The Flower and Her Shadow

Chapter 1

Before I went to sleep, he gave me a kiss and wished me sweet dreams. He kissed in a way, as if, it was the last time he'd ever see me. As if, he knew, he was going to die in his sleep that very night. Those kisses made me both heart-broken and happy.

The breeze was bone-chilling, but the night was warm, as he waited for her. October nights were a warning for those chilly December nights, that seemed so far away, but would come, in no time at all. Her gift, wrapped around his neck, keeping him warm, as he buried his face in it. The dark navy blue scarf could, he believed, was store-bought, not hand-knit. But he couldn't seem to find it in any store, and if it was knit, it was by a Master of the trade. "Sasuke-Kun!" He looked glanced towards the cheerful voice, coming face-to-face, with Sakura, her pink-hair, in a small ponytail, since the Chuunin Exams. She smiled, concern in her eyes, possibly on why he had summoned her at such a late time, but other than that, she smiled. "You're wearing the scarf I gave you!" She chirped happily, but he looked away, snorting, trying to keep his walls up.

"This is the only one I could find." He grunted, not making eye-contact with her. "I train at night, and I need a partner. Naruto can't help me, so, I wanted to know if you wanted to help me with my training." He lied, as a little voice inside his head told him to tell the truth. She leaned back, looking at the night sky.

"But, you're already way strong! Why do you still need to train?" She asked him, looking his way, teetering, on the balls of her feet, back and forth, closer and farther away from him.

"Are you willing to help me train or not, Sakura?" He demanded gruffly, and she blushed slightly, bringing her hands just a little in front of her face, looking at him shyly as if they were a fan.

"O-Of course, anything for you, Sasuke-Kun." She admitted, breathing into her hands. He caught a glimpse of purple fingernails, making him abruptly turn to her, thus in turn, making her gasp at his speed.

"Why aren't you wearing gloves?" He asked, taking her hands in his, making her blush darken slightly.

"I-I was in a rush to get here!" She told him, and he sighed, bringing her hands to his mouth, and blowing on them, until her finger nails were flamingo pink once more. "T-Thank you, Sasuke-Kun."

"Whatever. Come on, I want to be in bed by 10:30." He answered gruffly, turning, and walking towards the training grounds, still holding her left hand with his right hand, blushing so faintly, it was unnoticeable, as he buried the lower half of his face, into the scarf.

-10:00 pm-

After Training, Sasuke walked with Sakura to her house. "Why does Sasuke-Kun train so late at night?" Sakura asked him curiously.

"Just incase there's an ambush during the night." He answered simply, looking away, as his hand took hers, making Sakura blush faintly, and giving him a questioning look. He, once more brought her hand up to his mouth, blowing on it, until her finger nails were pink. She blushes heavily, as he did so, and he noticed this, looking at her. "What's wrong?" He asked, as she blushed 5 shades of red.

"N…Nothing, Sasuke-Kun!" She stammered, still blushed, as she averted her eyes. Sasuke grinned, taking this opportunity to lightly kiss her finger tips, making her look back at him. He went back to blowing on her hand, to give her the slip, and it worked. They finally arrived at her house, and she bowed to him at her front doorway. "Thank you for letting me train with you, Sasuke-Kun." She said bashfully, the door opening, her Father, standing in the door way.

"Young Man, do you know what time it is?!" Her father demanded, pushing up his glasses, his brown hair was slightly ruffled. Sakura looked back at him, an ashamed look on her face, and Sasuke looked at him.

"I'd like permission to date your daughter, Mr. Haruno." Sasuke asked, making Sakura look at him in shock.

"Well, you can't. Knowing you're going to return her home at 10:15 pm, I think you need to keep a watch on you, before you can date my daughter." Mr. Haruno said. "And you, young lady, better get in this house. It's beyond your bed time!" He said sternly, before going back into the house. Sakura looked back at Sasuke, apologizing, and thanking him once for, for walking her home. He reached up, taking her chin in his hand, and lifting it up slightly, before kissing her.

"Sweet Dreams." Sasuke said, before he withdrew and turned on his heels, walking towards his house, Sakura watching him- before her father came out, threw her over his shoulder, and took her back into the house, shutting the door behind him.