Chapter II:

Ash In The Wind

A/N: Sorry it has been awhile. I wasn't sure if I was going to write another chapter, but I decided to. The main reason it has been awhile is that I have started another fic that I will not be posting until I have a few chapters written, which is based on Stephen King's Dark Tower series. More on that later though. I want to tell all readers one thing. Please know that the Pokemon that Ash has in this fic are not necessarily Pokemon he usually carries with him. I am just going with five Pokemon of my choice, plus Ash's Pikachu. Can't forget that little yellow bastard. Enjoy and feel free to review this chapter!

Pokemon Center-Pallet Town

Ash had received a message from his mother on his Poke-Gear asking him if he and his traveling companions could come back to Pallet Town for a few days. Her Mr. Mime had fallen seriously ill and she needed company. So Ash, Misty, and Brock, who where in Goldenrod City at the time, caught a train ride back to Vermillion City and took a new trail through the mountains and reached Pallet town in two days time. We join them at the newly built Pokemon Center awaiting news on Mr. Mime's condition.

Ash: "Man, I hope Mr. Mime is going to be okay..."

Delilah: "I just know my Mimey will pull through. He just has to!"

Brock: "AHH!! NURSE JOY!!! You are the most beautiful Joy I have ever seen!!!"

Misty: "I'll go get him..." with a sigh

As Misty proceeds to drag Brock off by his ear, Ash and Joy share a sweat drop on the back of their heads.

Ash: "So how is Mr. Mime?"

Joy: "He is going to be fine, he just caught a bad cold. Mr. Mimes have recently been discovered to become especially weak when they come down with a cold."

Delilah: "That is so good to know. I can never thank you enough Nurse Joy!"

Joy: "It is no problem."

Just then, an oddly colored Alakazam entered the Center. This Alakazam had mostly a black body, with dark blood red areas and the same color of eyes. Behind him walked Giovanni.

Giovanni: "Hello Ash. How do you like my new pet?"

Ash: "Damn you Giovanni, what have you done know?"

Giovanni: "I am glad you asked. This is not an Alakazam at all, but the shadow clone of the original Mew. As you all know, Mew can transform into any Pokemon and use any attack. That includes a new attack I have created just for my Shadow Mew. I hope you like it!" he says with a sinister laugh.

Ash: "I don't think so. If he is in the form of an Alakazam, he will be weak against my Umbreon!"

As Umbreon's name is said, Ash throws a Pokeball into the air and an Umbreon comes out. This Umbreon looks different from normal, as he is a light gray shade with light blue rings.

Giovanni: "I see you captured an Umbreon with Pokerus. No Matter, Shadow Mew, use Perfect Balance!"

Ash: "What?!"

At this point, Umbreon is sent back into his pokeball. Ash and his Pikachu start to glow, and then disappear.

Kame's Lookout

Goku and Trunks had just reappeared, recounting the story of their journey back to the Meiji Era of Japan and their battle with Kenshin Himura and Sanosuke Sagara, when the symbol of a Pokeball appeared in the air. No one knew what the symbol was, until Vegeta spoke up

Vegeta: "It looks like a Pokeball."

Goku: "A what's balls?"

Vegeta sighs. "The woman made me watch an episode of this children's show called Pokemon with the young Trunks. A Pokeball is a thingie on the show."

Goku: "HAHAHAHAHA!!! She has you whipped!"


Just then, a young boy in a blue vest and red hat falls onto the Lookout floor. He has these so called "Pokeball" things on his belt and what looks like a small yellow mouse right beside him.

Vegeta: "AHH! That is the star of that blasted show! I can't remember his name..."

Young Boy: "Pikachu, are you alright?"

Yellow Mouse: "Pika... PIKA PIKA!!!" the mouse yells pointing at the saiyans, Piccolo, and Mr. Popo.

Young Boy: "Wh- Who are you?!"

Goku: "Damn. This is the same thing that happened to me and Trunks when we ended up back in the Meiji Era."

Gohan: "I am Gohan. That is my dad, Goku, along with Vegeta, his son Trunks, our friends Krillin and Piccolo, and the protector of this place, Mr. Popo."

Vegeta: "Just who the hell are you?"

Young Boy: "My name is Ash Ketchum, and this is my partner, Pikachu."

Goku: "So you are married to that thing?"

Vegeta: "Shut up Kakkarot."

Ash: "Umm... Where are we?"

Trunks: "Dead."

Ash: "Really?"

Vegeta: "No. Not yet anyways!"

At this point, Vegeta goes Super Saiyan. Ash, sensing trouble, let out all of his Pokemon, which were the shiny Umbreon, a Blaziken, a Gyarados, a Scizor, and a Lucario, along with his Pikachu that was already out. Deciding that a six on one fight would be unfair, Goku, Trunks, Gohan, and Piccolo and Krillin all jumped in to help. As soon as they jumped in, it was an all out brawl (A/N: I am going to depict one fight at a time.)

