January 16, 2001

Dear Readers,

Thank you for following the story of Zacarias and Ashelia! I wanted to let you all know that I wanted to tie up some strings and there is a sequel being written titled, Dark Times, and some of the first chapters have been published. Below is an excerpt from the Dark Times!

I also wanted to let you know that a writer's challenge was posed to me and I gladly accept the partake in The 5 ways Challenge, which is a collection of 5 one-shots on how characters from a fandom could have met. They are all one-shots and will depict alternate scenes on how our leading couple from Dark Moments could have met. I am really excited about this challenge and I encourage you to check out my other works!

So Without further ado here is a scene from Dark Times, the sequel to Dark Moments:

Immediately, teams had been dispatched to recover them. Lojos and Tomas were the only Carpathians on the mission and it was causing some tension with Ashe because of Zacarias. As the ruling Carpathian for South America the new hunters answered to the eldest De La Cruz brother. Zacarias was hunting a vampire far to the north and was unable to stop his lifemate from going on the mission. The white blonde haired princess went as far as to shield her mind and hide her activities from him until he was too far away to influence the mission.

Their connection couldn't be completely severed but he had been able to gleam enough information and was quite enraged. Lojos and his brother were then given orders from him. To give another hunter the job to protect one's lifemate and ensure their safety was serious. Zacarias had not gone that far but gave explicit orders and spoke of what would happen should she be injured. Only the three males knew what had been said, but the females feared he would order them interfere in such a way that cause her to not follow through with the mission.

It was clear that though the new spotlight couple was furthering their relationship they still had a few problems to address. Ashe knew that once the fight was over and they were reunited Zacarias would practically chain her to her desk as punishment for being reckless for several weeks. She tried not to think about it and hoped Iris wouldn't try to interfere again. The tourmaline eyed heiress was already having enough problems with her own lifemate as it was. Iris was the social butterfly and though it was known she wanted to find love and settle down she didn't want to settle down at this time. One of her most recent ex-boyfriend's was also making a nuisance of himself. Lojos had become her shadow and as much as Ashe tried to reassure her friend that once it sunk in, the Carpathian would back off a bit, it wasn't much help. Working with the person you were having a relationship was more difficult than the three females had imagined. Oddly enough, Amelyn seemed to be the best adjusted with her lifemate's presence out of the three females.


Thanks for all your support!

~Ageless Light