The new Sauron

Naruto/LOTR fan fiction

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The alliance has won. The dark lord Sauron was destroyed, causing a cataclysmic shockwave to spread and destroy his armies. The heroes survived, the guy got the girl, and was named king; they all lived happily ever after. Good ending, right?


Saurons power was so strong, that not even death could have a total hold on him. But he had to teleport himself to another dimension, one saturated in power for him to regain his depleting powers. He came to a world of men whose populace was just starting to build civilizations of their own. The strain of dimension hopping was too much though, so to lessen the stress he had to take desperate measures. He split his powers to nine beasts, and shaped what remains of his soul into a familiar object, waiting for one whom he could merge his soul with, and seek his powers, to once again be complete and once again attempt to conquer the world… again.

Over time, his fragmented powers in the shape of nine beasts developed personalities of their own from the centuries of roaming, and have started to become things of legend, and the animals that most resembled them that they intermingled with inherited some of their powers, also becoming things of legend and folklore. The ring that housed Saurons soul found things very much less savory as it could not find someone with both a strong soul AND willpower. Although it was still a thing of power, those who wore it received incredible powers, whom called them Kekkei Genkai, or blood line limit, for only people of their bloodline could use it.

Animals that also held it in their possession, had their souls twisted and eventually turned them into demons. Humans feared them, and constantly hunted them. Although they were too strong to be completely wiped off the face of the planet, they were still kept in relatively low numbers compared to humans, and too scattered to band together (not to mention most of them were too dumb to think of doing so.)

Many centuries passed. The ring traveled all across the land, by human and by beast, from the frozen north to the warm south. One day as the ring rested on the pedestal in the treasure room of a castle, a young ninja that desired power snuck into the castles treasure room, and took the ring for his own devices. He had on red armor that was one big plate of metal on the torso, and continued on in straps from the waist down to mid thigh. Paldrons (I need a beta reader) in pretty much the same fashion. (look on narutopedia for a better description.) His eyes were red that had three tomoes around the pupil with a slight ring connecting them.

"Its just as the demon hawk who gave me these eyes said" he said in a whisper, but excitement was still very evident. "From this ring, came all the kekkei genkai in the land… I can just feel the power emanating from it…" He picks up the ring and puts it on. The world starts to twist and contort, and soon, he finds himself on top of a small platform above the clouds, the stars non-existent above him, and a large full moon in the distance. However, directly in front of him was the top of a large tower, ending in two large horns. But the most attention grabbing was the giant flaming eye with a slit pupil that was as dark as the deepest of pits.

The land around him seemed heavy with dread as a voice of malice and evil spoke through his mind "Power hungry human, what is your name, and the desire that you have which brought you here?" The ninja looked at the flaming visage through stoic eyes, but it seemed as if it penetrated his stoic exterior, and saw his fear… "My name is Madara Uchiha, Me and my brother, Izuna, received a powerful kekkei genkai from a demon hawk that it called the sharingan. It trained us in its use, and took us in as family. One day, I asked it if I could gain more power from our blood line limit. It told me of a ring that it, and all other creatures and humans got their kekkei genkai from. After years of searching, me and my brother found rumors of a ring of power that a feudal lord possesses."

"We came here, and because of the reputation we made for ourselves while traveling, we were received in the castle as honored guests. My brother is outside keeping watch." There was a long pause, time seemed to stand still as the giant eye looked at him, as if contemplating something. "If it is power you want, then I can give it to you. Just allow me to bond with your soul… And we will see what happens." As if the last note couldn't get any eerier "But if the bonding at any point in time fails, I will curse you and your entire family with two of the worst curses in history."Madara looks on with determination, "I accept" Without a word, the flaming eye turned into a small ball of fire, and shot into Madara.

