Author's Note:

I know, I'm so sorry, I haven't written in like a year. I'm back.

Anyways, this is a story, about me and my ex boyfriend, but let's say its Lucas and Peyton.

I'm hurting really bad right now, my fans. And everything I write in this story is something my ex and I have been through. This is the only way to get my feelings out. Thank you. They are supposed to be in high school again in this story, so no children.

Disclaimer: I own nothing.

Have you ever been seen, but not really noticed? Have you ever spoken, but haven't been heard? Have you ever fallen for someone, who didn't want you?

She fell hard, but she couldn't explain why. His eyes? His smile? His tight skinny jeans that she loved? What was it? He was broken, and she knew. Maybe that's what lured her in. What lured her into him? He was always doubting everything they ever were. Breaking up with her, to call her again the next night. She wondered later, how she bought all the lies.

He made her laugh, till she had tears in her eyes. He made her cry, until she couldn't take it anymore.

They were so much alike. He was always second guessing himself, putting himself down. Like she did, everyday. They weren't meant to be, and she knew it in her heart. But still she held onto every second that she could with him. And she didn't know why.

She had always been a broken child. Sensitive, vulnerable. So vulnerable. She couldn't take this, after he ended it the last time. She broke down. She cried over everything. When she came into town, she saw his art, and flashbacks would rush into her mind.

Her name in a heart, on a stone wall. A simple gesture, but one that meant the world to her. He meant the world to her, and then, he was just gone. Until that night.

"Peyton do you remember theā€¦" Brooke continued to ramble on, as her and Peyton walked the cold streets of Tree Hill at ten at night. Peyton pretended to listen as they walked by Tree Hill High. She loved Brooke, Brooke was her best friend, but she had too much on her mind. Lucas. The only boy that ever made her feel safe, and comfortable with whom she was, he made her feel accepted.

Peyton continued to listen, nodding along. Until she heard a familiar voice, and her heart skipped a beat. "I know!" She heard Lucas say, and she turned. That's when her heart felt like it had gotten hit by a MAC truck. Everything about him was the same, well as far as she could see, except for one thing.

He was holding a girls hand.

Have you ever had your heart break, but no one hear it?

Authors Note:

Hey people, yes Sarianna is back, and yes, even the last part, is something I have been through. I saw my ex holding hands, with my BEST FRIEND tonight. As you can tell, I'm falling apart. I'm in love with him. And I can't take this.



There will be more chapters to come.