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PHASE 01- Shinn Asuka: a happy horse turned heart broken clown.

(note: POV means point of view...)

Stellar's POV (siya nagkukwento...)

"Finally after 2 boring months!!! it's finally June!!! which means it's back to school again!!" I yelled as me and my kumare Lacus were walking along the corridors of ADT Montessori School. "Oo nga ee!! parang kelan lang nuh..." Lacus replied. "H.. Hi Lacus..." a famillar yet annoying voice stated. It was Kira Yamato.. One of my classmates and the best friend of my "Arch-Rival" Shinn Asuka. "Oh.. Hi Kira.. _" the annoyed Lacus stated. There was a moment of silence until Lacus' "knight in shining armor" Athrun arrived. Man is Lacus lucky to have the most handsome boy in the whole campus... his blue hair and daring green eyes perfectly matches him... "Hey Goofball!!! Stay away from my girl will ya?" Athrun exclaimed. The two started sharing icy stares to each other until the school bell rang. "OMG!!! we're late!!!" I stated as I quickly ran to room 307. "4th year section piety. Adviser: Ms. Myla S. Dela Cruz." was written in the door. "Hooray!!!! Ms. Myla is our teacher!!!" Lacus whispered. "Enough chit-chat!! Let's go!" Kira whispered as he knocked at the door. "Good morning Ms. Myla.. ^^" We stated in chorus. "Good Morning Stellar, Kira, Lacus, and Athrun, there are only 4 vacant seats so choose now.." Ms. Myla smiled back. Kira and Athrun raced at the 2 separate seats. "Seat next to me Lacus!" the two stated in unison. Lacus skipped merrily and sat down at the middle of Kira and Athrun. "Well Stellar, looks like you have to seat beside Shinn..." Ma'am suggested, "AYIIIII!" all of our classmates yelled. "teka baka magselos si Lunamaria!! Hahaha!!!" one of our classmates exclaimed.

"Oh yeah... Shinn, where is Luna? I thought she was going to study here" our teacher asked. Shinn did not say a word until Kira whispered something to Ma'am. " Oh... That's too bad...." Ma'am frowned.

It was already recess time. Maybe i'll mess up with Shinn for good times sake. "Yo Shinn... wazzup?" I questioned. Shinn then turned his back on me. Wow... what the hell is wrong with him? Does he have H1N1 or something? "Uh... is there a problem?" I asked again. "None of your business..." Shinn whispered. "Oh come on... even though I'm your "Arch Rival" I'm still your friend ^^" I explained. "Hmm... Okay... It started when...