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"So Remus and I are thinking about having a love child," Ginny said, picking up a leopard-print pump that practically screamed 'drag queen'. "You know, we figured since it will probably end up with my red hair, it will be pretty easy to pass it off as Harry's."

"That's nice," Hermione replied, running her fingers along the delicate bow on the top of a satin heel that cost more than either of them cared to admit.

"We were thinking Regina as a name," Ginny continued, shooting her friend another glance. "Or Ginnus if it's a boy," she added, her voice taking on the dangerous lilt of annoyance that usually sent grown men running.

"Hm," Hermione replied, continuing along the racks of shoes – most of which she would struggle to walk in – until she came to a pair of simple black slip-ons. "These will do," she said, not even looking at the size or the price as she headed straight for the cash register.

Ginny growled in the back of her throat and stomped after her friend, tearing the shoe from her hand and spinning her so that they faced each other. Hermione looked startled to find Ginny there at all.

"Look, if you didn't want to go shopping, you could have just said so," Ginny huffed.

"I-I'm sorry, Gin, I've just got a lot on my mind," Hermione replied, avoiding her friend's all-knowing gaze.

"Yeah, 'a lot' being a roughly-six-foot-one specimen of pure male flesh waiting for you at home," Ginny scoffed.

"I don't know what you're talking about," Hermione replied, regaining some of her wits, at least enough to snatch the shoes back and return them to the rack with a disgusted look, having realized what she had picked up.

"Oh really? So the rest of us have just had to put up with you two making gaga-eyes at each other for the last twenty-four hours while it has completely escaped your notice? I doubt it."

Ginny was pissed, and was amazed that it had only taken just one short day to reach the end of her tether.

"Are we that obvious?" Hermione asked, not even trying to defend herself. "I mean, am I?"

Ginny sighed and pulled Hermione over to the small couch nestled in the corner, shooting the sales lady a warning glance when it looked like she was about to descend.

"Sweetheart, only to someone who knows you so well." She sighed. "What happened when we left you in the kitchen? One minute you were on cloud nine, the next you are acting like Crookshanks just died all over again."

Hermione looked down at her hands, not even sure what had happened. Ginny was right, that morning she had woken up feeling refreshed and in for another day of heated banter with a man she couldn't seem to get enough of. Never in her wildest dreams had she seen his rejection coming, especially not after her little shower display. She had been humiliated, embarrassed, and more than a little shocked.

"He doesn't want me, end of story," she replied, trying to inject as much indifference into her voice as possible, and failing miserably.

Ginny raised one perfectly plucked red eyebrow with scepticism.

"Really?" she asked, pursing her lips.

"Yes really, he says...he said I'm too good for someone like him, that I deserve better," she said, letting out a breath. That line was no better than 'it's not you, it's me' in her book.

"Oh honestly," Ginny cried. "Sometimes I just want to throw that man in a Hippogriff's pen."

"You think he's lying? You think I threw myself at him?" Hermione asked, gnawing at her bottom lip as waves of rejection washed over her again.

"I think he is lying to himself," Ginny said, gripping her hand in comfort. "I think you scare the shit out of him, Hermione."

"What? How?"

"Think about it. Sirius Black always gets what he wants and normally he doesn't even have to snap his fingers for it. Then you come along, someone he never even considered, someone closer than the normal bimbos he brings home and all his usual methods of seduction go flying out the window. You're different to his other conquests, and you are the one person who could end up being more than just a one-night-stand."

"I never thought..."

"No, you didn't. Sirius is more than just a potential fuck buddy to you, admit it. Old flames never die, and yours is burning brighter than ever," Ginny said, looking smug.

"I just figured...I guess...what if he only wants me for one night and that's why he pulled away?" Hermione asked, frowning as the concept of wanting too much from him crossed her mind.

"I don't think it's a matter of what you want anymore; I think the problem is what he wants. Hermione, if he walked away after this morning, with whatever happened..."

"He watched me masturbating in the shower," Hermione interjected, having the good grace to blush.

Ginny sat blinking for a moment, silent.


"And he walked away?" her friend finally asked.


