The Flower and her Shadow

Chapter 4

~Awkward moments~

He stood there, waiting, glancing at the two coupons in his hand, to a new café in the Village. It advertised ice cream on the pink coupons- he wasn't fond of sweets, but maybe Sakura was. "G-Gomenasai, Sasuke-Kun!" He turned around to see Sakura, standing there, hands on her knees, revealing her bra slightly. "It was hard to find something nice to wear." She said, wearing a cute, sky blue sun dress. "Um- I-I look bad, huh? I-I'll go change!" Sakura stammered, and he grabbed her hand, as she tried to turn and run back to her house. The Uchiha looked at her.

"You look nice, let's go." Sasuke muttered, before pulling her along to the Shoppe, and Sakura smiled, happily hugging Sasuke's arm.

(Café )

Sasuke walked into the shoppe, and the server looked at them. "Name?"

"Sasuke Uchiha." Sasuke said, and they blinked.

"Oh, yes, this way!" they said, leading them to a booth in the back- and what do you know? There, sat Orochimaru and Sakura's Aunt, Megumi. "Here you are!" The server said, gesturing to the other side of the adults' booth, which was currently vacant.

"I think you're mistaken-" Sasuke said, but Megumi said, "Thank you, that'll be all." The Server bowed, and left. Sakura hurried up and scooted into the booth seat. Sasuke glanced wryly at Orochimaru, before slipping in next to Sakura.

"Well, how's the date going, you two?" Megumi smiled happily at the two, Orochimaru just sitting there, eating. Completely…harmlessly…eating. As if he had put the evil aside- to have a casual day. It creeped Sasuke out.

"Auntie, how did you know?" Sakura asked, and Megumi smiled.

"My dear, I was the one who sent Sasuke the coupons! I simply started a spark, and he fanned the fire himself." Megumi said, taking a sip of Sake. Orochimaru looked enviously at her.

"How come you can drink and I can't?" He asked, and she glared at him.

"Because the last time you drank, I got EATEN by a SNAKE, Orochi." She snarled at him venomously and sarcastically, and he rolled his eyes, going back to eating, Megumi smiling at Sasuke and Sakura. "Go on, get as much as you want! It's on the house!" She said, and Sakura smiled at Sasuke.

"I'm so glad! Aren't you Sasuke-Kun?" Sasuke just stared at her, before looking at the menu. "…sure…" He muttered. Megumi smiled.

"Aww, you two make such a nice couple!" Megumi cooed, Orochimaru offering her some of his ice cream, and she shook her head. "No, no, I didn't sign up for your cooties, Orochimaru." She told him. "Honestly."

"At least put effort into trying to pretend to be my wife." He hissed, before eating the ice cream himself. She smirked at him eerily, before hugging his head into her chest, and bursting out into loud laughter.

"Oh my god, you're so funny! I'm so happy we met each other at that bar! I'm never gonna leave you!" She chirped happily, and she glared down at him, letting him go. "You obviously didn't comprehend where those buises on your body had come up from, when you came too after passing out, huh? That's right, bitch, I DID IT." She hissed, getting back to her dessert.

"Auntie, what's going on?" Sakura asked, making her aunt flinch, "Why are you here with Orochimaru?"

"Um..." She said, Orochimaru interupting and saying, "Its because we made a deal, that she'd be my wife for a week, because I'm jealous of your uncle!" He then went back to eating his ice cream, and Sasuke asked, "So- what's in it for Megumi-San?" She panicked and blurted out, "He's a great french kisser!"

"Auntie, you're acting weird-" Megumi smiled, Orochimaru getting out of the booth, allowing Megumi to stand up and exit as well. She handed Sakura a blue card. "Waah! Thank you, Auntie!" Sakura smiled, and Megumi nodded.

"Come on, Snakie, we're leaving."

"Don't call me that." Orochimaru said, an anime vein on the side of his head, and she just shrugged. Sasuke got up, and sat across from Sakura.

"Its creepy that your Aunt has a thing for Orochimaru." Sasuke commented, once the two had left, Sakura nodded. "But- to tell you the truth- I don't think she likes spending time with him in the least. She looked as if she was forcing herself to sit next to him." Sakura blinked. Sasuke was just stating the obvious, but ti seemed as if she hadn't even noticed, as she lowered her head.

"Does...Saskue-kun force himself to be next to me?" Sakura asked, and he jolted.

"What? of course not!" Sasuke grumbled. "Don't group me with things like that." Sasuke told her and she blushed, but nodded.


"What was that all about, Megumi?" Orochimaru demanded, now, at the Sound Village. Megumi fidgeted with the top of the outfit he had given her (designed by Orochimaru, made by Kabuto). She looked at him, her cheeks flushed.

