― "Why..."

He sighed.

― "Why did he killed him..."

The Count looked quite angry. Well he guessed he had good reasons. After all, what honour was there in been in prison?

― "I don't understand..." she cried, holding the little daffodil in her small fingers.

Even if he was innocent, even if they could prove that he just... checked that the knight was still alive, explaining the presence of the blood on his hands, as the man was clearly kill by a sword, and not with his magic, that was totally different ― if it wanted blood, he would take the heart with his life. Even if he could leave the prison... he had no interest in it at all.

― "Sir Frederich... Even... so..."

She wanted him dead. Why would he leave this place? It was much more safer here than home. This place was heaven next to the Underwhere. Oh... Maybe Jaydes wouldn't be so harsh this time, since his sins would be only his lies. Lies were nothing like murder, or so he had... um... learn, or whatever. Um... What did he learn in this place? She wanted him to become a good boy ― eh, she failed damn hard ― to help others and something like that. When he learned to shut up and simply listen, she thought that he had learned his lesson and sent him back to life. Too much afraid that the others sinners would corrupt his mind and make him evil again. He thought. He never knew why he was still alive. He just remember that the Count was around when he woke up, and he told him that he will watch him, that he won't let him do such evil deeds again, blablabla, make sure that he was a good boy.
He guessed that was the reason the Count was here, looking angry and scary. To make sure that he was still a good boy.

― "Even if he had his reasons to kill you..."

The Count said he could prove that he wasn't guilty. He didn't know how it was possible... He didn't even understand this matter! How could they be another Sir Frederich? Or... did he stole the appearance of another man, without knowing it? He couldn't have a lost twin, after all! ... or maybe, but... that was impossible. Wouldn't make sense. With the memories he had of his family, having a long lost sibling was pure fantasy. The Count hit him, as he didn't replied. Why did he want him to leave this place so badly? He was quite fine here... Even if Mimi's food was better...

― "Why did you have to die?"

The Count hit him again, because he wasn't listening to him. Nastasia started a long boring speech. He didn't listen at all. The assistant sighed, and then started talking about Mimi. He didn't listen at first, but then he realized that she was talking about the flower. He looked at her, almost scared. She didn't want to tell him if Mimi knew who put that flower on her bed. She looked like she knew that he just wanted to know that one. She looked like she knew that if she told him, he wouldn't listen at all. Whatever the answer could be, he wouldn't listen anymore, yes... He sighed, heavily. He didn't want to know all the stupid details... He just wanted to know what happened to that flower.

― "You didn't deserve to die..." she sobbed, as she put the daffodil on her heart.

He sighed. Oh. That was just that. The victim was another mimic, another one who could change shape. They guessed that he wanted to take his shape, so that he could impress Mimi and steal her from him. That explains some things... but they yet have to find the one who killed this one. He simply guessed that they were two, and they fought over to be the only one flirting with the little green girl, and they ended up with a deadly victory. The police said it could make sense, if only he could prove his theory. Meh, he had to leave this place if he wanted to do that... and he had no intentions of that. Nastasia sighed, and gave up. She admit it, he was right, they have to find the culprit before. This little jester had no will at all, with all of this matter.
― "Oh, and yes she know that it's from you."

― "I see..."
Oh no she didn't. Nastasia sighed. She just... could give up. Mimi didn't want to believe that Dimentio was in fact her knight, but she did understand that he wasn't the murderer. For some odd reasons, she thought that she had dinner with this fake knight, and that the real one was still alive, around, and was getting hopes of finding him again.
― "You don't understand! It was Dimentio!"
― "Oh, please, Nassy! As much as you want to pair up us, it is simply impossible!"
― "Oh whatever." she replied, not in the mood to try and make some sense in Mimi's mind. She was about to leave the room when she realized something. She turned back around quickly, to confirm what she had just saw : the daffodil. Mimi was still holding it.
"Victory!!!" she thought, and she felt like she could squeal like a schoolgirl... but it wouldn't be good for her image.

― "Alright... O'Chunks!" she called, when she was back downstairs.
― "Ay? Wut?" he did, as he woke up.
― "You're on mission."
― "O'rly? Awesome!"
― "You're going to find the real murderer, 'K?"
― "Great!" he first said, with a big smile, and they both stay quiet for a while, until he lost his smile. "'ow I do tat?" She looked at him, then at her schedule.
― "Um, sorry, not on my schedule, ask Timpani." she replied coldly, before leaving for her bath.

― "O great, really, o I swear, tat little punk, 'es gonna taste it..." grumbled the warrior as he walked through the little brown town, once know for a shadow queen. Little punk thieves were looking at him with fear, and each time one went too near him, he would yell "WAT DO YE WANT!?" and they would flee for their life. WELL IT WAS BETTER LIKE TAT! O'Chunks was in no mood to talk with these people.

