The First Lesson

"...but really, you surprised me, onii-sama."

"Oh?" With a soft smile, Kaname placed his hand on Yuuki's head. "I did?"

The girl blushed slightly and darted a coy glance at her brother. "Well, you basically said you were a masochist." She turned even redder as the word rolled awkwardly off her tongue. "That was pretty shocking."

"Was it?" Kaname chuckled, playing with Yuukis long auburn hair. "Hmm. So do you find this side of my personality embarrassing?"

"No!" Yuuki exclaimed, shaking her head violently. "Not at all, I just - how should I put it... um, well... your image, the way you behave in school and all, it's too different."

Kaname pulled Yuuki closer to himself and wrapped a checkered blanket around her shoulders. They were resting on a large sofa, gazing at the flames in the fireplace. "Don't misunderstand me, Yuuki, I only like it when you hurt me. Its not like Im going to let Aidou slap me, for instance," he explained with a mildly sarcastic laugh.

Yuuki gave him another bewildered look. "You're quite direct."

"I'm honest," Kaname shrugged.

"Right, right," Yuuki frowned comically. "Look, I'm sorry, I suppose I just don't get all these things too well," she muttered, twiddling her thumbs in a somewhat childish manner. "I mean, I've said it before and I'll say it again, I'll accept anything from you, but -"

"You're too innocent." Kaname nuzzled into her neck with a happy sigh. "It's alright, you'll have more than enough time to learn all about this adult stuff." He paused and put his hands on Yuuki's slender waist. "Though I can teach you some things now, if you wish."

Yuuki blinked. "Er - will I have to slap you?"

Kaname's eyes widened for a moment and then his smile turned almost eerily bright. "Oh, no, there are no specific rules, but I certainly wont mind a lash or two -"

"Silly onii-sama!" Yuuki cried angrily and pushed Kaname away; the irony of the situation struck her when he fell gracefully on the cushions, obviously not too hurt by her sudden attack. "What - I - s-stop making me hit you, you... horrible person."

"Ah, Yuuki," Kaname laughed again. "Your body reacts so quickly and naturally, yet you keep saying that you're not into this."

She clenched his pale wrists firmly with her small hands and settled herself between his legs. "And you keep fooling around with me and my mind, onii-sama," she snorted. "I guess I do need to punish you somehow - the only problem is that youll enjoy it."

Kaname gazed deeply into her eyes; his expression was dreamy and peaceful. "For you, I can always pretend that I'm in great pain and despair." He raised his hand and pressed his index finger to Yuuki's dry, hot lips. "Just a tip, Yuuki: it'll be much easier for both of us if you unbutton my shirt."