They say the world ended in fire, with Lucifer burning the world down as thousands screamed the name of their supposed savior, children waiting in their rooms for someone to come and save them…but no one would ever come. But those were the non believers, those who thought their savoir was a myth, told to screw with their children's lives. They all burned in the fire Lucifer created. They deserved it too.

Some say the world ended with a force so strong that it killed millions in a second. They were non believers too; they didn't think the savior was real. But he was.

That's where the believers come in; they spent their time teaching their followers how to get ready for this upcoming war, the war that would ultimately destroy humanity. They all knew the savior and knew what he was capable of, but they didn't know that he wasn't strong enough. They all burned too.

Our supposed savior was a man named Dean Winchester, he was a strong powerful man, that is…until Lucifer burned him and his brother alive then afterwards danced upon their ashes. It was a tearful sight I must say for those who had faith in him.

The angels had lost and it was something we had not expected…we thought Dean would kill Lucifer, but he wasn't strong enough, truth be told no one's strong enough to defeat Lucifer, not even an angel, only the person who created him could kill him. But that person is not here…

Me and others watched in horror as the demons ripped apart the humans one by one so savagely that it could bring a hater down to their knees. But the demons didn't care, their master…their father…their creator was finally free. It was like a big Mardi Gras celebration demon style.

I never knew what it was like to cry but now I know.

Every day I weep for the fallen, those who had given their lives in order to protect their own.

Every night I weep for those who gave their lives not even knowing what it was for, they were just pawns in a game of chess and they lost.

Every hour I weep for Bobby Singer who was a brave old man was trying to protect two men who like his own sons.

Every minute I weep for Sam Winchester who started all this without even knowing it.

Every second I weep for Dean Winchester, who died trying to save the world, a world that could never be saved.

To me he is a hero.