"Potter, Weasley." McGonagall's voice was sharp as she eyed the wary boys in front of her.

"Do either of you know what happened?" They nodded their heads at her question before telling her what had transpired in the Divination classroom. By the end of it, McGonagall's eyes were wide.

"Professor Umbridge was in the room?" She asked as they nodded.

"Yeah, the bitch grinned about it." Ron snarled as McGonagall let his language slip. In this situation, it was probably totally appropriate.

"And Mr. Malfoy?" She questioned as Harry bristled before sighing.

"Annette and that git have been dating for awhile now, Professor." He answered as their head of house stared at them.


"Yeah." Harry growled. McGonagall sighed before nodding and ordering them to their dorms to get some sleep. She'd have to take this up with Dumbledore.

Once out of the hospital, Annette refused to speak to anyone. Not even Draco or Harry, or even Ron. Dark circles sunk in her dull green eyes as her once voluminous curls lay flat against her back.

"Honestly, you git, make her say something!" Ron hissed as he and Harry met with Draco in secret one night.

"I can't! She doesn't even look at me anymore!" Draco argued as Harry sighed. This wasn't how he wanted the blonde to say those beautiful words to him. Not when he couldn't enjoy the moment because it wasn't only Malfoy Annette wasn't looking at. It was him. Ron. Hermione. Ginny. Neville. Anyone.

"What happened in that damned classroom, you wankers?" Malfoy growled as Harry frowned. Ron shrugged his shoulders.

"We're not really sure. Mum sure was upset though when the professors told her about it." Ron admitted warily. Harry nodded, agreeing with him.

"Well find out, you bloody gits, or I'll kill you." Draco threatened before disappearing from the room. Harry and Ron frowned at one another. Somehow they believed he would.

"Annette?" Ron stopped his sister from going up to her dormitory early. She merely stared at him blankly. He had never seen his sister so emotionless and empty before. It was almost like she...

"Annette, come on. It's me, Ron. You know you're brother?" He continued before frowning.

"Bloody hell, Anne! Talk to me!" He shook her shoulders before she grew indignant.

"Un hand me Ronald Billius Weasley! I demand you stop shaking me in such a manner." Ron stared at her, his mouth agape.


"Yes, Ronald?"

"Yeah, um, you're not Annette." Ron replied, slightly sickened at the thought. His sister acted like a Umbridge clone. His eyes widened.

"Ah, bloody hell!" He growled before racing back down the stairs.

"You say she sounds like Umbridge?" Hermione asked after Harry and Ron cornered her in the library. Ron nodded. Hermione frowned before pulling a random book from the shelf.

"It's called the Impresinatio Spell. You can impersonate any person with it. However it's delivery was clearly a punishment for Annette's insubordination." Hermione explained as Ron glared at the book.

"That bloody git! She can't do that, can she?" He asked as Harry frowned.

"Probably. She's practically running the school now." Harry replied sullenly.

"Then, is there a way to fix it?" Ron questioned as Hermione nodded.

"The spell caster simply has to say 'impersonation over'." She answered as Ron and Harry smirked. The matching smirks earned a sigh from Hermione before she replaced the book.

"What?" Draco frowned as he glared at the two Gryffindors in front of him.

"We know how to snap Anne out of this weird trance." Harry replied as Draco crossed his arms across his chest.


"We need to get Umbridge to say impersonation over." Ron explained as Malfoy narrowed his eyes on the Weasley.

"And how do you suppose we do that, Weasle?" He growled as Ron glared at him.

"We impersonate her to the point it's nauseating even for her. She'll practically be forced to make Annette normal again." Draco stared at them before agreeing to their plan. Of course, he never actually planned on following through with it. He planned to simply ask the woman about the spell and get her to accidently slip out the reversal incantation. He didn't mention this to Harry or Ron for the simple fact that he wanted to see them humiliate themselves.

"Professor?" Malfoy's smile was as fake as Umbridge's teeth as he kept himself from glowering at the vile woman in front of him.

"Mr. Malfoy! It's such a pleasure to see you! How is your father?" Umbridge asked in her sickeningly sweet voice. "He's fine. I actually have a question about a spell I came across in my reading." He began before continuing with a nod from Umbridge.

"The Impresinatio Spell? How does that work exactly?" He asked as Umbridge explained the spell before his smile widened.

"And how does it end?"