"Oh, we are about to teach an old dog some very new tricks." She grinned evilly, pulling a surprised Hermione to her feet with new intentions in mind.

By mid-morning Remus had almost given up looking for his friend until he found him curled up in his favourite arm chair in the library, a bottle of fire-whisky cradled in his lap as he stared into the empty fire-place. Remus only had to take two steps to know that the raven-haired playboy had been drinking all morning, and from the look of things, had no intention of stopping.

"And here I always thought manners dictated that legs were draped over the left side of the couch when drinking despondently in the mid-morning," Remus joked as he approached his friend, sitting on the couch across from Sirius.

"Re-read your book. Despondent drinking always requires legs draped over the right side of the couch. And solitude," the pureblood retorted, eyeing his friend pointedly.

Remus chose to ignore him.

"So I heard this fantastic joke the other day," he said in his attempt to make his friend at least break out of his mood long enough to explain why he was in it in the first place. "This guy walks into a doctor's office with a duck on his head. The duck says 'Doc, can you get this guy off my arse?'"

Sirius stared blankly at Remus.

"Alright, so it wasn't a fantastic joke, but it at least warrants a pity smile?" Remus said.

Sirius sighed, sliding his legs back so he was sitting normally on the chair.

"You're not going to leave me alone until you know why I'm in here drinking, are you?" he asked.

"Well, I had intended on using a little more disarming charm before going in for the kill, but yes, that's about it in a nutshell."

Sirius sighed again.

"It's Hermione."

"Ah," Remus said, a slow smirk appearing on his weathered face. "I figured you would dissolve her into a puddle with one of your famous foot rubs. Did it work?"

Sirius gritted his teeth.

"No," he said simply.

Remus arched an eyebrow.

"No?" he repeated. "But Ginny and I saw her rushing up the stairs looking flushed. She went straight into the bathroom."

Sirius's nostrils flared.

"I really don't want to talk about it."

"You brought it up."

"No, you and your infuriatingly tactless 'charm' brought it up."

Remus sighed, standing.

"Look, I just came in here because you looked like someone had kicked your dog.," he said, smiling in spite of himself at the joke he had just made. "But if you don't want to talk about it, fine. I'll be in my room doing some work, so come and find me if you want."

Sirius closed his eyes and took a deep breath.

"She was masturbating in the shower," he said just as Remus touched the door knob.

The werewolf froze.

"I walked in on her in the shower," Sirius said. "She saw me and started masturbating in front of me."

Remus slowly turned to face his friend.

"Tell me you didn't run out of there like you had the hounds of Hell on your heels," he said, pleading that his friend had not been that stupid.


Remus groaned.

"Sirius, what the hell is wrong with you?!"

"Not enough time in the day to list it all, mate," Sirius grumbled, taking another long swig of the firewhiskey and grimacing at the taste.

"You do realize that that's twice you've rejected her when she's made advances on you, right?"

Sirius blinked.


"Yes. I know the first shouldn't count, because she was so young, but fifth year you caught her under the mistletoe. Remember?"

"Yes, but..."

"You walked away from her when she was about to kiss you. She was devastated. I should know, I was the one that walked in on her glaring at the mistletoe as if it had personally offended her."

"Yeah, but...I mean she was only fifteen..."

"Mate, it doesn't matter. You rejected her. And then you walked away from her after she allowed you to watch her masturbate in the shower?! I mean, I'm not even emotionally attached to her and I don't think even I could resist her if I walked in on that."

"Hey," Sirius said heatedly. "Hands off."

"See?!" Remus shouted, rolling his eyes. "You like her! Why the fuck did you run away?"

"I don't bloody well know!" Sirius shouted back. "I told her that she was too good for me..."

"Which is true," Remus interrupted.

"And that she deserves someone better..."

"Also very true."

"Will you let me finish!"


Sirius sighed, running a tired hand over his face.

"I keep telling myself that I pushed her away because I don't want to complicate things. But it's not true. All I can think about is her naked body and how I very much want to complicate things. But that's the problem! I can't think of her as a one-night-stand, because she isn't a one-night-stand, but I can't comprehend her as being anything but a one-night-stand, see?"