He wakes up in the treasure room, and in a nearby treasure mirror, he doesn't see much change, except for his eyes, they changed into something new, the tomoes enlarged, and has a circle in them, the ends of them running into the front of the next one. Just as silently as before, he sneaks out of the treasure room. Back in their room, the brothers Uchiha discusses their find. "So, how exactly am I going to get the same power as you, if the thing that gave you the power, IS BOUND TO YOUR FREAKIN SOUL?!?" Izuna says a little more than loud enough. Madara thinks for a moment before finally saying. "Well maybe I can transfer enough power to give you this new version of the sharingan… Perhaps through a Jutsu?" Izuna nods before a thought comes up "Ne, Nii-san? What are we going to call it? The new version, I mean." after a bit of a long and slightly awkward pause Madara finally spoke up. "Mangekyo Sharingan"

That was how Madara Uchiha had his soul bonded to the ring that housed Saurons soul. Decades passed and Madara and Izuna started the uchiha clan, and many nomadic ninja tribes flocked under their banner. Madara's Ring also made a name for itself "The ring of power" (if anyone can translate this to Japanese, then I would be most grateful). Soon, The Uchiha clan ran into another rival clan that, not only had many ninja tribes, but also several ninja clans as well. This was the Senju clan, led by Hashirama Senju.

Skirmishes broke out between the two clans, and soon thing were on the brink of war. Looking to end the continued fighting, Hashirama approached Madara with an offering of peace. Even though he didn't want peace he agreed anyways, because his people did. Together, their forces banned together and made Konohagakure, the village hidden in the leaves. All was well and good for the first few years, but the village needed a leader and naturally Madara wanted the job, as it would put him one step closer to ruling the world, as per Saurons wishes.

But the village denied him the position, wary of his ambitions. Instead, they gave it to Hashirama, and he became the first hokage. Angered by this, he attempted to rally the uchihas to protest his position. But instead of helping him, the majority of the clan shunned him an turned their backs on him. Cursing his clan, village, and its leader, he fled to gain more power, following the whispers of the ring of power, to the sleeping form of the Kyuubi no kitsune, the ninth fraction of Saurons power.

Hashirama gave chase, and found Madara trying to absorb the Kyuubi. "Madara! What are you doing!" He yells. Madara just looks at him, his eyes now the Mangekyo Sharingan. "I am absorbing the Kyuubi, with his power, I will be able to take over Konoha and find the rest of the bijuu." A red aura lashes around him now, destroying the ground here and there. "I will be ruler over all these lands, the people shall fear and worship me as if I were a god!" Hashirama looks at him like he just grew a second head and looked like the devil. "You've gone mad! I wont let you oppress the people of these lands!" He didn't need any more motivation to attack him.

The battle was long and drawn out, Hashirama used his Mokuton with deadly effect, and Madara used his Mangekyo Sharingan with cataclysmic efficiency. The fight seemed to be in Hashiramas favor until Madara used his Mangekyo Sharingan to control the Kyuubi. All seemed lost for Hashirama, and by proxy Konoha and the world. But some things just weren't meant to be as the ring of power started to sear Madara's flesh on his finger.

"GYAAAAAAAAA!" Madara screamed as it wasn't his finger that burned, but his entire body, for his soul was ripping itself apart as Saurons soul was rejecting their bonding. "Foolish mortal, I didn't think that you would have lasted this long." Madara gasped for air, the pain felt like he was in the bowels of hell taking a lava bath. "S-Sauron! This pain!!! Why is your soul ripping mine apart!!!" Hashirama looked on as he sees Madara gasping on the floor talking to some unknown force, but could not pay too much attention as he was hard pressed with the Kyuubi's attacks "Your will power was strong, but your soul was weak. To explain, If your willpower was weak, your soul would shatter, and if your soul was weak then it would rip itself apart, and by proxy your mind. You may or may not survive this, I don't really care because you cant help me regain my power, so I'm abandoning you. Its just as simple as that." Madara attempted to stand up "N-no! My ambitions! It c-cant end this way! It wont!" As he stands up strait, glowing cracks appear all over him, and as the ring burns off his finger and falls, he implodes.

Just as the Kyuubi was about to finish Hashirama off, it stops. The glazed over look it had was gone, and it seemed to relax as it looked over Hashirama… as if it was contemplating something… "Ningen, we have not seen the last of Madara." Hashirama had a look of surprise for two reasons, one that the Kyuubi was talking to him, and two it said they haven't saw the last of Madara! "But… he imploded! How could he have survived!?" The Kyuubi scoffs "Because he turned into a being of pure chakra, only beings who can see chakra can see him now… but the fact that he still died changes little, he has limited influence with physical objects now…" Hashirama thought for a moment. "Why are you telling me this?" Kyuubi chuckles for a second as if flaunting the fact that it knows something he don't. "Because, my master abandoned and betrayed him, so I now need to take precautions, for Madara will more than likely try to capture me and my brethren in some other way… that's why I'm giving you the power to control the tailed beasts… at least to a degree." Hashirama crosses his arm and looks Kyuubi in the eyes "This is just so Madara, should he ever come back and controll a bijuu, would be foiled by either me or one of my descendents… Right?" Kyuubi chuckles "You catch on quickly, but there IS a catch… said power will be linked to that crystal that's around your neck… think of it as a demonic enchantment hehehe…" with that Kyuubi points all his tails at the necklace "Onipo: Miryoku-no Kajo no Dai Bijuu! (Demon Art: Enchanted Item of the Great Tailed Beast)" (again, need translation).

