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Chapter 13 An Ending

"Hey Odango," Seiya said softly as she walked into class. He seemed unusually down.

"What's wrong Seiya?" Usagi asked taking her normal seat in front of him.

"Actually," he stopped himself, "It's nothing," he dismissed it, and Usagi began to twist the ring around her finger nervously.  

He scowled at it subconsciously and blurted out, "So you really love this guy huh?"

Usagi looked up quickly, "What?" she whispered, and he looked down.

"G…gomen I don't mean to intrude," he apologized.

"It's okay," Usagi smiled and turned around again.

"You still didn't answer my question," he said softly, and she turned around again and looked into his eyes. They were almost pleading with her. She wasn't quite sure what to do.

"Actually," she began, and a glimmer of hope sprung up in those eyes, "I do," she stopped herself, and he looked down then looked up and smiled that infamous smile at her.

"It's important to have someone to love," he nodded, and she smiled and turned back around and put her head on her desk. Everyone assumed she was just tired but truly she was ashamed. Why couldn't she just tell him? He deserved to know the truth, but then what of Chibi-usa?


"Minako," Yaten caught her after school.

"Yaten?" she asked surprised.

"Can I speak to you for a minute?" he inquired, and she nodded and told the others she'd catch up with them soon. He took her into the shade near the school and after fending off screaming fans had a minute to be alone with her. Minako blushed thinking that Yaten wanted to spend time with her and not all the other girls who had just ambushed him. He reached out and took her hand, and she blushed harder feeling the warmth he brought. She looked down and let her hair cover her eyes and her blush. He looked worried and almost dropped her hand but found he couldn't move.

"Um…" she looked up, and her blush got fiercer as she looked down again.

"Minako," he said softly barely able to speak, "I know I haven't been at all kind to you, but I thought that…" he stopped how could he say this in a way that she didn't despise him?

She looked up and her blush was gone, now she looked extremely curious and extremely eager.

"What I'm trying to say is…do you forgive me? And if you do is there anyway possible that you could maybe want to…go out with me some time?" there, it was out, he winced as she looked shocked, "If you say no that's okay, I mean it's not okay, but I don't want you to feel obligated or anything," he added quickly, and she looked even more shocked.

"Why would I say that?" she burst out then blushed and looked down, "I mean I'd be happy to go out with you, honored," she looked back up, and he was grinning.

"That's great, how about this weekend?"

"I'm free," she waited for the next move.

He was hesitant but slowly took another step forward and reached in and kissed her softly, "I never wanted to hurt you."

The blush was back as she managed to stutter, "Uh…I…know," and laugh hesitantly. They walked from the shadows and saw Usagi standing there smiling viciously.

"Mina-chan and Yaten!" she screamed, and Minako covered her mouth with a hand.

"Usagi-chan!" she screamed, and Usagi struggled free.

"Sitting in a tree…" she ranted as Minako chased after her determined to stop the childish game.

Yaten watched amused and saw that Taiki and Ami were walking up to them, hand in hand followed by Rei and Makoto.

They heard bits of Usagi's ranting and saw Taiki watching with a smug look and got the picture.

"Well, well, well," Rei grinned evilly.

"We're the only ones left!" Makoto whined.

"It's obvious that they're saving the best for last," Rei threw her hair behind her (obviously this is anime-based)

Makoto still looked a bit sulky but didn't complain; she was happy for her friends.

"What is this?" Seiya asked walking behind them and seeing the commotion.

"Usagi-chan is bothering Mina-chan by teasing about her and Yaten-san," Ami answered politely.

He looked bewildered then suddenly had something much better to do and scampered away.

The senshi watched him curiously as he walked away slowly with his head down.

"Seiya?" Usagi stopped and watched him go, "Seiya!" she shouted after him and ran to catch up.

Yaten tried to hide a scowl, "She better not hurt him," he muttered, and Minako looked at him curiously.

"Why would Usagi-chan hurt him?" she asked.

He was startled by her voice; he hadn't known she was standing beside him since Usagi had chased after Seiya. This was going to take some explaining, "Taiki?"

"Can you keep a secret?" Taiki asked them, and they nodded solemnly, "Then I guess we have no choice but to tell you. You can't repeat this anywhere though," he couldn't help but feel as if he was selling his friend out. The senshi deserved an explanation and maybe, just maybe, Usagi felt something she was hiding. Something one of the senshi knew? He felt it deep in his stomach and that feeling alone pushed him into telling them.


"What's wrong?" Usagi asked Seiya curiously.

"Oh nothing," he smiled at her softly.

"It doesn't seem like nothing, you can tell me Seiya I won't laugh," she assured him.

"It's not laughing I'm worried about," he muttered, and she looked even more intrigued.

"Please tell me," she begged, and the way she looked at him tore the words from his throat.

"I like you Odango, I like you a lot, I…" he stopped himself from using the word.