"No," Remus replied, brow furrowed as he tried to follow the slightly-inebriated animagus's reasoning.

"I don't do relationships," Sirius explained, though there was really no need to. "And the fact that I want to have one with Hermione proves that I shouldn't have sex with Hermione, right?"

Remus rolled his eyes.

"You are a first class idiot. You realize this, don't you?"

"The thought had crossed my mind, yes."

"You're turning down the opportunity for a potential relationship with a smart, funny, beautiful, sexy, and absolutely fantastic witch because you, and I quote, "don't do relationships"? I should smack you upside the head."

"But you see the dilemma," Sirius asked.

"No! Other than the fact that you've never found anyone that can keep you interested, why don't you do relationships?"

"Because I've never found anyone who can keep me interested," Sirius replied, which caused the werewolf to roll his eyes again.

"Do you honestly think you'll bore of Hermione? Especially since you've been intrigued and obsessed with her since you met her eight years ago?"

"I have not been obsessed..."

"Fine. But you do admit that you've been attracted to her for longer than the twenty-four hours she's been here, yes?"


"Then you've essentially been fascinated with her for a long time and haven't gotten bored yet. Having sex is just going to add a whole new dynamic to the situation, which always helps with the interest level. So tell me why you pushed her away again?"

Sirius blinked.

"I...oh shit."

"And there it is," Remus said, sitting on the sofa again as he watched his friend's face change from realization to horror and back again.

"I want her," he said, putting the firewhiskey bottle down.

"Yes you do," Remus replied with a nod.

"I should go to her now."

"Well, not now."

"Why not?"

"Because she's shoe-shopping with Ginny and you bursting in there to declare your intentions of ravishment may make things a tad awkward for pretty much anyone in the surrounding area."

"Right...maybe I should do some grand gesture to show her I'm not going to run away...again."

"I suspect it might be appreciated."

"Right," Sirius said, standing unsteadily and looking at Remus with eyes that were slightly unfocused. "First Birds like flowers, right?"

"Women like flowers, yes," Remus corrected. "But Sirius, I think your first step should be a strong cup of coffee and a shower."

"Right," Sirius said, turning and almost tripping over a footstool. "Because smelling like sweat and firewhiskey is decidedly un-sexy."

Remus rolled his eyes.

"Oh, and Sirius?" Remus said, lolling his head back to look at his friend again.

"Yes, Moony?" Sirius slurred, catching himself on the doorway.

"You might want to take care of that while you are at it," Remus said, his eyes dropping to the bulge in Sirius jeans and back up to meet his eye, his eyebrow quirked in amusement.

"Right," Sirius said, looking down as well before donning his most cocky grin. "Thanks, mate."

"Don't mention it," Remus mumbled, closing his eyes with a long-suffering sigh.

"I won't!" came Sirius's call a moment later from down the hall.

Hermione looked down at herself one last time, wondering how she had managed to let Ginny convince her that this was a good idea and if she would be able to pull it off. Yes, Sirius was a man, and one often led by his libido, but he wasn't a complete idiot.

The knee-high leather boots creaked softly when she moved, tottering on the heels for a moment before regaining her balance using the bed post. She felt wanton and more than a little ridiculous, but Ginny assured her that Sirius was definitely going to get the point when he saw her in these shoes... and the matching bra and panty set Ginny had thrown in last minute.

The plan was simple: find Sirius, drop her robes and give him no chance of escape – then make him beg. Looking in the mirror as she tried to flatten her hair once again, she knew there was little to no chance he could reject her this time.

She was beginning to look desperate.

It had been late afternoon by the time she felt she was sufficiently ready to face the man who was turning her into a mad woman. Ginny had taken care of Harry and Ron, dragging them off to the Burrow for the evening, and Remus was working diligently on his latest novel, a brand new title in his bestselling 'Understanding Werewolves' series. She knew from Harry and Ron's letters that once Remus became absorbed in his research it was like he was in a trance. She fondly remembered getting that way herself a few times during school.

Taking a deep breath, she threw her deep blue robes over her shoulders, making sure it was fastened all the way down, and left her room in search of Sirius. She found him in his room, but the scene was nothing like she had imagined.

