She would be in a long flowing pure white dress, of rich light silk, letting her soft shoulders naked, as she would walk to him under the long snowy veil, with little red pearls all around her, and beautiful silver ribbons. With long white gloves, holding a pretty bouquet of crimson flowers, she would reach her lover with a small smile, looking at him in a shy way, and he would kindly smile to her, in a warm way, trying to touch her face but holding back, as he would know how to wait. They would gaze at each other, not listening to the priest, as the time would stop for both of them, and even so, they wouldn't have enough to look at each other. He would take the veil slowly, like if it was of porcelain, like if it was a piece of her, then after pushing it back gently behind her loose hair, he would finally have to touch her face, and he would bring her kindly to his lips, so that they could kiss with slow soft passion. After all, they would have all their time, and they would love each other forever...

The white birds would then start to sing and would fly in the sky, as the crowd will applause, with laughter and happiness. He would then take her in his arms, in a bridal way, as he would take them both down the white shrine, getting them in the crowd that would congratulate them. They would both laugh of happiness, as they would walk through the huge flowers to the pure blue lake, where they would have their meal. Of course, since they were so loved, they would receive lots of presents, and they would have to open them so that the guests could see their reactions, but they wouldn't care, since they would be so much in love with each other. They would have the best of the best : rich creams, tender red meat, exquisite vegetables, exotic fruits, but not too much so that they could have a taste of the huge cake. It would have seven layers, all white but with little red pearls, like her dress, with large silver ribbons and huge crimson flowers, with vines all around it.

― "And then after?"
― "Um... I don't know, it's already so sweet!" sighed Mimi with her chin on her hands, looking through the window with dreamy eyes.
― "Um... 'K..." replied Nastasia, unsure about Mimi's unrealistic dreams. She wasn't that rich and she didn't like to spend money... She wasn't expecting him to pay everything for it, now? And birds, such food, a white shrine near a lake and a big garden... It would also require a lot of organization, and Mimi wasn't the best for that!
― "Plus, Dimentio isn't the kind to be gentle and everything..."
― "Um? What did you say, Nassy?" asked the little green haired girl, as she looked down to her friend, with still a dreamy smile on her lips.
The assistant didn't answer at first, as the little magic girl looked at her, wondering what was that. She hesitated, as she realized what she had just said.
― "Um... I mean, you never get out of the castle! W-where will you find this u-um gentleman?" she asked her, hoping that Mimi wouldn't yelled at her for "insinuating" that she liked the magical jester, with tears because "omigosh I thought you understood me!" and such things.
― "Omigosh! You're totally right!" gasped Mimi, putting her hands on her mouth with big eyes. "How am I suppose to find him if I stay here with big losers like Mr.L and O'Chunks!"
― "Oh shut up you big doofus!" replied Mimi to the big O'Chunks that wasn't that far away. "You're too hairy for my cake!"
― "Wut?"
― "So, um... What will you do?" asked quickly Nastasia, before the two minions get in a fight.
― "Oh, well, I guess I'll go outside and check for some cutie-pies!" answered the green witch with a cheerful smile, as she stood up. "I'll go in Flipside at this instant! Alright! Let's put some make-up!" she added before teleporting in her room, leaving poor blue assistant with two annoying men. She sighed, as she was wondering in what trouble her friend got into. Oh but she didn't like the sound of all of this... Especially that Dimentio was looking at her with one of his troubling smile.

