Disclaimer: I do not own Sailor Moon or any of its characters. They belong to the one and only Naoko Takeuchi whom we all love and adore for making such a kick ass series. Now on to the story.

This is a Usagi/ Seiya story so all you Mamoru/Usagi fans I would suggest not reading. I just don't think there are enough Usagi/Seiya fics. out there so I decided to put one of my own together. It's set six months after the fight with Galaxia and well you'll see.

Chapter 1: Searching

Six months, Usagi sighed even in her mind, six months since I last saw the Starlights. She looked away those painful tears stinging her eyes again. She screamed clenching her fists as images of Seiya clouded her mind again.

"Usagi-chan?" Ami walked in.

"Ami-chan, how did you get in here?" Usagi asked putting on that fake smile again and pushing away the tears trying to wipe them away before Ami saw them.

"The door was open," Ami responded.

"Oh," Usagi said quietly looking out her window again.

"Usagi I was worried. We all were. It's been bad since the fight with Galaxia but lately it's been worse. We're not sure what's wrong," Ami said softly

"Ami-chan you worry too much," Usagi stood, "Want to go get ice cream?" she supplied instead.

"Okay," Ami agreed still a bit wary.

"Ugh," Usagi looked in her purse, all her money was spent for this week. Ami giggled slightly behind her hand as Usagi sat on the floor and began her raving once more.

"My treat Usagi-chan," she smiled, and Usagi jumped up and took her hands.

"I love you Ami-chan," she sounded so serious that Ami laughed harder, "He?"

"Nothing nothing," Ami waved it off.

"Okay let's go!" Usagi shouted and ran out the door dragging Ami with her.


"Odango," she seemed to sigh the name a hundred times before.

Healer and Maker watched with narrowed eyes.

"Baka," Healer muttered under her breath, "To fall for a Moon Princess of another system?"

"Poor Fighter," Maker looked away. She knew how she felt, "Mercury," the word barely escaped her mouth before Healer was on her.


"Uh nothing," Maker laughed hesitantly but got that far away look again.

Healer muttered under her breath and stormed out on her way to find the Princess.


"Usa-ko," his voice was soft.

She looked up into his eyes, "Hai?"

"You've been so distant lately. Just what is it that takes your thoughts?" he asked quietly.

"Nothing," there was that fake smile again, and he smiled back completely unaware.

'Seiya,' she thought, 'What are you doing now? Do you miss me? Do you even remember me?'


"Chibi-usa!" Serenity called for her daughter lightly.

The little pink haired girl came round the corner with that glowing smile; her hair put up so it looked like rabbit ears, "Yes?" she asked sweetly.

"Come inside it's time for supper," Serenity smiled as the little girl skipped inside, "It's for you Chibi-usa. Everything I do is for you, everything we do is for you," she added as she felt her husband's hand on her shoulder. When she looked up and smiled at him it was that same fake smile she'd been wearing for years. He knew though; they both knew that they wanted something else. It was for their daughter that they stayed together.


"It's been weeks it seems since we've seen her truly happy," Minako sighed. She was sitting with the rest of the inner senshi discussing their princess.

"Months," Makoto muttered, and they turned to her.

"What do you mean by that?" Rei's eyes narrowed.

"Uh nothing," she sweat dropped as she closed her eyes, "Gomen gomen it's nothing."

"Then why are you acting like that? What aren't you telling us Mako-chan?" Rei stood and glared at the older girl.

"Just that, that it seems that she's been this way since… since the fight with Galaxia, that's all," Makoto assured her.

"That's true," Ami sighed.

"You don't think? No…no…no," Minako dismissed her ideas. Now it was her turn to face Rei's temper.

"What don't we think?" she demanded.

"Just that…well…could it have anything to do with the Starlights?" Minako asked softly looking down, and they were all silent.

"Hai," Ami nodded, "That's what I thought. A particular starlight," she looked away. She was suffering as bad as Usagi, but she had to concentrate on their Princess. That's what her duty was to protect her Princess; her needs were secondary.

"Ami-chan?" Minako tilted her head worried.

"Hm?" Ami looked up.

"What's wrong?" Makoto asked.

"Just worried about Usagi-chan," Ami lied.

"We all are," Rei whispered.


            "Healer, what a nice surprise," the Princess smiled as she bowed at her feet.

"Princess," she began, "I wish I could say this was a friendly visit."

She raised her brows but said nothing.

"I am worried about Fighter and Maker," Healer came out with it, and she laughed behind a gloved hand. Healer's eyes widened, "Why would you laugh?" she demanded.

"Healer you act as if I have not seen it. You know what it is don't you?" she hated to admit that her Starlights were drifting from her, but she wouldn't see them unhappy.

"Yes," she clenched her fists, "It is the Moon Princess and her protectors. They utter their names even in their sleep."

"This angers you?"

"Yes!" she jumped too quickly and apologized, "Gomen. It's just they have abandoned their duty to you by caring for another."

"Oh Healer," she shook her head, "You have much to learn. They have found someone they care for more than me, that is what comes first to them. They will never abandon their duties, but their duties can not be to me any longer. That is why," here she stood and raised the starlight in front of her, "That is why I am sending you back to earth."

Healer's eyes widened then narrowed, "Who is to stay with you Princess?"

"I am home safely now, there is no war in the galaxy. Everything is in good hands; you are not needed here. If ever a time though I will summon you back to me. For now let them be happy," she took her shoulders as she spoke crying behind her smile to see her precious soldiers go.

"Of course Princess," Healer bowed walking out. He vowed never to accept any of the Moon Kingdom's inhabitants, "You have never been my friends," he whispered as he walked out to find the other two and tell them of the Princess' wishes.