Sirius lay face up, his mouth wide open, his hair slightly damp from an earlier shower. From the looks of things he had been getting dressed and had passed out - the smell of whisky hung like a cloud in the air. She pursed her lips when she saw his pants were gaping wide, one hand tucked casually beneath the fly.

Nope, not how she pictured it at all.

He mumbled something incoherent, shifting to raise one knee before settling back in to sleep. Hermione watched him with growing apprehension and a great deal of frustrated need. Being the prudent witch she was, she was not about to let a drunken stupor ruin her chances of getting even. Or getting laid. She didn't back down that easily.

Stomping from his room, she went straight to the bathroom, rummaging around in the cabinet and producing a bottle of swirling purple liquid. Crossing back in to his bedroom she found him in the same condition. With little remorse, she pulled her wand from an inner pocket of her robes and cast a very accurate aguamenti.

Sirius, rather predictably, woke spluttering.

With a smirk, she dropped her robes from her shoulders and approached the bed. It only took the animagus a moment to notice he had company, and he straightened on the damp bed sheets to stare at her, trying to take every inch of her scantily-clad frame in at once.

"Drink this," she said, tossing him the bottle of Sober Up.

He fumbled for a moment, his eyes refusing to leave her, but managed to get the vial uncorked. He spared it a glance, seeing the familiar brew and not anything sinister, and chugged it back in one swallow. Hermione stood there with her hands on her hips, waiting for the potion to take effect.

Finally, with a shake of his head and a grimace, Sirius looked back at her with clear eyes.

"I-I..." he stuttered, taking in her appearance all over again, ending with an audible gulp.

"Do you like my new shoes?" she asked coyly, spreading her thighs a little as his grey eyes burned down her body to her feet.

"They're... they're very nice," he choked out, blinking several times as if she would disappear.

Never in his wildest dreams would he have imagined she would be here like this. Before he had passed out he vaguely recalled intentions of wooing her in the hopes of just this situation. Well, minus the shoes of course - even his oversexed imagination couldn't have conjured up such creations. To have her here, however, having once again taken care of the issue of excess clothing, he suddenly didn't know what to do.

"Well?" she asked when Sirius was quiet for too long. "Are you going to come here and help me out of them, or do I have to come to you?"

Sirius's jaw dropped at her invitation, and before either of them had a chance to reconsider, he was scooting to the end of the bed. Spreading his thighs, he pulled her by the waist to stand between them, her breasts level with his head as looked up at her.

"I was an idiot," he whispered harshly, the situation becoming a little more real now he had her in his arms.

Hermione smiled softly and rested her hands on his shoulders.

"Yes, you were. But then I was one, too. I'm sorry," she said.

"Not half a sorry as I am. To think, we could have been fucking like rabbits for the last few hours," he murmured, unable to resist kissing a trail between her breasts, laving the sensitive skin with his tongue.

"I don't want to think about 'what ifs'," she moaned, her head dropping back, "I want 'what nows'."

"And what do you want right now, Granger?" he whispered harshly, gaining confidence at her uninhibited responses to his touch.

"I want you," she said, and she glanced down at him before her eyes flashed and she pushed him back against the bed. "But first, we talk."

Sirius blinked. Did she just...? Was she really...? Now?

But there she was, standing in front of him in lingerie and leather boots that screamed for him to fuck her senseless, and her hands were on her hips, her face held a defiant look and she was backing away from him.

"What the hell?!" he shouted, trying to figure out how he could possibly be both infuriated and hopelessly aroused by the wanton little minx in front of him.

She gave a throaty laugh.

"You really didn't think it would be that easy, did you?" she asked, flicking her wrist and sending him spinning on the bed, his head up against the pillows as his arms were suddenly, inexplicably immovable at his sides. He glanced up at her, trying to figure out what was going through her head, when she sat primly at his side, crossing her legs and looking down at him.

"We're going to play a little game of 'truth or dare'," she said, a deceptively-serene smile on her face. "I'm going to ask you a question, and I dare you to lie to me."

Her eyes flashed and he swallowed hard.

