Note: I was looking over my story "Coming Clean" and decided that I wanted to add a lot more to it. So I started writing and I got this. Eventually "Coming Clean" will be put into this story with a few changes added. Then so more will come after it. Hope you enjoy.

Story set between the first and second films.

Disclaimer: I own nothing Transformers or anything else in this story. I only own the plot.

The Day After

Sam and Mikaela stood together in the middle of a military base. It would have been strange enough for a passerby to see two teenagers sanding in the middle of a top secret military base. The fact that they were surrounded by four gigantic robots made it odd. What made it bizarre was that the two teenagers were calm around the giant metal behemoths. Most people would have been running and screaming the moment that they laid eyes on them.

A small group of humans approached the two humans and four Autobots. At the lead was the Secretary of Defense, John Keller. Slightly behind him were the two military men Robert Epps and William Lennox. Bringing up the rear was the Sector Seven agent Seymour Simmons who was scowling at the Autobots.

Simmons didn't care what everyone else said. He didn't trust these Autobots one bit. It did not matter that the Autobots fought to save humanity and vowed to never intentionally harm a human. It did not matter that Jazz had died or that Optimus Prime nearly gave his life to destroy the All Spark. Simmons firmly believed that the Autobots were no better than the Decepticons. Sure, they had fought to protect humanity but Simmons believed that was a ploy to gain the trust of humans. Once they got it the Autobots would probably do what the Decepticons failed to do; either destroy or enslave humanity. But he, Simmons, would never allow that to happen. First chance he had he would destroy the Autobots or die trying.

When both groups came together silence fell. The damage marks of yesterday's battle were still fresh upon everyone. The humans bore cuts, scratches, and bruises. The Autobots also bore scrapes and scratches as well as dents and in the case of Bumblebee no legs. The Autobot rested on the back of the tow truck that Mikaela had used to drive him around in Mission City.

Keller was the one who broke the silence. He looked up into Optimus Prime's face. "Uh, Mister I wanted to ask you a question. If it is to, uh, personal you don't have to answer it."

Optimus stared down at the clearly intimidated human. "You do not have to call me 'Mister'. Optimus Prime is my name. Optimus or Prime will also do. You may go ahead and ask your question."

"What are you planning to do with the body of your fallen comrade? In fact, what should we do with the other dead robots?"

"Jazz…" Optimus murmured. He turned to stare at the tarp that covered the severed body of his first lieutenant. Ironhide, Ratchet, and Bumblebee stared silently too. The Autobots could not show emotions they way humans could but it was clear to every human present that the Autobots grieved greatly for their fallen friend. Mikaela put her hand on Bumblebee's arm clearly trying to comfort him. After a few moments of silence Optimus replied, "The Decepticons and Megatron should be put somewhere on your planet that would be hard for a Cybertronian to get to. We do not breathe like you do so a place of great height would not be suitable. A place where there are massive amounts of pressure would do. We will take Jazz."

"Right," Keller said. "I shall let the President know what should be done." With a slight nod to Optimus, Keller left the group followed by a reluctant Simmons who glared at anyone who looked his way.

"Why is Simmons so pissed?" Mikaela asked.

"Well, it seems Keller wasn't happy about how he treated you kids and Optimus. A lot of military big boys aren't happy either. They are trying to get Sector Seven disbanded. Simmons is not happy about that. Blames you two and the Autobots for what is happening," Lennox replied.

"Poor baby," Epps muttered. "Never liked that man."

"Nor did I," Ironhide rumbled. He eyed the retreating backside of Simmons. "Optimus, he is still within range. Can I finish him off?" He raised his cannons hopefully.

"Ironhide, we do not harm humans," said a frowning Optimus.

Ironhide pointed a metal finger at Simmons. "But he is more like a rodent then a human. No, actually he is more like a pest. And what do we do with pests? We exterminate them!"

"Ironhide, it's bad enough that you are talking this way. It is even worse that humans are hearing you. What will they think?" But Optimus had nothing to fear. The four humans roared with laughter at Ironhide's words.

"You know, he has a point," Epps said.