― "What it is, Dimentio, you're planning to ruin her life, once again?"
― "Oh, but why such harsh accusations? Have I been found guilty of such things, before?"
― "You're doing this everyday, you mean."
― "Well!" he said happily, with a heavy gesture of the hands, as he crossed his leg. "She must be use to it, now, no?"
Nastasia didn't answer yet : instead, she went in front of him, blocking the view of the T.V. for both men, to which O'Chunks heavily complaint, but the others ignored him easily.
― "Please." she said, bluntly.
― "Please what?"
― "Let her live her dreams, for once."
He didn't answer at first, simply looked at her with such seriousness that she almost feared for her own life ― a thing she hadn't done for ages ― but he finally got to say something.
― "And may I ask what are you implying by this?"
― "Please, let her do what she wants to do this time?"
― "No." he answered as soon she asked it.
― "Why?"
He looked away. Surely he was trying to find a lie, even though she knew the truth and him too.
― "Because you love her?"
She gasped, and her cheeks went red in an instant, as he looked at her, shocked. Oh, she was so ashamed! How could she tell him something like that? It was such a taboo subject with these two! She KNEW they were dying for each others, and it looked like she was the only one who knew it, or admitted it! The Count was always saying it wasn't serious and O'Chunks had no idea of what she was talking about, but... Come on, each time she was implying it, the two would get so mad at her! And now, she really didn't need him to get angry, this was serious talk, now, but... he laughed.
― "Oh, Nassy, must as much say that I'm brok―"
― "HEY DONT YE DARE CALL HER LIKE THAT YOU PUNK!" cut O'Chunks by punching Dimentio in the face, pushing him down to the floor, out of the couch. "Argh! You idiot!" the jester replied, as he held his nose, from which blood was flowing. "That moron broke my nose! He broke my mask!" he added as he took some piece of the broken mask in his slight fingers, but like O'Chunks said : "I DON'T CARE!" Well, he yelled, but what would that guy be if he didn't yelled? "Well I don't care that you don't care!" shouted the magician back, losing his nerves. "YE JUST HAD TO NOT CALL HER LIKE THAT!" the warrior replied, getting up, ready for a fight. "Oh, like I care!"
― "Well I do believe you know the consequences, Dimentio." cut Nastasia, walking away, as she wasn't the least bit interested in violence.
― "Wut he's gonna had teh do a report to?"
― "No..." replied the purple jester, as he sat down, still holding his nose. Damn his weakness... Magic couldn't do everything now and now, hum? "... Hey but..." he thought out loud, as he was thinking of the said consequences. "You're the one who broke our peace treaty!"


― "What is it, Nassy?" asked little Mimi, who was dressed in a small strapless pink dress, with fitting shoes and pretty bracelets, her hair always done in two pigtails. The assistant sighed, as she looked at how short was the said dress.
― "Isn't that a little too... Um..." she answered, turning her hand as she tried to put a word on what she wanted to say.
― "Oh, don't worry, silly, I can defend myself! I did survive to Dimentio, you know!"
― "Um..." She almost wanted to say that there could be worse than him, but... actually... he could simply do worse.
― "Really, don't worry, mom, I'll be back before midnight and we won't get too far!" she added cheerfully, to which Nastasia gasped.
― "Don't call me mom!"
― "But you're acting like one!"
― "Um well I'm simply concerned about you, 'K?"
Mimi didn't answer at first, as she was to busy looking by the window, but then she turned around with a small smile, and she almost looked sad...
― "Thank you, Nastasia."
The assistant smiled back.
― "You're welcome, Mimi."
― "Well I'm off!" said the little girl happily, before getting down the stairs, leaving Nastasia in her room. The blue hypnotist sighed sadly, as she looked down to the floor. "I hope nothing bad happens to you, Mimi..."


― "Hum..."
― "What is it, darling?"
― "Oh, nothing."
― "You're lying, darling!"
― "Well..."
― "Yes?"
― "I wonder what Dimentio is planning, now..."
― "You still think he wants to blow everything?"
― "Oh, no no, I think the Underwhere was a good lesson for him, no no, it's something else."
― "But what?"
― "Oh, I wish I knew, dear Timpani..."


― "Oh, my, Mimi, are we looking for some action, dressed like that?"
She stopped and looked at him, sitting in the couch with his legs crossed, having this wonderful way to look bored AND amused at the same time. Well maybe it was because his eyes were half-opened and that he was smiling in such an odd way. But then again he was always so strange and everything... Oh, well.
― "O'Chunks broke your mask?" she answered quickly, having no intention of losing her time with this jester in a silly fight that would only ruin her mood. She had the right to dress the way she wanted to, right?
― "Oh wow, you realized that all alone? I'm impressed!"
― "Oh shut up, you big meanie!" replied Mimi angrily, walking quickly to the door, her mood already ruined thanks to the big idiot behind her.
― "Hey, don't complaint if I'm not there to save you from big hairy men!"
― "Tsk, you're just jealous..."
― "Oh, come one, Mimikins, I'm not gay, already!" he said with a fake angry voice, turning around to look at her.
― "What? I was talking about― Gah!" she yelled, before she opened the door.
― "Oh well at least I won't see you of the day!" she shouted before shutting the door angrily, with a loud sound, leaving a laughing Dimentio behind.
― "Oh but that's what you think, dear Mimi..."

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