"Alright," he croaked.

"Question one - when you fell on top of me yesterday, did you seriously not know who I was?"

Sirius swallowed again.

"No, I didn't."

Her eyes narrowed.

"Question two - when you walked away from me back when I was fifteen, did you walk away because you were afraid you were going to kiss me?"


A spark ignited in her eyes again.

"Question three - when you kissed me last night, did you want to sleep with me?"


"And when you walked away from me this morning, was it because you had changed your mind?"


"Then why?"

She was working very hard to mask the vulnerability on her face, but he could see through her attempts. He had hurt her with his actions and he still wasn't one hundred percent certain why he did it in the first place. The one thing he did know, however, was that he had never been so turned on in his life then when she stood in front of him, a thin piece of glass between them, caressing her own wet body.

It had been an image that had burned itself onto his brain.

"I walked away from you because I wanted you so much that it scared me," he said slowly, trying to make sense of it even as he spoke. "You are a phenomenal woman, Hermione, and the way I feel...they way I've felt for years, really...when you've been around, it scares me."

Her eyes softened slightly.


He nodded.

"You're not just a one-night-stand for me, Hermione, and I have to get used to that."

For a moment she looked like she was going to let him go, but in a second that softness was gone and she stood.

"I don't think I can forgive you," she said, walking to the foot of the bed and looking down at him.

"What?" he asked, uncomprehending.

A smirk formed on her face.

"I don't think I can forgive you...yet," she added, her tongue holding the 't' sound in a way that Sirius would have never thought to be erotic from anyone but her.

"Wha...what do I have to do to get your forgiveness?" he asked.

Her smirk broadened and a flick of her wrist had him naked and still motionless on his bed as she came around to the side of the bed, kneeling on it and throwing one, smooth, leather-boot-clad leg over his hips and settling herself on his waist, her firm butt grazing against his erection. He groaned, trying to buck his hips to gain friction, but she chuckled, moving away and leaning down so her lips were inches from his.

"I told you, Sirius...I haven't forgiven you yet," she said, clicking her teeth.

"So you're just going to leave me like this?" he asked, his eyes wide as he imagined an unsuspecting Harry or Ginny walking into the room to see him starkers on his bed and unable to move his limbs.

"Oh've got to earn it."


She leaned in, looking into his eyes before leaning in to his ear.

"You're going to have to beg for it," she whispered.

Sirius flicked his eyes to hers, his own gray eyes burning fire in spite of the less-than-equitable situation he was in.

"Like hell," he hissed. "I don't beg for anyone."

She smiled.

"We'll see," she said simply before nipping at his chin and throwing her leg back to join the other, hopping off the bed.

"I can't tell you how long I've waited to have your hands on me," she said as she sauntered over to the window, running her fingers down her sides and hooking her thumbs into the top of her underwear and lowering them over her hips, letting them fall to the floor. Sirius swallowed hard at the sight of her firm, round butt. "There were nights when I would touch myself as I imagined the way your fingers felt on my skin." Her hands slid back up her sides and under her ribcage, cupping her breasts. "I always came so hard to fantasies of you, Sirius."

She went to unclasp her bra, glancing over her shoulder at him and smirking as she removed the piece of cloth and tossed it at him, turning back to face him with an arm over her chest and another over the apex of her thighs, hiding what she knew he was desperate to see. The bra had landed on his stomach, and she smirked as he glanced down at it, his erection twitching.

"You know, Charlie used to love my breasts," she continued, slowly moving her arms so he could see the beautiful bare body he had admired earlier that day, cupping her breasts as she surveyed them mildly. "He said that I had the softest skin, too. Wanna feel?" she teased, taking a step toward the bed and kneeling once again upon the mattress. She crawled toward him, her breasts hanging down, and swung her hair over her shoulder as she placed one hand on either side of his head, her breasts swinging in front of his face but not near enough for him to reach.

Sirius gritted his teeth, but stayed silent.

"Don't you want to taste them Sirius? Feel your lips wrapped around my nipples... sucking... biting..." she breathed, lowering her arms a fraction so that her breast brushed against the side of his cheek lightly. Sirius inhaled sharply, but didn't take the bait.