Sweet Timpani told him, and now that he thought about it, he just wonder how the darn she knew it, that the culprit was in Rogueport. He never heard of that place before, but the Count told him that it was a dark evil cursed place, and when he visited Dimentio in jail, he told him that there was no virgin and that politicians were angels. That was a good indication : it meant that they were all punk junk that need to be beaten hard, but he had no time to bring justice on Earth ― wait, that was what he was doing right now ― oh erm never mind.

― "'Ay, ye! Ye look suspicious!" he yelled after a young Shy Guy, who gasped and ran away. "Ay, come back 'ere!" he shouted, but then two other shy guys approached, to defend their friend.
― "Go away, leave him alone, he's not the one who killed his friend! Eh, um..."
― "Oh, really, way to go, genius!"
― "Ay, ye, get back 'ere, ye killer!" O'Chunks yelled, running after the little murderer who was now jumping on roofs. "Arrrr, not backstreets..." The warrior broke open a door, jump over a poker table, broke another door and looked up, searching for the blue Shy Guy. Then some shooting could hear, and he jumped down, dodging some bullets at the very last moment. "Darn cheater..." He rolled to hide behind a box, and crawled to hide behind a wall, the Shy Guy still trying to take him down with his fire weapon. He couldn't get him from here... And if he rushed to the other side, it wouldn't change anything. Gotta find some shooting thing too... He looked before him : a young Shy Guy was shaking his live out, holding a little but fine spear...

He took him, jumped on the other side and throw the little red guy on the blue one. He jumped on the side, but the spear took his shoulder, and they both fell down on the floor. O'Chunks rushed on the other side of the house, jumping on some boxes to get on the roof, and he took a blade that was laying just there, like in any good action movie, then jumped on the two little guys, but the blue one still had his gun. He shot, and the warrior tried to block the bullets with his sword, but some did touch him on the arms. He felt on the red one, and the blue tried to escape. The orange warrior quickly got on his feet and rushed to catch up with the criminal, who had just punched a little guy to take his own blade. They ran like that for long minutes, until they got in a dead end. There was no escape for the Shy Guy, now, but he didn't give up. He took his sword and slashed toward O'Chunks, who jumped away to dodge the attack. The blue man then slice upward, but it was a mistake to do : the warrior glided on his side, and slashed. The Shy Guy fell down, dodging thus the attack, then quickly get up on his feet to jump on an open window, so that he could climb on the house. Unfortunately for him, the window didn't close as soon, and the warrior could follow him on the roofs.

They ran again for a while, O'Chunks trying to slash him down, until the blue guy tripped and fell. O'Chunks was about the deal the final blow, but the Shy Guy thrust, and the warrior cried, as the little guy hit him in the stomach. Fortunately, he didn't went too far in his flesh, and so the wound wasn't so deep went the blue man ran away, so the general could still follow him and try to catch him. The Shy Guy was quick, and mostly agile, but he underestimated the muscular man : it wasn't because he was big and tall that he couldn't jump well too. The warrior rushed, jumped on the next house, and jumped back on the Shy Guy's route, with his sword high, crashing it on the white mask, who broke in thousands of little shards. Then, a burst of light blinded him for a second, and there was a ghostly figure in the place of the little blue man.
― "Oh, sugar!" did the red phantom.
― "WUT?"
― "Damn it!" he added, as he tried to run away, but O'Chunks caught him with his fist, and punched him. He fainted.
― "Now w'ere's te little punk!?" he shouted, as he looked around, looking for the Shy Guy, since he didn't understand that this doople was hiding in the shape of a Shy Guy.
― "O great..." moaned the warrior, as pain strike him in the stomach. "O well, 'e's gonna tell me!" he said, as he went back home.

Dimentio sighed. Now he remembered why he hated the Underwhere so much : it was plain boring. Even if he had a companion, another criminal, who told him to get as far away from him he could get, he was still plain boring. He didn't want to fight with this man ― anyway, they sealed his powers, so that he couldn't escape, and without his magic, he was pretty much lost ― and so he didn't argue when he asked him to get in the corner, right next to the bars, near the alley where the guardians were walking around. Sometimes, they would kick him in the back, since he was considered a criminal and all, but he didn't bother at all. Funny enough, that bars were much more comfy that the bed.
He sighed. He got quite emotional these last days... but still, he didn't dare to get out and face Mimi. Yes, he had to admit, he was scared of her. She had more potential that him, after all. And stupidly of himself, he taught her how to control her magic. And like every other girls ― oh my, did Timpani heard that one? Ah ha ha~ ― she would get stronger when angry.
... How could she be more angry that right now?

He froze, as he felt some heat on his back, as something rubbed on his back through the bars. Was it the time for visiting, already? The guards were never that active when it was out of the hours... Woah, what the hell.

― "Dimentio..."
He went white.
That was Mimi's voice.

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