"What's with the cloth around my chest being tighter that the rest of this stupid outfit?!" She asked, irritated, continuing to fidget with it. " Its-ahhn!- so annoying!" He blushed.

"Stop making those sounds, woman!" He said, and she glared at him.

"I wouldn't if the bottom of this weird, strapless, short, backless dress, wasn't raping my chest and ass!" Megumi snarled angrily, trying to push the top of the dress down. "T-the fabric is-mmn!- c-chakra-enhanced, isn't it?" He jolted, as she had noticed.

"I-It's to make sure they stay on!" He lied, and she glared at him, pushing him down.

"Liar!" she snapped, sitting on his chest. "Why do you lie, huh? It is a natural thing, or a horrid habit?!" She demanded, and the door to the room opened, Kabuto coming in. "Ah-HA! The accomplice!" Kabuto blinked in confusion, before he was thrown across the room, and right into Orochimaru, landing on top of him. Something fell, and she caught it in her hands. "Eh? Sake?"

"Ah- I got Kabuto to bring it- to make up for the lying." He said, lying even more, and she looked at him, her face turned into a poker face, and she shoved the bottle towards Orochimaru.

"You take the first drink." She told him, ad he glared at her. "It's poisoned, isn't it? You're a horrid person, Orochimaru." She sake, taking out the cord in the bottle, the water rising from the open hole. "Maybe, I should strangle with your own vile concoction, eh?" The water, itself, made a ring around her torso, and she glared at him. "It smells just like you, Orochimaru. The smell of betrayal, lies, and bloodshed is in this abomination."

"Sorry, I made it myself."

"Home-brewed translated to 'you're screwed'." She told him getting up, the water returning to the jug. "I'm going home."

"You can't!" Orochimaru chuckled, and she sneered at him, making his shrink back into the couch he lounged on.

"Watch me, mother fucker." She said. "If you- want to stop me, just try." She told him. "But- I'm leaving because I care about my neice and she needs some help that her mother can't provide for her, so unless you want to make a foll of yourself, you'll stay here, under your own little rock." With that, she turned and left.


Sasuke had walked Sakura home- it had been a nice date, even if he wasn't all for sweet things. He liked Sakura- she was sweet- maybe he did like sweet things. He stopped, almost at his house, when he spotted Megumi, standing there. She glanced up and grinned above her starry scarf that was wrapped around her neck snugly. "Hey, munchkin, how was the date?" She asked.

"...Good. Sakura ordered a lot- are you goign to blame me for that?" He asked, and he blinked at his odd question that caught her off-guard.

"What? No, its all good, I don't care about how much you guys got. it's my establishment, after all." She laughed. "Hey, I'm not here to tell you to knock it off- like her dad did. I just wanted to thank you for giving her a chance. She's been waiting a long time for that, you know? For you to just look at her and give her SOME attention." Megumi sighed. "Kids these days- they're so strange in how they show affection." Megumi offered a 1000 yen bill to Sasuke. "Here, get her some flowers tomorrow- could you do that for me?" He nodded. "Thanks." Megumi said, grinning, before walking past him and towards her own house.

"Why were you with Orochimaru today?" She stopped when he said that, looking back at him.

"Oh, I lost a bet to him. That's all. Her likes to make it seem like its such a big deal."

"Why do you- like him do that? Is it because you're afraid?" Her eyebrow twitched at his question. This spunky little brat...!

"It's not that. I could beat him down easy. It's just because, he doesn't have much to brag about, you know?" She said honestly, putting her hands in the pockets of the jeans she wore. "It's just for a week- why not let him boast about something? He's not hurting anyone, he's just trying to be happy is all. For him, happiness doesn't come by often, and if it does, it's got a heavy price tag." She finished, waving, before walking off. He's really mature- for a preteen.

&% -Next Day- %&

Sasuke stood in front of Sakura's house, holding the bouquet of flowers behind him, as he rang the doorbell. Sakura's mother answered the door, and Sasuke was surprised it wasn't her father. "Hello , is Sakura home?" He asked politely, making the woman smile and nod, before she closed the door- hopefully to fetch Sakura and not tell her husband, 'That-Uchiha-Boy-is-here-again! Make-him go-away.'. Instead, Sakura came to the door.

"S-Saskue-Kun!" She squeaked in surprise. "W-What are you doing here?" He offered her the flowers, but gave her no reply. "Are those for me?" He nodded. "Oh, thank you, Saskue-Kun!" She said, taking them and hugging the bouquet to her chest happily.

"Sakura, later, let's train together." Sasuke said, putting his hands in his pockets, and walking away. "I'll come pick you up in an hour." She smiled happily, overjoyment written all over her face.

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