She chuckled, seeing his resistance as more of a challenge than a hindrance. Pulling her chest away from his face, she backed down the bed so that they were eye to eye once more.

"There is no point denying me, Sirius. You will beg," she whispered against his lips, the wet cushions touching his just once before she pulled back again. The only indication he was affected was the rapid rise and fall of his chest, otherwise he continued to stare resolutely forward.

Biting her full bottom lip, she moved down again, breathing heavily against his neck, darting her tongue out to swipe a bead of water left from his damp hair. His Adam's apple bobbed up and down, but still he didn't move and didn't make a sound.

She followed the trail of water to his ear, gently biting on the lobe before whispering:

"I can't wait to feel you inside of me, big and strong, filling me so full I can't think. I need you."

"Then have me," he ground out, feeling the tips of her breasts brush against the course hairs of his chest moments before she pulled back again to look at him.

"I will...when you beg," she repeated, moving lower again, her leather-clad calves brushing against his as she moved.

"Never," he replied, feeling her stop just before her wet heat brushed against his weeping head. He had never felt so aroused, so erect in his life. The woman had barely touched him and he was ready to promise her the world. It was taking every ounce of strength he possessed not to beg her.

She sat up, straddling him and she shook her head, still smiling.

"You really shouldn't make promises you can't keep," she said, bringing her hands to rest at the tops of her thighs.

Sirius shook his head, tempted to close his eyes, but not willing to miss a moment of what he was certain she was about to do.

Hermione was never one to disappoint, smirking down at him with a knowing grin as her hands trailed lightly up her sides. Once again she cupped her breasts, this time moaning and dropping her head back in pleasure.

"Feels so good," she sighed, tweaking her nipples.

Sirius gulped again and licked his suddenly dry lips, his erection twitching against her rounded backside with each pinch of the delicate pink buds. She played with them for long minutes, sighing and moaning, her hips starting a slow grinding dance as she tormented her body.

When her eyes started to drift closed with pleasure she shifted one hand down her torso, fingers brushing against her rib cage before finding the neatly trimmed thatch of curls. Sirius's eyes followed the movement, wanting it to be his tongue instead, but sticking by his vow. Hermione took in the unrestrained need marring his features and plunged one finger between her folds.

She gasped and arched her whole back, her breasts thrust out, her head thrown back.

"Sirius!" she cried.

"Wouldn't you rather that finger be mine?" he asked harshly, unable to keep silent a moment longer.

"Is that you begging?" she moaned, moving her hand to circle the tight bundle of nerves.

"No, just a question. Wouldn't you rather that be me, with my fingers, my tongue, my cock," he whispered, watching her motions with breathless anticipation.

She ground down on his stomach as a wave of pure sensation washed over her.

"It can be," she gasped, taking her hand from her breast to rest it against his chest, using his body for support as she tried to bring herself to a climax.

"I know what you are going to do," he said, feeling her wet fingers brush dangerously close to his throbbing erection, her movements becoming uncontrolled and careless. "You want me to watch you do this, see you cum all over again," he whispered, seeing the effect his low voice had on her.

"Yesss..." she hissed, her eyes locked on his as her chest began to heave.

"And then when I finally beg, you will let me go," he continued, seeing her nod, her hair falling around her head in a riot of curls. "And you will leave," he concluded.

Hermione didn't reply, her panting becoming harsh, her fingers becoming a blur as she dropped her hand from his chest to rest her forearm on the mattress beside his body. Her breasts lay cushioned against his chest, her head tucked in to the crook of his shoulder as she moaned.

"Sirius!" she cried again, her mouth latching on to the strained cords of his neck as her whole body went stiff over him.

"That's it, baby," he found himself whispering, moments before her body heaved as she bucked wildly with release.

He had to grit his teeth once again as she sagged against him, her body slack with satisfaction, her back still heaving as she fought to catch her breath. After several quiet moments where the only sound in the room was their shared breaths, she pulled back to stare down at his again.

