just report you to the priest and then we will see what happens."

As she turned away she felt Verona grab her arm and pull her within the house – slamming the door behind. Inside it was nothing as it seemed on the out. The furniture was nice and clean, the walls had fading blue wallpaper, and there was not so much as a speck of dirt anywhere or so much as a cobweb.

"You cannot," Verona hissed. "I will not let you and if I must kill you to do it, so be it!"

"Kill me? What, are you to zap me into dust?" Sara asked bemused.

"I told you, I am not a witch. I am a servant of god! Unlike the little snitches that go around; telling others who is a witch and who is not, such as yourself!"

"I am not a snitch and I am too a servant of god, ready to extinguish those who mean to betray him!" Sara screamed back. Verona had quiet enough of yelling, so she grabbed the first thing she could reach – which happened to be a chair – and hit Sara with it as hard as possible.

Sara gasped and fell backwards onto the couch. By that time Verona had somehow gotten hold of a knife and pinned Sara down. She had no time to scream as Verona plunged the knife into her chest; silencing her for good. But before all the lights inside Sara's head went out she heard Verona hiss, "You are not a servant of god as I am." Then Sara went into the deepest sleep she had ever been in.

(Melina POV)

She watched as Sara got pulled inside the house by Verona. Melina slipped into the house when no one was looking at watched as Verona and Sara fought. She also watched as her best friend died on the couch in a pool of her own blood. Verona said something and walked out of the room and out the door. Melina slipped to Sara's side silently.

(Sara POV)

Her breathing started picking up again, her heart still racing from the fight. Sara's eyes opened little by little, only seeing the outline of the person at her side.

"Melina?" Sara finally asked. "Are you dead too?"

"No, Sara, I am not dead and nor are you. I've kept a secret from everyone, including you. The reason I do not turn other witches in is because I am a witch myself. I have brought you back to life, my dear friend, I'm sorry."


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