"That's the peskiest man that I have ever met," Lennox added. "Might not be a bad idea to get rid of him before he causes trouble."

"Don't encourage him," Optimus scolded.

"Oh well, shouldn't have gotten my hopes up," Epps said. As soon as Bumblebee heard this he began playing "You Can't Always Get What You Want" through his speakers. Roaring with laughter again Lennox and Epps headed in the direction that Keller and Simmons had gone. Optimus sighed and shook his head at Bumblebee.

"Optimus, about Jazz," Ratchet began, "I have…what I mean to say…'s not traditional…it's the only thing…,"

"Say it Ratchet," Ironhide growled. "We would like to hear it before old age makes us rust and fall apart."

Ratchet scowled at Ironhide before continuing, "I cannot hope to repair Bumblebee's legs using traditional means. They have taken too much damage. Instead if I…if I used parts of Jazz…then I could fix him. I know that we do not treat our dead as a body part store but it is the only chance Bumblebee has for regaining his legs..."

"Why can't you use a Decepticon?" Sam asked.

"None of the Decepticons are as close to Bumblebee's size as Jazz was. Jazz is the only one I can use," Ratchet replied. "Optimus, I know that what I request is unusual, perhaps wrong-"

"Jazz would have wanted it," Optimus replied cutting Ratchet off. "It would have gladdened his spark if he knew that he could help save Bumblebee from a crippled life. Go ahead and fix Bumblebee."

"Besides," Ironhide murmured, "Jazz always thought he was the best looking Autobot. It also would have gladdened his spark if he knew that he was improving Bumblebee's look." For the first time in a long time the Autobots laughed.

"I will go and find a room where I can work," Ratchet said. He hurried off. When Ratchet found one Optimus scooped Bumblebee up into his arms and brought him to Ratchet. Ironhide took the body of Jazz.

Surrounding a weary looking Ratchet were five human technicians. He tried to get away from them but they followed him, mouths hanging open.

"You're really going to fix him?" one of them asked pointing to Bumblebee.

"How?" another asked.

"I will use parts of Jazz to fix Bumblebee's legs. I will then reattach them to him," Ratchet answered. Gasps and whispers of amazement circled through the technicians.

"May we help, Mr. Robot Doctor?" a brave man asked. After excited whispers the technicians turned to stare intently at Ratchet.

Ratchet hesitated. He was not as fond of humans as the other Autobots were. Personally, he didn't want the technicians anywhere near him. However, Ratchet's respect for Optimus Prime overruled his feelings. Optimus wanted a friendship with humanity. Ratchet would help him gain it. "The repairs on Bumblebee's legs are very advanced. One mistake and it's over. Only I will do the repairs but you can help me by handing me tools and anything else I need." He hoped that this would be enough and it was. The technicians gasped then practically ran into the repair room. Their excited voices drifted out. Sighing Ratchet followed them.

After depositing Bumblebee and Jazz, Optimus and Ironhide followed Sam and Mikaela to a corner where they remained for the rest of the day. Eventually Sam and Mikaela, still worn out from yesterday, fell asleep.


Sam awoke suddenly. He and Mikaela were still in their corner. Someone had covered them in blankets while they slept. Optimus was gone but Ironhide was still standing over them.

"Optimus went to check on Bumblebee," Ironhide said when he noticed that Sam was awake. "He then went outside." Sam nodded then left to get some fresh air of his own.

The area surrounding the area was flat and barren. The only vegetation was a huge dying tree. Near it stood Optimus. He was staring silently up at the stars. Sam silently made his way over to the giant Autobot.

Optimus glanced down at the young human. "Sam, you should be resting. The battle yesterday weakened you."

"You're not exactly resting either," Sam responded.

Optimus chuckled. "No, but I do not need to rest as much as you do." Sam merely shrugged his shoulders. He went and sat with his back against the tree. Sighing he closed his eyes. After a few seconds Optimus joined Sam. It was the first time that Sam had ever seen an Autobot sit on the ground. He worried that Optimus might break the tree when he leaned against it but nothing happened. That's one tough dying tree his sleepy mind thought.

"Good night Optimus," he whispered before he fell asleep.