Sirius was certain he had never seen anything so sexy in his life. Her face was flushed, her eyes shone with wild abandon and her hair practically screamed 'sex'. Her wet lips parted as she stared down at him, waiting for the words his brain screamed at him not to say, but his body had other ideas.

"You do this to me Sirius, only you," she whispered finally, running her hands up and down his tattooed chest as if she couldn't help herself.

"I can do more to you," he choked out, finding his voice.

She chuckled softly, lifting her leg shakily off his hips to fall beside him, her finger tracing his nipple as she draped one leather-clad leg over his hip in an intimate embrace.

"You know the magic word," she quipped.

She let her chin fall on his chest for a moment as they both lay in silence. Sirius mind was whirring. He had felt the charms on his arms weaken as her mind had been distracted by the torture she was giving her body. He wondered if he concentrated enough, would he be able to…?

"Ah ah ah," she purred in his ear. "You almost had me, Mr. Black. Almost."

And just like that, Sirius felt his arms move from his sides to above his head, forcing him to bend slightly at the elbow as his wrists locked together. She smirked as he struggled slightly, his patience with the entire situation wearing thin as he felt her warm body press against his.

"I think that not giving you anything isn't enough of an incentive," Hermione breathed in his ear, nipping at his lobe again before trailing her tongue down his chin, nipping at his lower lip.

"You underestimated me," Sirius said, looking at her as she started to trail light kisses down his neck and chest. "I don't suppose you think a little change is going to make me beg, do you?"

She let out another throaty chuckle that had his body immediately screaming at his mind to stop being so bloody stubborn and just give in already.

"Baby," she said, her teeth grazing over one nipple before nipping over to the other. "I know it will."

She kissed down his stomach to where his pride stood, erect and twitching under her hungry eye. She looked up at him, licking her lips before straddling his legs, her mouth just inches from the heart-shaped head of his cock. He stopped breathing as he saw her lean in and take a slow, lingering lap at him.

His body had been so tense, and his cock had been left unattended for so long, that the simple contact had his back arching off the bed, his hips bucking toward her. Laughing, Hermione pulled away, smiling at the pink colour that was slowly starting to creep onto Sirius's face.

"Little girl," he rasped, his eyes blazing but finding his control slipping. "Is that the best you can do?"

She smirked and ducked down, her breath hot on his length as she blew soft puffs of warm air all along the side of his cock, causing him to shiver at the light contact. She paused when she got to his hip, taking a lick at the line of skin where his thigh met his hip, so close to where he wanted her lips but so far.

Sirius remained silent as she repeated this action on the other side, her hands creeping slowly up his thighs before pausing, caressing the soft flesh just inches from him and driving him absolutely insane with every moment that passed. She smiled, taking a finger and running it from the base of his cock to the tip, circling it before she took another long, lingering lap at him.

"Shit!" Sirius groaned as his hips bucked and once again she sat up. Crawling up his body, she lined herself so he could once more feel her wet heat so close over his cock. He was panting now, her eyes burning into him as she conveyed her desire for him in one look. She wasn't going to go away after he said it - she wouldn't be able to.

"Sirius," she whispered, her lips so close to his own. "Beg."

"Yesss," he hissed as she lowered her hips a fraction, the small thatch of curls rubbing against him. "Hermione...I beg you...I need to be inside you...Please..."

Her lips crashed down on his just as she sank her hips onto his, impaling herself upon his hard length. He cried out, her hot, wet, tight walls murder around him and sensations made his body shake as lights burst in front of his eyes. He was beyond caring about anything but his own pleasure at this point, and as he felt her free his arms, he brought them around her body, rolling them so he was on top of her.

"You, little witch," he growled, hiking her legs up to his shoulders. "Don't know what you've just gotten yourself into."

"Fuck me, Sirius," she moaned, gripping the sheets beneath her as the angle had him sliding into her body deeper, slamming against the spot that had her melting before him. "Fuck me hard."

Sirius let loose a torrent of curses he had rarely ever used as he buried himself over and over again within the writhing, willing witch. His body thrummed as he thrust harder and harder into her, his hand holding on to her leather-clad legs for leverage as he pistoned himself deeper and deeper. And she moaned with every thrust - her body gripping him with every penetration - and her back arched each time he rolled his hips and hit her g-spot.