"Well you say impersonation over." There it is, Draco smirked before thanking the sinister fiend and leaving her alone with her million kittens. He ran to the courtyard and found Harry and Ron waiting, impatiently.

"Where's Annette?" Draco questioned as they shrugged.

"Not sure exactly. She doesn't follow the same ritual as she..."

"Why the hell am I dressed like the toad?!" A familiar voice screeched as all three boys turned to the hall by the courtyard. Annette was clawing at her clothes in a fury as they ran to her.


"What?! Do you know why I'm dressed like this? Is this some kind of prank, Ron? Because if it is, I'll kill my brothers!" She growled out angrily as she continued to shed her unsightly clothes. Draco smirked before pulling her into an uncharacteristic hug in front of her brother and his best friend.

"You're back."

"I never left, Malfoy, now let me go so I can burn these clothes! I can't believe you guys let me walk out of the common room dressed like this!" She continued to rant, unperturbed by the boys' relief.

"Sod off, all of you!" She growled before finally noticing their wild smiles. They weren't glaring at one another, they weren't threatening one another, they were all simply grinning at her.

"What? What are you gits lookin' at? Eh?" She asked as Ron threw his arms around her.

"I missed you! I'm sorry I ever complained about how you act! I swear, I'll never whine about it again!" He gushed as Annette pushed him away.

"What the hell's gotten into you, Ron?" She asked as she shivered at her brother's strange behavior.

"Umbridge put an impersonation spell on you!" He replied as Annette's eyes widened before narrowing.

"She did what?" She growled before easily setting the clothes in her hands aflame. Draco smirked. He loved that look of evil upon her face.

"And you let her?" She asked as Harry shook his head.

"We couldn't get her to release you. Malfoy had to trick her." Harry answered as Draco's smirk widened. Annette's eyes calmed before she smiled.

"You mean you all worked together?" She questioned as the three boys froze.

"You did! Oh, that's wonderful!" She exclaimed as she pulled them into a lopsided hug.

"Oi! Weasley!" Draco scowled as she pulled away, a stupid Weasley grin plastered across her pretty face.

"It was so worth it!" She chirped, pecking him on the cheek. He frowned and pushed her away.

"Don't do that!" He whined as she smiled wider. Harry and Ron frowned at one another before glaring at Malfoy.

"Stop being a prick, ferret-face!" Ron growled as Harry pulled Annette toward them.

"Hey!" She exclaimed before sighing in exasperation.

"Oh honestly."

"Draco~" Annette whined as the blonde trapped her in the corner of the library one night after dinner.

"Yes?" He purred, his lips pressed against her neck.

"I'm studying!" She answered as she closed her eyes.

"Such a bookworm..." He mumbled against her skin as he pulled her against him. The book she had been reading slid from between her hands and hit the table with a thud. The sound surprised Draco and he jumped away from Annette. She tilted her to the side in confusion at his actions as he ran a shaky hand through his blonde locks.

"Draco, what's wrong?" Her voice was soft and soothing as were her eyes as he looked up to face her.

"Nothing. Nothing's wrong." He replied, frowning.

"I've never seen you jump like that when nothing's wrong." She remarked as she picked up the discarded book, placing it back where she found it. She'd learned that if Draco wanted to tell her something, she'd have to wait for him to tell her and not to prod too much.

"It's just..." She turned to him as he bent his head.

"You know my father is a deatheater."

"Yes. Everyone knows that." She replied as she began to return her other borrowed books.

"You know...he's back?"

"Of course. Unlike every other moron out there, I believe Harry." She responded defensively.

"I'm just...worried...about..you." He paused in between the words and Annette turned to face him with wide eyes .

"What? Why would you be worried about me?" She asked, concerned.

"You are a blood traitor! You think he's going to...be merciful towards you?"

"He's not going to win."

"How do you know? He's all powerful!"

"If he were all powerful, he wouldn't have died in the first place!" Annette argued as Draco grabbed her by the shoulders. He wanted her to understand how powerful the Dark Lord really was. How ruthless he really was, how much he'd hate to lose her because of her ignorance.

"Annette, stop." Draco growled before she suddenly pulled him into a hug. The fear and hysteria in his eyes caused her to feel pity for him.

"He's not going to get me..." She whispered reassuringly.

"Not him, nor Umbridge, I'm smarter than I look." She joked as he clung to her like a lifeline.

"I'ts going to be alright. I promise."