She looked shocked, then horrified, "Seiya…I…"

"I didn't expect you to say anything back…I know you're destined to be with him and everything so I didn't expect anything. Just please don't act weird around me okay? I want us to still be friends."

She nodded numbly and then turned in the other direction and ran as far as she could get away from him.

He watched her go slowly, then turned and hit the tree behind him, "Dammit!" he put his head in his arms and let a few tears fall, "Damn this…"


She didn't know where she was headed all she knew was that she was going to get away from this, from all this. She was destined to marry Mamoru, she had a daughter with him, but now… now everything was different. She knew, she knew everything. How could she look at him the same? How could she look into those desperate hungry eyes and say something so normal…so… she stopped and looked back. She didn't know where she was now, she was away. She was where she wanted to be, away from him, away from all this, but then she stopped. Did she truly want to be away from him?


"So all this time?" Minako whispered having heard the story of Seiya's love for their Princess.

"All this time he's been hiding?"

The other two nodded.

"And this is what he was searching for?" Ami whispered, there was something hiding in her eyes.

"Yes," Taiki said hesitantly, "Is there something you're not telling us Ami-chan?" that extra affection had been quickly added.

"Uh…" she looked up and shook her head, but… "Hai," she sighed, and they all looked intrigued.

"Well…" Rei was a bit short, and she sighed and began the story of the night at her house when Usagi had sprawled into her room crying…


"Seiya," she caught him breathless; it had begun to rain and her clothes were getting wet.

"Odango," he said softly as he spun, and she looked at him with those beautiful sapphire eyes of hers.

"Seiya, ashiteru!" she shouted, and he was taken back.

"What?" he whispered.

"Ashiteru," she said quietly looking down, "I couldn't say anything, because… because of Chibi-usa-chan, and Mamo-chan. I love Chibi-usa-chan more than anything, but Mamo-chan isn't the one I love," she said it almost shyly, "But I can't hide from my heart anymore. I know that no matter what Chibi-usa will always stay with me because I don't think that destiny would play out like that. No one would dare touch her," she was confident in the destiny that had controlled her life.

"But what if something happens to her? I couldn't be blamed for that. I couldn't see you in pain," he told her gently and turned.

"But you'll see me hurt if you leave me here!" she shouted, and he turned again. Now she was drenched, it was pouring but nothing else seemed to matter except the two of them.

"And of Mamoru? What of him? He is the Prince of the Earth. You two were destined to be together, you will never be Queen," he whispered.

"I will always be Queen of the moon," she said quietly, "And nothing matters to me, except you, my friends and Chibi-usa-chan. Mamoru will understand; he doesn't love me. I know he doesn't; he would be better off with someone he truly loves as I would."

"I…I don't know what to say."

"Don't say anything then," Usagi walked up to him and kissed him cautiously. He couldn't stand it any longer, and he pulled her into his arms and kissed her passionately with all the desire he had had since the moment he laid eyes on her. When

they broke away they were both soaked but love shone in both their eyes.

"Ashiteru Odango," he whispered, and she smiled.

"Ashiteru Seiya…"


She was nervous as she sat in the airport waiting for him to arrive home. How was she going to say this? What was he going to do? She fidgeted with her skirt nervously.

"Usako?" he asked softly, and she jumped up startled.

"Mamo-chan," she smiled at him weakly.

"What's wrong?" he inquired setting down his bag.

"Nothing nothing, well how was your trip?" she questioned standing up.

"Beautiful, the water is gorgeous, you would have loved it," he told her, and she smiled.

Are you going to do it or not? She demanded of herself. No time like the present, it lectured. Okay okay okay, she scolded and looked at him, "We need to talk about something," she told him, and he looked worried but said nothing.

"Okay, come on," he picked up his bag and took her hand with the other. They walked from the airport and got a taxi back to his apartment. He let her in and put his bag in his room before putting on a kettle. As he brought the tea out to her he saw that she sat on edge on his couch. He gave her a cup and took the other for himself knowing somewhere that he was going to need it to soothe his nerves.

"What did you want to talk about?" he began, and she looked at him before taking a sip of tea trying desperately to stop her hands from shaking.

"About you and I. Do you love me?" she was being blunt, but she thought that maybe she would get the truth this way.

He sighed and set the cup of tea down, "I've been thinking we should talk about that too. I know that we're destined to be together…"

"I don't think that we should let destiny control our lives," she said straight out.

"What about Chibi-usa-chan? We can't just let her fade out; I know this sounds awful, but we have to put up with one another. We will learn to love each other in time. I already do, just not maybe as you'd like sometimes," he said gently; he didn't want to see her cry.

"I don't think that I can do this. I believe that Chibi-usa-chan will still exist. She has existed so far, even after…" Usagi stopped when his eyes narrowed.

"Is there someone else?" he demanded seeming angry.

"Not exactly, but I'd like there to be. There's someone that I love, and I think that he loves me too, actually I know he does. He told me, and still Chibi-usa-chan is here. Something is holding her here, something beyond you and I," she tried to explain, but he just stared at her.