"Holy shit, Sirius..." she moaned, her eyes closed as he grasped her hands and slammed them above her head, his body almost bending hers completely but knowing, somehow, that she could take it - that she revelled in it, even.

"See what happens," he breathed, thrusting faster as he felt his peak closing in on him. "See what happens when you toy with me?"

Her eyes flew open, glaring at him with a fiery heat.

"See what happens when you toy with me?" she countered.

There was a second of silence between them, the only sound being the rhythmic, frantic slap of skin on skin as he fucked her none-too-gently. But her eyes told him she loved it - had yearned for it - and now she was getting exactly what she had waited almost 6 years for.


"Oh fuck...Sirius...oh God!" Hermione screamed, arching her back and writhing against him as she came with a long, harsh cry, her body tensing painfully around him and drawing him deeper into her body.

"Sweet Merlin…" Sirius groaned, his body dropping slightly as his pleasure hit him hard. The feeling of her walls gripping him so extremely pulled him over the edge and he let her legs drop, tugging her head up to meet his in an explosive kiss as he pumped his seed within her, his stomach tense and his body overcome with sensations he had never felt before.

She clung to him as the kiss turned from fiery to simple passion, their orgasms lingering as their sweat slicked their skin. Sirius wrapped his arms around her tightly, drawing her back down to the bed but refusing to leave the sweet seduction of her lips. He was addicted now. Pure and simple. No one night stand - he would have no one but her, and she could have no one but him.

Hermione was the first to pull away, a high, exhilarated laugh overcoming her, fuelled by the euphoria brought on by their coupling. She now understood the saying 'good things come to those who wait' so much better. Sirius's low chuckles joined hers a moment later, using his weight to roll them to their sides, facing each other.

She looked at him, shaking her head.

"It's any wonder women line up to be with you," she sighed, unable to resist pressing her lips to his again.

"Mm, that good huh?" he mumbled against her, tugging one of her boot clad legs over his hip, pulling her body closer.

"Worth every bit of the trouble," she replied, rubbing her breasts against his chest with another contented sigh, her eyes falling closed.

"You seemed to be enjoying yourself to me," he teased, unable to close his eyes and succumb to the sleep she seemed so close to gaining, wanting to drink in every detail of her face, all the way down to the fine smattering of freckles across her nose.

She smiled, the corners of her eyes crinkling.

"So did you," she replied, her breathing starting to even out.

He waited until she was just on the edge of sleep, reaching down between them to locate the zippers down the backs of the boots, tugging at them until they thumped dully at the end of the bed. She wriggled her toes against his calves and flexed her feet.

He couldn't help himself when he leant in close to whisper.

"Shame Moony had to hear the whole thing though."

Her eyes flew open, panic making her heart pound against his chest.

"Oh my…" she started to breath, her mouth opening and closing comically.

Sirius held on to his laughter for as long as he could, before his whole body shook with mirth.

"Just kidding," he grinned, "I learnt long ago to put up a permanent silencing charm."

"I'm going to kill you," she hissed, pushing him to his back as he continued to laugh.

"It was very lax of you to forget though," he continued, gripping her hands and flipping her to her back, using his lower body pin him there.

"That's not funny!"

"Sure it is, you thought you could pull one over on this old dog. Well, you were wrong," he baited, looking smug as he leant down to steal a kiss.

"Oh yeah?" she asked when he pulled away, panting and flushed, feeling arousal set in all over again. "Well, I forgot to take my contraceptive potion," she countered with an evil grin.

It was Sirius turn to stare down at her comically before he realized Hermione was almost convulsing with laughter beneath him.

"Just kidding," she laughed, using his earlier words.

"I'm going to get you for that, witch," he growled, grinding his hips into hers, making her gasp. "By the time I am done with you, you will be begging me."

She stared up at him with challenge, and lifting her head she kissed him roughly.

"I don't beg," she countered.

Sirius looked down at her with a smirk and wondered again how he could have resisted her for so long.

"We'll see," was all he said before he proceeded to make her beg for the rest of the night and well in to the morning.

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