Since Vegeta was at the front of the Saiyans, Ash decided to take him on first. His Blaziken, who was part fighting type, had developed a way of using his attacks without need for instruction from Ash, unless it was a Fire type attack. Blaziken jumped into the air and aimed a drop kick from the air straight for Vegeta, which Vegeta barely evaded. As his left foot his the ground, he spun around and delivered an insanely powerful spin kick to Vegeta's face. Vegeta flew back, but recovered quickly and sent a Ki blast towards Blaziken, who was hit in the mid-section, but was not seriously injured. Blaziken jumped high in the air and aimed another drop kick at Vegeta, this one much faster, as his foot started flaming. Vegeta flies up into the sky, making Blaziken miss. And starts to taunt the Pokemon. Blaziken then hits the floor of the lookout and makes a small crater, ut quickly shoots back up with a Sky Uppercut while Vegeta is still taunting. This attack renders Vegeta completely unconscious.

Meanwhile, about 30 feet away, Goku and Ash's Scizor were locked in battle. Goku started by flying straight at Scizor and aiming a punch right at Scizor's head. Scizor, being made of steel, felt a lot less pain from this attack than Goku did. Scizor then used a Hyper Beam, which Goku countered with a Kamehameha wave. The two beams were locked for nearly two full minutes, both combatants pushing their beam as hard as they can, until Scizor ran out of energy. Goku's Kamehameha wave overcame Scizor and defeated him.

Piccolo was in a fierce battle with Ash's Lucario, which was slightly larger than a normal Lucario and was also a much darker color, being another shiny Pokemon. Ash's Lucario had also mastered the use of all Aura attacks, and could speak with Ash telepathically. Piccolo was sending punches lightning fast at the Pokemon, but Lucario was blocking at the same speed. Lucario jumped high in the air and used an Aura Sphere, but Piccolo dodged it and hit Lucario with a ki blast. Lucario recovered quickly and sent five rapid Aura blasts at Piccolo. Piccolo only seen one, and was hit by the other four. Piccolo was sent through the building and was knocked unconscious.

Gyarados had immediately wanted to fight Gohan for some reason. Being part Flying type, Ash's Gyarados had managed to learn how to Fly and use other Flying type attacks, and had also learned to use Hyper Beam repeatedly without having to recharge his energy. Gyarados immediately flew towards Gohan and tried to use his Crunch attack on Gohan, but Gohan flew away. Gyarados used a Hydro Pump attack repeatedly, but Gohan dodged the attacks easily. Just when Gohan thought he was safe, Gyarados thrashed his tail and hit Gohan in the head. Gohan was sent flying, as Gyarados sent 4 Hyper beams towards Gohan. Gohan, who had learned his father's Instant Transmission technique, used it to get right above Gyarados and hit the Pokemon with a Masenko wave. Gohan finished the Pokemon with a Kamehameha wave for a K.O.. It turned out to be a Critical Hit. Or super effective. Or something like that...

Krillin tried to take on the Shiny Umbreon, but being the weakest Z Warrior, Krillin was hurt by a Bite from Umbreon, and then Krillin took off running around the lookout, comically being chased by Umbreon. But we all still love Krillin, cause someone has to be there for comic relief.

This left Trunks and Pikachu. Pikachu was so small that Trunks could not hit him. Pikachu easily knocked the air out of Trunks with an Iron Tail attack, which Pikachu followed up on with a Volt Tackle. Trunks managed to dodge and use his main energy attack. (A/N: I forget the name. I apologize.) Pikachu was hit, but it turned out to be bot very effective. Pikachu used his most powerful Thunder attack ever and literally fried Trunks. Trunks survived, but only because the Pikachu from the anime isn't allowed to kill an opponent.

When it looked like all of the fighters where worn out, Ash's Pokemon, except for Pikachu, were returned to their Pokeballs by themselves. Ash and Pikachu then disappeared.

Gohan: "Damn, they are gone."

Goku: "That was fun!"

At this point, everyone tackles Goku to shut him up.

Pokemon Center-Pallet Town

Ash and Pikachu reappeared out of nowhere, to find that the Darkrai from the movie Rise Of Darkrai had came out of nowhere and gave Giovanni explosive diarrhea, and as soon as the Shadow Mew left, his Perfect Balance was canceled. Shortly after, Jessi, James, and Meowth attempt once again to steal Pikachu, but fail miserably, and Mr. Mime is found to be all better.

End Of Story

(at least, end of chapter two. Hehehehehehe)

A/N: I know I made a lot of crap up, but oh well. I wasn't originally going to use Lucario, but instead Swellow, but I thought I should go for a more Humanoid Pokemon instead of a bird Pokemon. I don't know if there will be another chapter yet or not, it depends on how good the reviews are!!