He had never thought that she had eyes for anyone but him. He was surprised and a bit angry; he had every right to be, "You would risk Chibi-usa on some instinct?" he was angry, but it seemed Chibi-usa was not the subject anymore. She was what they spoke, but the anger lie deeper. He felt that he had been betrayed, and somewhere they both knew that Chibi-usa would be completely safe and unharmed by this.

"I would never risk Chibi-usa for anything, but I will not stand by while my happiness is ripped away!" she shouted back for once sounding strong, and intelligent.

He calmed some and his fists unclenched themselves, "If only there was some way to be sure… some way to know…"


Chibi-usa sat on her bed looking out the window; she felt a surge of power and then looked up to see Sailor Pluto standing in front of her.

"Small Lady," her voice was like a ghosts a whisper, strong but gentle.

"Sailor Pluto!" Chibi-usa shouted jumping from the bed and running to the sailor senshi.

"It's time I explain some things to you," Sailor Pluto said softly, and she began without having to hear Chibi-usa's answer, "You were born of your mother and father who both love you very much. They love each other too, but not as much as you may assume. They both had chances at happiness that they passed by because of their duties to the earth. Now, here in the past, they are realizing that this was one of their worst mistakes. They don't want to endanger you, but they don't want to be unhappy. That's why now, I'm going to give you a new life, a new memory. You will not know of your old life, only of your new, and your new will be happier. You will be close to the King of the Earth, but only close, never related. Your father and mother will love each other more than life itself and you will be happier. Please Small Lady you must understand," Pluto begged, and Chibi-usa nodded weakly. She never thought that her parents, that they didn't love each other. All those memories… but before she had a chance to think back there was a blinding white light, and she woke up a new person entirely. Her hair was the same cotton pink, her eyes the same fiery red, but her memories were different. She still acted exactly like her mother, but her father's traits shone in her as well. She struggled up and went off in search of something to eat; she was hungry.


Usagi was just leaving when Ami walked up the road followed by a pink haired girl, "Chibi-usa-chan!" Usagi said delighted, and Mamoru saw them on the balcony then rushed out to greet them.

"Usagi-chan, something really weird is going on. Chibi-usa," she looked down at the little girl, "Who's your father?"

"Don't be silly!" Chibi-usa scolded, "How can you not know who my father is?"

This was not precisely the Chibi-usa they all knew. She was the same, but different. Her voice was different, and her expressions were all new.

"Hello Mamoru-san," she bowed to him, and he was caught off guard as the other two turned eyes to him.

"Hello Chibi-usa-chan," he smiled at her.

"Is this the proof we needed?" Usagi asked softly suddenly understanding as Sailor Pluto appeared in front of them.

"This Princess, is the result of your strong heart and true love. She is no longer the daughter of the King of the Earth, she is your daughter. Crystal Tokyo has changed as well, but the improvements are only good," she assured them.

"Is her father who I think it is?" Usagi blushed.

"And who is ruling Crystal Tokyo?" Mamoru added.

"Her father will be known when it is time; I think you have had enough of knowing destinies in advance. Crystal Tokyo is being run by the Moon Princess and the King of the Earth in mutual harmony. You are not married but get along well and rule together graciously," Pluto explained, and Chibi-usa looked up at her.

"May I go home soon? I miss Aiko and Aranami," she said quietly, and Pluto smiled.

"You may go home as soon as you wish," she told her, and Chibi-usa grinned then turned to the others.

"I'll see you soon!" she shouted and held up her time key as she disappeared back home.

"Aiko? Aranami?" Usagi asked, and Pluto smiled.

"Sailor Venus' daughter Aiko, and Sailor Mercury's daughter Aranami," Pluto told her, and their jaws dropped.

"Oh dear," Ami whispered blushing.

"So this means that we're not together anymore?" Mamoru asked quietly, and Usagi turned back to him.

"Does this bother you?"

He shook his head, "I guess not, I mean I want you to be happy, and obviously Chibi-usa is safe. There seems no reason…" he stopped because she was hugging him.

"Thank you Mamo-chan! I knew you'd be understanding!" she turned and ran as Ami followed her telling her how rude it was to run off without saying goodbye.

"I will be leaving as well," Pluto bowed, and he smiled at her as she too left and left him a bit confused but the feeling was mutual. He didn't love Usagi, and now, now he was free to find the one he did love.


"Seiya," Usagi walked into the apartment he shared with the others. They were gone, but it was light in the apartment. She figured he was home and stepped inside.

"Odango," he grinned at her, but it was weak. He was worried at how it went.

"Seiya, Chibi-usa is safe! Something happened I don't know what, but she exists in the future even though Mamo-chan and I we broke up, but now…now everything is perfect!" she ran to his arms and felt her pulse race as he whispered in her ear and pulled her close to his strong body. He kissed her hungrily and then let her down a bit squeezing her tight, "No, now everything is perfect," he whispered, and she smiled and waited for him to kiss her again hoping this feeling would never end…

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