The Kyuubi's chakra at that moment just seemed to pour into the necklace. After a few seconds, it was done. The necklace flashed red a few times before settling on its usual blue. "Hmmm, now that all is said and done, I guess I'll see you in hell… Have fun with your will of fire HAHAHAHAhahahaha" with that the nine tailed demon fox strode away to its nest, for some not so well needed rest.

Indeed, Madara did not truly die, and indeed he still had sinister plans for the future. But now he had a more troubling problem, his sight was fading, the first curse of Sauron was coming, if he becomes blind, then 80% of his powers leave him. So he thought of a plan, and remembered something Sauron said. If he can take his brothers Sharingan from him, he will receive an advanced version of the Mangekyo called the Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan. If he wanted his power to remain, he had to act quick.

He snuck into Konoha, and moved to the Uchiha compound. He moved to his brothers room and looked at his sleeping form. He closed his eyes outstretched his arm and it seemed as if a red aura flowed from his brothers eyes to his hands. When he opened his eyes, they once again changed into a fusion of his brothers and his, now having three bars stretching outward from between the tomoes. Now chuckling, he disappears like a phantom… No, the world has not yet seen the last of Madara Uchiha…

As Hashirama surveys the area around the battle zone that now looked like a giant valley, he decided a name for this place, The Valley of the End. A glimmer catches his eye, and he moves towards it. "Madara's ring… Still attached to his severed finger." As he picks it up the finger turns to ash and is blown away by the wind. Even though he and Madara never saw eye to eye, he still respected him for his achievements and strong will. So he decided to make a small shrine hidden behind a waterfall where he will make a small gravestone and put his ring in front of it.

Years passed, Hashiramas brother became hokage, and as the threat of the Great shinobi wars became apparent, they decided to train an heir to the hokage title. They found one apprentice in a young Hiruzen Sarutobi. They trained him in the arts of the shinobi, and his constant thirst for knowledge made him a great student. He also believed greatly in the Will of fire, and the teachings of the shodaime.

One day, he was taken on a training trip, to learn some advanced techniques. He was learning how to run up a waterfall, unbeknownst that danger lurked nearby. In the shadows, thirty rock nin was preparing for a crippling blow. "Alright boys, all together" said the lead rock Iwanin as they all simultaneously started hand signs.

Finishing in unison, they all say "Katon: karyuu endan!" Thirty large dragon shaped fire projectiles flew into the valley, destroying much in their wake. Five flew into the waterfall, where young Sarutobi was training.

The force of the flaming dragon missiles threw Sarutobi inside of the waterfall from the force of the blast, also hitting most of what was inside of there. Unbeknownst to him, what he will find there will one day change the very shape of the elemental nations, nay the entire planet! There, by a small fire, was a familiar object, but with a feature never seen before… On it was runes the color of fire, with a glow that was projecting them on the wall.

Curious, he picked it up and the runes slowly disappeared. This served to make him only more curious, so living up to his future title of 'The Professor' he decided to do some tests to make the runes reappear. After what seemed like the thirtieth test, he held it above a flame, and was not disappointed as the runes reappeared. "So, they only appear to the heat of a flame, huh?" he says as he pockets it, as he was more curious about the runes themselves, and wanted to crack the code of what seemed like a dead language. He walks out of the waterfall cave, and sees all the Iwanin dead… and two very worried sensei's. He patted the ring in his pocket as he felt warmth emanating from it.

Yes, the ring itself was… happy, well, as happy as a ring housing an evil Dark Lord could be… Yes it felt as if this curious child that wanted to learn his language, would one day lead him to his perfect host. And hey, he was usually right with his hunches. So for now he would just play the waiting game.

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